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11/08/2012 10:48 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

01. Well know that your the team captain for SmackDown what you plan for the Team Raw?

Answer: My plan for Team Raw is show that them why SmackDown has the best talent around. Simple as that.

02. What is your optinion about your son Briley's new attitude and also attacking your three other sons do you plan on taking actions?

I hat ehis new attitude and for what he did two own brothers! Everyone will have to watch SmackDown this week to see what I plan to do.

03. another question what you think about Tiffany running SmackDown?

Answer: Tiffany is doing a great job running SmackDown, I hope she keeps up the good work.

04. would we see another Sheamus vs Christian at WrestleMania for the world heavyweight title?

Answer: I hope so. I want to be in the Main Event of Wrestlemania one more time

05. what is next for Captain Charisma to do in WWE Season is their something you like to do that you never got to do in Season?

Answer: I won King of the Ring and Money in the Bank...That only leaves a Royal Rumble victory.

06. we seen myself, Ted DiBiase and The Miz start in part of Grand Theft Auto III would you consider in taking part of acting?

Answer: I was current cast to take part in Batman: Arkham City as Ricky Valentine. I look forward to play the role.

07. what you think about your youngest son who goes by Mike Bennett becoming the new ECW champion and also Jason becoming WWE champion your toughts?

Answer: It just goes to show you what kind of Legacy I am leaving behind for when I am finally ready to hang up my boots.

08. what you think about raw team captains Dolph Ziggler and Eve Torres your toughts about them?

Answer: They can say what they want about Raw, but SmackDown is the most exciting brand on Season and we prove it every Friday night.

09. who is your dream opponent for WrestleMania and why?

Answer: I have no answer on that, because I have faced pretty much everyone I wanted to face.

10. final question is who would you like to see join the immortals of the WWE hall of fame for 2013?

Answer: I have no idea, we will just have wait and see.

11/08/2012 09:39 PM 

[Episode 9]
Current mood:  accomplished

looks like the mystery of Dr. Shelby is yet to be unsolved as the mysterious Dr. Shelby has yet to shown his identity yet on the SmackDown anger management sessions for WWE season superstars Brett DiBiase and Daniel Bryan as it was announced the mystery will be solved and soon will find out who is Dr. Shelby

looks like the resident pet mascot of WWE season will be making a return soon as he sure has some things that will hype season as i been told and sure Yoshi is a great additon to the roster and has made an impact

the resident goat face Daniel Bryan claims that the whole Dr. Shelby is a set up by his former slash girlfriend and fiance to make him look bad as he had this to say

"first i know that Mr. Shelby is working for Tiffany so they can get together and work a plot against me i know it and Brett is on it too i can't trust them nore anyone and i am not mentaly unstable, i am not a goatface! i am not Froto! i am not a Oompa Lumpa i am the world's strongest vegan!"

looks like for next week another great match on SmackDown between Sheamus the world heavyweight champion and new uppcoming comer Wade Barrett is set to be taking place on SmackDown

looks like the former multiple two times women's champion Layla is looking foward to reclaiming the knockout ladies championship the one she lost to Eve Torres as she has her eye set on the champ as she is ready for next week SmackDown

looks like the AfterBuzz TV for Raw, SmackDown and NXT will be making a comeback soon as their is a open spot for four people anyone intrested contact me so we can get the show starting in the look out for four peeps to take the show

looks like the smart, sexy and powerful ladies of the WWE Season are sure trending as they have done such an amazing job this past few weeks main eventing on Raw and on NXT now let's see some ladies main event a SmackDown it's about time for another diva main event and congrats to the ladies their doing a fine job

new comer Jon Cutler has been sure out due to training as he plans on working hard and to become better like his parents and plans on making a return to NXT soon

11/08/2012 05:28 PM 

Season Corporate
Current mood:  adventurous

Chairman of WWE Season

Ambassador of WWE Season

Executive Vice President of Creative  
Executive Vice President of Talent Relations 
Head Writer for Raw 

Creative Consultant 

Head Writer of Smack-Down

Assistant Writer 

Members of the Board of Directors 

11/08/2012 04:17 PM 

A New Updated Roster
Current mood:  animated


* Sheamus
* Randy Orton - (Inactive)
* Christian
* Brett DiBiase
* Daniel Bryan
* Cody Rhodes
* Damien Sandow
* Mike DiBiase 
* The Miz
* Ken Anderson
* Ted DiBiase
* AJ Styles
* Tyson Kidd
* Heath Slater
* Derrick Bateman
* Mike Mondo
* Kofi Kingston

