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04/02/2024 01:05 PM 

switcharoo with raiden.

Conrad wakes up and feels different. Sure enough, when he goes to the mirror he see's it's him but he looks like Raiden. A literal clone of him. He starts to freak out, but takes a shower and gets all clean before heading to find wel, himself. If he was Raiden, Raiden must have been the one in his body. His phone vibrates, but instead of it being Sutton, it's Tatum. Gross. He decides to turn off his phone and gets away from it all. Knowing that Raiden can be found in the woods always, he decides to go hiking and see's all the views, feeling the breeze through his hair, the animals that surround him and the views are to die for, he could see why Raiden spent all his time outside. Conrad loves being outside too, but mostly if it has to do with getting high or water sports. He has a conversation with himself while going on a little adeventure and instead of making a big deal out of it he doesn't go to his best friend, and figures since he's had a couple of revelations within the talk he's had with himself that everything will go back to normal when he wakes up the next day.

03/29/2024 02:31 PM 

freaky friday.

It was an early Friday morning and Conrad had just woken up for the day and he was feeling a little ill. He groaned turning the opposite end of Sutton, almost falling off of his bed which woke him up immediately. "F***," He whispered under his breath. Sitting up, he ran his hands through his curls before looking over at his girlfriend one last time to make sure she was okay, before getting out of bed and grabbing his blunt and lighter heading outside on the porch sitting on the couch, lighting his blunt right away. He took a big hit, blowing it out and coughing his brains out. His throat was already dead at that point, but he could already feel the high. Whatever Salem did to grow his product, he was grateful. Because Salem was always supplied and worked hard to grow it, he lowkey was his favorite person apart from Sutton.

He sat back into the couch, wondering why the universe decided to make him feel sick today. His thoughts after smoking his blunt was to go back to bed and hide under the convers all day. The male took another hit of his blunt, looking out to the area around his cabin, it was so quiet. Everyone was either out doing activities or still sleeping so it was only him in the common area hearing nothing but mother nature around him. He saw a couple squirrels and heard some birds, which at that point he was already used to. It was one of the things he enjoyed about camp, the snimal sounds making it real and helping with keeping the camp life alive. Blowing out his third hit, he looked ways away noticing a deer that was staring right at him.

Deers weren't really one to look directly at him for long but for some reason, this one couldn't keep his eyes off of him. "What's wrong, lil guy?" Conrad asked, getting up off his couch, walking towards the animal. Once the deer noticed he stood there for a few more seconds before trottling off, making Connie start to run. "Hey, wait up!" He called out, the animal leading him straight into the woods, no shirt and all. Once he was deep in the forrest, it got cold immediately and suddenly Connie wished he at least had a shirt on. He decided to let the animal go and turn around to head back before he tripped over a huge stump, tripping and hitting his head blacking out. After what seemed like forever he woke up groaning touching his head where he felt liquid coming from. What stopped him in his tracks is his voice, it didn't sound like him in fact.. it sounded girly. He grabbed his phone from his pocket for the camera and yelled when he saw who stared back at him in the camera, it was him.. but, as a girl.

He ( or she ) got up right away, taking pictures of herself over and over to make sure it was true and he wasn't losing his mind. After the 100th picture, he was for sure he had swapped genders, but how???? It had to of been the deer. The deer knew what it was doing, he was almost convinced it was a magical deer, and that because it was Friday, they were on some Freaky Friday sh*t. The only difference he wasn't Kendall Jenner like that Chris Brown song, in fact the girl he was, he had never seen before in his life. He started to freak out touching his body feeling his boobs, moving down to his private part. It was gone, his pride and joy was gone. If he could cry right there he would have. What did he have to do to get back to hsi normal self? Whatever it was, he had to think fast before anyone else saw him. He was too perfect to stay a female forever and what would Sutton do with him> There was so much going on, it was giving him a headache. He sat down on the tree stump thinking what he was going to do.

