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06/12/2019 01:40 PM 

Final Trailer for
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"One thing about this business... Don't forget who you are."
Shane McMahon speaking to Eric places his hand on his shoulder

Hall of Fame by The Script plays on

Footage of Brett DiBiase, Daniel Bryan, Briley Pierce, Justin Gabriel and Johnny Curtis are shown

"I want this, i want to be just like them..." Eric sighted for a moment taking a deep breath Eevee sits on his lap and licks his face. "You think i can?" Eevee smiles at him "Thanks.." Eric pets Eevee on the head.

Roderick and Eric shown colliding in the ring 

Eric shown running alongside Candice and Eevee passing Psyduck who is walking by licking a lollipop, a Vulpix who gets patted on the head by Eric.

"You are not going to be superstar because i said so!" Stephanie smirked in a wicked way.

Eric shown holding the world heavyweight championship, CM Punk shown on the ramp.

I Ran by a Flock of Seagulls plays on

"You are a loser Eric!" Dash shouting at Eric, who sucker punches him right on the face

Eric shown pushing Roderick toward the lake 

"Forget the haters, i am going to kick their.."

"Wow keep it down the level... There is kids out here..." Sami pats Eric on the shoulder. Johnny "What's for dessert?" Johnny looks at them

"You rang" Nick looks both ways

"Especially pinky she looks mad..." Shane points toward Jigglypuff who picks up the microphone and is about to sing.. 

"Run..." Nick and Shane, Johnny run off "I wanna hear..." Sami smiled, Eric picks him up and carries off running Jigglypuff angry chases after them.

Eric in the ring motions Randy to bring it.

Eric shown shaking hands with Kenny Omega

"Think the moments those are that going to last." Christian patting Eric on the shoulder.

Eric high fives Sami.

Johnny extending his arms in the air leading the way to Cerulean Diner "Man about wrestling it's all fine and dandy but we gotta eat too.." Johnny chuckled, Yoshi brings them the drinks giving them a warm smile 

The trio of Courtney in the middle, to her right Tandy and left Gabrielle singing maidens 

Jigglypuff passing by nodding her head.

"Damn so we are the new guys huh?" Sami looks at the other superstars "Sucks being new and the others treating us like rookies." Sami sighted. "We ain't no rookies... We are good as they are..."

Eric shown giving both Dash and Scott a double clothesline

"Hey you miss a spot!" Eric shouting at Dash who is shaving Scott back.

"We going to make moments.." Johnny looks at them "We are like the Musketeers " Eric smiled looking at them "You guys are the best friends anyone can ask for."

Jigglypuff holding hand out "Oh, here you go" Eric places two quarters on her hand and smiled petting her head "You are so adorable." smiles, Jigglypuff raspberry sound and walks off.

"Know her?" Nick asked Eric "Nope but she seems nice.." Eric smiled

"To be  a champion, you gotta act like one, train like one and also never loose your cool... Maybe sometimes you can" Jason Payne sporting a tuxedo looks at Eric.

Eric sucker punching Roderick.

"Train hard everyday."

Eric trying pull off Sami of a tree as he holds tightly onto it.

Eric walking into the Saffron Training Center, Passing him by Drew and Carmella, shown training Cedric, Corey, Eddie Edwards, Alex Riley and Jack Swagger "We ready to train?" Shane pats Eric on the shoulder as he looks at the other superstars training.

"We are here..." Shane, Nick standing side by side on the left side Johnny and Sami standing, Eric in the middle.

"They better be ready for us." Eric stares at the ring..


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