* Alison
* Jazz
* Leah
* Layla
* Natalia 
* Torrie Wilson
* Jillian
* Kaitlyn 
* Alicia Fox
* Michelle McCool
* Aksana 
* Victoria 
* Tiffany - Geneneral Manager 


* CM Punk
* Jack Swagger
* Jason Payne 
* Dolph Ziggler
* Wade Barrett 
* Briley Pierce 
* Evan Bourne 
* Harry Smith
* Chris Masters
* Alex Riley
* Johnny Curtis 
* Michael McGillicutty 
* Mason Ryan 
* Santino Marella
* Zack Ryder
* Epico
* Primo
* David Otunga
* Bobby Roode

* Eve Torres
* Beth Phoenix
* Kharma  
* Candice Michelle
* Kelly-Kelly 
* Maria
* Melina
* Maryse
* Stacy Keibler
* Brie Bella
* Nikki Bella 
* Rosa Mendes 
* AJ - Raw General Manager


* Byron Saxton
* Antonio Cesaro 
* Brad Maddox 
* Eddie Edwards
* Roderick Strong
* Brett DiBiase Jr.
* Davey Richards
* Bobby Orton 
* Adam Riley
* Jordan DiBiase
* Mike Bennett
* Richie Steamboat  
* Steve Lewington
* Kazrian 
* Christopher Daniels
* Ken Doane
* Chase
* Jesse Sorensen 
* Jessie Godderz 
* Jon Cutler 

* Raquel Diaz
* Audrey Marie 
* Caylee Turner 
* Mercedes 
* Cameron
* Naomi
* Kristal
* Summer Rae 

11/07/2012 09:27 PM 

[Episode 8]
Current mood:  adventurous

looks like current half of the WWE tag team champions and also turned actor the Miz has turned heads on the set of Batman Arkham Aslyum as he is getting great reviews for his role of the Joker as they sure have much for him in the future of acting

the reigning queen of FCW and current FCW divas champ Raquel claims and wants some competition on NXT as she calls out the ladies of NXT
"i beat Caylee Turner to retain my title, come one give me more competition i am tired of facing and beating the same clowns over and over and i think i look so good doing it duh!"
looks like Raw GM of Season AJ Lee is feuding with the resident Vickie Guerrero aka Miss Piggy are feuding for the RAW gm position which lady will come out on top and where will these lead too?

looks like the former world heavyweight champion Briley Pierce will explain his actions on SmackDown find out what this superstar has to say and what he has to say about his darker side let's see smackdown

looks like current knockout ladies champ and raw team captain Eve Torres is heating up the road for Survivor Series as she calls out the divas of SmackDown as she had this to say about the ladies of SmackDown

"what can i say about the second place divas of the brand, come on Raw has more classy divas more divas that young women can look up too and inspire more team Raw will squash team SmackDown? who is on their team i guess it's an easy victory for us because their team is not formed and they have no team captain? i think it's our victory for now and i am happy to be the fourth woman to make history and i can also take that divas title off the hands of Leah"

11/05/2012 03:30 PM 

The 50 Most Powerful Women of Season |Past and Present|
Current mood:  adventurous

1. Sonya Blade

2. Mileena

3. Alison

4. Kitana

5. Catwoman / Selina Kyle

6. Jade 

7. Emma Frost

8. Medusa

9. Harley Quinn

10. Mystique

11. Black Canary

12. Poison Ivy

13. Mickie James

14. Rogue

15. Victoria

16. Daisy

17. Lady Deathstrike

18. Talia Ra's Al Ghul

19. Beth Phoenix

20. Storm

21. AJ Lee

22. Aphrodite

23. Jean Grey

24. Athena

25. Nattie Neidhart

26. Leah

27. Eve Torres

28. Michelle McCool

29. Skarlet

30. Torrie Wilson

31. Maria

32. Maryse

33. Kharma

34. Hera

35. Melina

36. Artemis

37. Persephone

38. Layla

39. Candice Michelle

40. Jillian

41. Sheeva

42. Queen Sindel

43. Bella Twins

44. Black Cat/Felicia Hardy

45. Li Mei

46. Alicia Fox

47. Stacy Keibler

48. Tanya

49. Batgirl/Barbara Gordon

50. Naomi Night 

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