He got up and headed more into the woods trying to find the deer going deeper and deeper only to find more nature and more trees, animals all around him. Maybe this was karma for all the girls he did dirty at this camp many years ago, but he was just a teenager back then, and he loved girls, what was he supposed to do. Conrad go tto the edge of the cliff, sitting down his feet dangling, he felt weird, out of his own element and as much as he loved woman, let alone his woman he never wanted to be one. He sat there and cried, craddling himself back and fourth his cancer rising getting to him deciding to just cry about his problems today, because he was too sick to function. An hour in, it started to rain and he let himself get soaked before finally getting up and heading the way he came  back to the campsite.

Conrad didn't know how he was going to explain this to Sutton, she wasn't gonna believe him and she would go to the others immediately, at least to Tatum, he didn't want this. He had worked too hard on his body as a male to only end up a girl. "God please, if you are real. I'll do whatever you want, just please turn me back into a male." He pleaded to the skies finally seeing the camp come into view again once he passed the area where he had tripped and fell, he tripped again the same way, this time more aware of his surroundings before the world around him started to spin and he closed his eyes for what seemed like forever before opening them again. He sat up feeling the cut on his head and clearing his throat looking at himself in the camera and there he was, back to his normal self. He sighed dramatically and shook his head getting up and basically runing out of the woods back to his cabin, locking the doors behind him crawling back into bed with his girlfeind who was still fast asleep. He pulled her close into his protecitve embrace and held onto her for dear life kissing her temple and resting his head beside hers, not wanting to leave the cabin for the rest of the day.

03/28/2024 04:21 PM 

stark cabin views.

conrad's cabin fits him perfectly, it's a lil boujee than it needs to be, but the place is his. his safe space, where he can unwind after a long day. he got the living room area when he has get together after hours and it's too cold to hang out outside. although, he wants himself and his friends and family to be comfortable under the pillows and blankets he has stacked ontop of the outdoor couch he's put up. stole tatum's idea and made a lil hamock area so he could lay there and smoke a fat blunt after a hard days work, he also likes to cuddle with sutton out there, sometimes falling asleep to animals in the trees around them. his bed, is his domain, wanting to be a little higher than one would, having the full top half of just his bed right in the middle with all the warm pillows and blankets spreading out butt naked, nothing but the warm comforter and sometimes sutton to keep him warm.

02/23/2024 02:15 PM 


This Valentine's Day was something to remember. What he and Sutton did, was probably the same corny thing every other couple did on the big love day. But with how in love he was with his girl, it coudn't have gone more perfect. Sutton had no idea what he was planning, she had been pestering him the past week about it but he didn't budge, which he was proud of considering he coudn't keep secrets to save his life. He took her out to a dinner place, where you had to walk through a little garden to get to. The prime rib was to die for, even Sutton herself couldn't get enough.He loved the way she tilted her head back with a laugh, that smile of hers made him weak, even til this day.

After the couple had their candle lit dinner, along with the most expensive wine they carried, they took a little stroll, enjoying the coolness and nature around them, hands interlocked the whole time, and when they weren't holding hands, Sutton had her arm wrapped around his muscular arm. When Sutton decided they had enough, they went back to their hotel room he had rented for the night, the whole room being transformed it's own little love room. it was almost as if cupid came and threw up all over the place. But the room itself wasn't the best part. Petals also led into the bathroom where the hot tub set up was up and ready, just for them. Candles lit and all. Sutton wasted no time wanting to get into the hot tub, giving him a kiss, with sort of hunger to it. The couple enjoyed their time in the hot tub, only to get out and share a joint on the balcony in each others robes, enjoying the nature around them once more, the cool breeze hitting thier face.

They talked about anything and everthing under the stars even if half of that time was Conrad telling Sutton how in love with her he was, and how blessed he was to have her all to himself. It was a different kind of love for them, you know? The kind of love that was written in the stars, something that was meant to be. If he had one thing to be thankful for, it was the fact that he finally found his forever Valentine, and couldn't wait to see what they would do for Valentines Day 2025.

lil shoutout to my baby for loving me and for her constantly giving me cute little muses like these. i love you my honey, xoxo.

02/10/2024 03:05 PM 

long lost love letter.

Another night of nightmares meant a sleepless night for Connie. It had been getting more frequent lately, and he didn't know what the reasoning for that was, but whatever it was needed to stop. Maybe it had something to do with the stars. Either way, he was up looking at the clock 4:00am on the dot. "Ah great, demon hours." He said in a silent breath. Looking over to the side, a perfect cozy Sutton was beside him, having the best dream of her life based on the smile plastered on her face. The male leaned over and kissed her temple softly. "I love you." He whispered, covering the blanket more around her before slipping out of bed quietly and heading down to the garage.

