Tombstone rpg

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April 18th, 2024

Gender: Other
Age: 13
Sign: Aquarius
Signup Date:
March 23, 2024


04/02/2024 12:35 PM 

Audition form

Why do you want to join Tombstone rpg?:
Did someone recruit you? Who?:
What is your time zone?:
How active will you be?:
Will something keep you from being active?:

Character going for:
Cannon or OC:
Face claim if OC:


Writing sample of at least 200 to 300 words and up.

04/02/2024 01:02 PM 

Rules of the land

1~ No disrespecting the owner or co-owners of the site
2~ Respect eachother 
3~ If you need a hiatus let us know don't just disappear.
4~ No ooc drama but IC drama is alright.

If read sign with intended character and a gif of their fc.

03/23/2024 05:16 PM 

Wanted Roles

Wyatt Earp
FC~ Kurt Russell

Morgan Earp
FC~ Bill Paxton

Virgil Earp
FC~ Sam Elliot

Big Nose Kate
FC~ Joanna Pacula

Ike Clanton
FC~ Stephen Lang

Billy Clanton
FC~ Thomas Hayden Church

Johnny Ringo
FC~ Michael Biehn

Curly Bill Brocius
Powers Boothe

Texas Jack Vemillion
Peter Sheraynko

Sherman Mcmasters
Michael Rooker


03/23/2024 04:56 PM 

Taken Roles

Doc John Henry Holliday
FC~ Val Kilmer


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