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February 10th, 2024

Gender: Male
Age: 31
Sign: Taurus
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February 10, 2024


02/10/2024 12:43 PM 

Audition Form

When submitting the audition please title the audition with your character name and playby

OOC Questions 

  1. Why do you want to join The Circle? 
  2. What would you consider good qualities you could bring to the group? 
  3. Did anyone recruit you to the group? If so who? 
  4. Are you joining married and/or with a child, if joining please provide a link to the childs playby choice? 
  5. Please provide your discord handle? 

In character 

  1. Character’s name (first and last) 
  2. Playby choice (Please also provide a back choice, if using an instagram please provide a link to their profile 
  3. Age and date of birth
  4. Neighborhood (link to the neighborhoods find here):
  5. Twitter handle?
  6. Occupation (Please be as detailed as possible) 
  7. 4 Positive traits and 4 negative traits? 
  8. Are you joining married or with children ( if with children please supply a link to the childs playby choice)
  9. How is your character connected to Abby Norton? 
  10. What is your characters dirty little secret ( Please think outside of the box and be unique) 
  11. Brief Biography of your character ( up to 6-8 sentences long)


Please provide a sample of your writing. This can be any piece of writing. When submitting the sample please allow it to be more than 3 paragraphs of which is a minimum 6-8 sentences?


02/10/2024 12:42 PM 



Respect: Respect is majorly important for us here at The Circle. No one wants to be part of a group where you are bullied or feeling unwanted. Here at the circle, we want everyone to be able to have the freedom to be able to write the darkest of storylines and connections. If the owner does find out that there has been any bullying towards a member then it would be up to the owner discretion whether or not to remove the member completely or to issue a warning, when issued with the warning if the member continues to bully another then they will be removed with no questions asked. Roleplay is meant to be fun for everyone so let's keep it that way. 

Activity: The point of activity and roleplay is to write for this a minimum of three connections is regarded. Activity checks will also be done by weekly and bi weekly checks from writing to simple tasks such as moodboards, playlists and spirit weeks but most of all we would love to see a lot of writing and developing storylines. 

Profiles: Considering we are a new group we would love to restrict each member to ONE character within the group. At this moment in time we will start off with a small number and if it becomes popular we will expand the group to have more members. 

Playby Changes: We all get that playby muses can disappear or get bored but at the same time we don’t want you to change every week. So where possible when you join please stick to the playby you have chosen when auditioning. Although there will be occasions where playby changes can be made. 

Marriage and Children: We are happy for there to be marriages and kids involved within the group. If you are joining as a married couple or as a parent please in the audition form state who you are joining with. If you read this far please sign the rules with a gif of your favorite tv show and the name of your character.


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