Instead of working on one of the cars tonight he decided to clean out his office a little. There was boxes all piled up in the corner that were his dads and he didn't have the heart to go through any of them, until tonight. "Now is as better as time as any." He said to himself sighing softly. Conrad took a hit of his weed pen, waiting till he was toasted before grabbing a random box in the middle instead of on the top. After making sure the rest of the boxes didn't fly all over the place, he placed the box he had chosen on his desk, opening it. There was papers upon papers, letters upon letters, addressed to him and his mother. Conrad's pile was obviously more bigger than his mom's. The male tilted his head to the side in confused reaching for one of the envelopes opening it, tears automatically being brought to his eyes at his father's messy handwriting.

Hi son,

I'm not sure you're gonna ever see these, but it helps your old man process his feelings. It makes it easier when I know I'm saying it to somebody, and when I think about anyone in the world who I would wanna share my thoughts with, it's you son. You are my most prized possession. You and your mother are everything to me, but you. You're the one that's gonna keep the last name alive, long after I'm gone.

I love you, more than I'll ever be able to describe to you, but as long as I'm on this earth I will always love you and protect you with my entire being. There is a lot of things I'm not proud of in my lifetime, but you were never one of them. You're what keeps me going everyday. I have so much plans for you, little man. Keep making me proud boy.

your dad.

The tear that dripped from his face onto the letter brought Conrad back to reality. He sniffled and wiped his nose rereading the letter one last time before folding it and putting it back into the envelope before opening another and then another. Before he kenw it, it was almost 6am, and he knew he had to put it away. Now he knew why he never wanted to clean out his dad's boxes to begin with, he was afraid of being reminded of him. Afraid to feel vulnerable and weak, sad that he never had the relationship he craved with his father. Life had taken him away from Conrad at such a young age, what he did manage to remember with his dad, it seemed like his memory was fading slowly. But with these boxes, these memories of James Stark, he would always live on and his grandchildren and their grandchildren will know of the great man he was.

01/21/2024 05:29 PM 


Twenty one days in the new year and Conrad didn't even start to do his new years resolution. He always thought the new year new me saying was ridiculous. Because why did it have to be a new year to accomplish things? The way he saw it, we should be bettering ourselves all year around. Although, there were a few things that he wanted to focus on, more than others. Like playing the guitar or ukulele for example. He doesn't quite remember but his mother told him that his dad use to play the guitar and sing him to sleep on nights that he had trouble or when he was sick. Conrad was so obsessed and close with his dad before his dad passed, that anything his father did, amazed him because he was his role model. His guitar that he ordered of Amazon had arrived, he sat there in his shop looking at the packaged up instrument, debating if today was gonna be the day he was going to start his new year resolution.

Sutton was taking a nap so nwo was as good a time as any. He stood up and grabbed it, unwrapping the package off it. THe guitar was so beautiful as he ran his slender hands along it, along the strings and all. He strummed it once and he cringed with how off tune it sounded. The male immediately grabbed his phone and found an app to tune his guitar, taking about a half hour to make sure it all sounded right. He sat in the back of his chair and strummed his instrument not really playing anything yet but getting the feel of his new instrument. He closed his eyes and let his fingers take over almost as if he was strumming from memory, not realizing it.

When he finally stopped, he opened his eyes. tears streaming down his face, having a moment. He didn't know where the tears was coming from, but he knew he had to let it all out and feel what he needed to feel, something that he learned within his time of being with Sutton, who was his calm in storms. Wiping his tears away, he grabbed his weed pen from his pocket taking a couple big hits getting stoned within moments. He looked up a song on youtube and began to follow the chords, wanting to play every single song out there, so he could be good enough to actually write a song for Sutton one day, maybe if he practiced enough it could be one of her Valentine's Day gift. "Here's to hoping the new year is better than the last." He said to himself quietly, his high over taking him, continuing to strum his guitar, thinking of what he wanted to name it.

01/12/2024 03:24 PM 



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