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The Tragic Tale of Melia

Melia, originally given the name Amelia, was born to the mortal, Gabrielle and Cupid, god of love.


When Gabrielle had found out she was pregnant, Cupid denied the child, not wanting to risk his marriage to Psyche, therefore leaving Gabrielle alone to fend for herself.


Gabrielle had previously given birth to another child, Telemacus, but quickly found herself pregnant again. Since Gabrielle was only mortal, pregnancy with another god or goddess put her life at risk. Because of this, Hephaestus, god of the forge, had created an artificial womb, where he was able to transfer Gabrielle's child from her womb to the artificial one.


Shortly after the transfer, Creed, son of Hephaestus, came across the child. Wanting to make his father suffer, and anyone he cared about, Creed took the child, replacing it with the body of a stillborn child, causing Gabrielle to believe her daughter had died.


Creed took the unborn child to his home where he used his powers to age her. Raising her as his own, he gave her the name Melia, either in confusion when he overheard Gabrielle speaking of the child, or in spite.

He raised Melia to believe she had been abandoned, and left for dead. He gave her the govern, Goddess of Tainted love, to teach her to ruin love for anyone around her.


She grew up bitter, and angry, only trusting Creed, and no one else. Now she seeks to find her parents, ready to make them pay for the pain she had suffered.


But what will happen when she finds out the truth? Will she believe Gabrielle, or Creed, the man who raised her?



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