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The Husk (Bio)

Genesis was Loki's first child with Angrboda, born a still born Angrboda could not bring them back to life, they'd died the moment they'd been born on Jotunheim. In response Loki wrapped their tiny body up in cloth and met with Freya his mother to ask for help. It was a hefty price to pay in order to get his child back. Freya would need to monitor Genesis for their early life for any signs of decay, to insure they would be alright, but Odin did not want Loki on Asgard. 

The price was his child was no longer his, not for the first hundred years of their life. Genesis grew under Freya's watchful eye for the first thirty years, constantly rebandaging them into a living being until finally the husk of a body she had created was generated a soul. After many restless nights of searching both Odin and Freya found The Space Stone. It gravitated towards the husk of a body and entertwined itself in the child becoming one with the demi-god. Over months Genesis began to grow itno a suitable child. exhibiting actual traits of its mother and father. Long ginger hair which subsequently started turning black closer to their toddler years.

Over the years Odin tried to erase all of Angrboda and Loki from Genesis' past, stories, photos, going as far as to make it so they couldn't even find Loki. And yet Freya would have none of that, especially after the budding magical abilities. Tall tales sparked joy and mesmerizing magic to simply flow out of Genesis. Partnered with the infinity stone they were a power house that Odin wanted Loki and Angrboda to have no mind to, and yet, even Genesis dreams would come true, images of Loki and Angrboda floating around the room, smiling at Freya when she would come see all the comotion. 

With everything culminating on their tenth birthday Freya stole Genesis away and smuggled them to Jotenheim. If Loki was there she didn't know but she knew hos important family was. Genesis questioned all of it but Freya silenced it when they came to the castle. With a kiss on the forehead and a big hug she transfered knowledge they'd never been allowed to have. Tears welled in their eyes and that was the first day they actually met their mother and father. 

Freya many moons later did get a chance to vist again, explaining everything to the three, happy to know they'd kept their child. Odin trying to replace Loki with their own child, tring to make a soldier out of them for years, and now that he had been betrayed once again coming to take back "what was his." 

This left the three with little to no choice. Especially after Genesis heard it. All they wanted to do was protect their family and the stones magic spilled out, swallowing them up and pulling them from the farthest corner of the universe. AKA "The End." Where things nobody wanted ended up. Without the ability to console the child, not even the three of them could pull Genesis out of this, instead having to creat a safe haven. A dark mockery of Asgard was built by all thier magic, cracks filled with gold, half of black ice, half of cobble stone it was built with love and cemented with a bond no one could break. 

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Genesis' Basic Bio

Legal Name: Genesis Lokison
Nick Name(s): Gen, Tricky Bastard, GG,(Give them some)
Title: Prince of Asgard, Prince of Jotunheim, Prince of "The End."
Alias: Nevermore
Identity: Known
Place of Birth: Asgard
Pronouns: Any
Gender: Bigender
Sex: Female but extremly masculine
Age: A few hundred years old (they stopped counting)
Father: Loki Laufeyson
Mother: Angerboda
Uncle(s): Thor, Loki
Aunt(s): Hela
Cousins: Thrud (Thor's daughter) Modi (Hela's son) 
Grandfather(s): Odin, Laufey
Grandmother(s): Freya, Unnamed grandmother
Species: Husk/ Half Jotun
Hair color: Black (Originally ginger if going my mythos)
Eye Color: Blue and black
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 240lbs
Skin color: He has blue splotches on his body that he hides to look like vitaligo, it's also over one of his eyes. 
D.O.B: June 7th
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Status: Alive
Friend(s): Thrud and Modi (Hopefully more later)
Mentor(s): Loki, The Space Stone.
Alies: Avengers, whomever works for the moment. 
Enemies: Odin (Long story), Thanos, anyone who tries to hurt his cousins.


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