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02/01/2019 07:23 PM 

B I T T E N. *[drabble]



There was something wrong with Michael. He was acting so strange since Felix had moved in with him. Felix had never seen his older brother act the way he was recently acting. He was nervous. Jumpy. Spent a lot of his time hidden away in his room. Had a lot of strange mood swings and... was eating raw meat as if that sh*t was a Mcdonald’s Big Mac. Whenever Felix would ask him if there something wrong, it didn’t seem like he really wanted to talk about it. He’d avoid the question and just simply do what big brother’s usually do, mock him asking the question and then try to make fun of him for caring so much. Of course, this method always served to distract Felix long enough to have Mike run off again before Felix could get back to prying. As for the raw meat thing? Yeah, according to Michael it was just a bizarre California diet that he was trying out.

Hm. Felix would believe it. For now. As long as Michael’s strange behavior wasn’t getting in his way, it was all good.

But, it wasn’t all good.

On Felix’s twenty-second birthday, Michael’s strange behavior did just that - get in the way.

"He must be f***in’ crazy if he thinks he could tell me what to do. Tch! Stay inside my f***in’ ass.” He said to himself as he got dressed. It was his birthday and it was Halloween - there was no way he was about to miss out on his favorite holiday, especially not when it was so perfect. A full moon on Halloween? How often did that happen?

Not allowed, who the f*** does he think he is? I’m an adult. F*** you.” He was dressed up in a skeleton outfit and a grey hood - Donnie Darko. His best friend Jason was going to be Frank. He pulled out his phone and sent out a quick text:

be there in a few [sent]

hurry up! this party is lit af! [response]

Was Michael asleep? Was he awake? Did it really matter? Not really. Once Felix was ready, he stuffed his phone into his back pocket and headed to his window; opening it and eyeing the ground below, before finally taking the jump. He stumbled a bit forward once his feet touched the ground, but he regained his balance and smugly smirked, before flipping the house off. Such a little rebel.

Then came the noise... the barking of his dog followed by a yelp and then... silence.

“Punk?! You alright?!” He called out, then whistled, but still there was silence.

Felix stood at his spot for a bit, before he began to walk towards his dog’s dog house. Soon enough, there was blood beneath his feet. A pool of it... and a trail of it that led from Punk’s dog house to the bushes nearby. Felix’s stomach sank and his heart quickened in his chest - he was frozen to his spot. There was another noise. Rustling and growling in the bushes. Felix gulped the knot that had formed itself at the bottom of his throat. Everything screamed at him that he should run away. Run away now, as fast as he could, but the voice in his head wasn’t strong enough to snap him out of his frozen state. He was being watched - hunted. Finally, he was able to move. He took a few stumbling steps backwards, but it was much too late then.

It all happened so fast. It was a blur. It was attacking him before he could even know what was happening. It was huge, covered in black thick fur. It had lunged itself from the darkness and toppled Felix down to the ground. The air was knocked out his lungs, but that was the least of his problems. It pinned him down - crushed his small form beneath its heavy weight. Was it a wolf? Was it a dog? It was an unknown beast that clawed and bit down viciously upon Felix’s flesh. Felix’s entire body felt as if it were on fire, the pain so intense that even though he knew that he was screaming at the top of his lungs as the beast shook him around in its jaws like a helpless ragdoll, he couldn’t hear himself do so.  He could feel his blood gurgle up from the bottom of his throat, choking him and making it harder to breathe. He could feel his vocal cords vibrate and ache; threatening to snap with every agonizing scream that left his throat. A wave of immense pain washed over his entire body - he was going to die. Not unless he fought back.

His body suddenly began to fight back - arms and legs flailing around wildly, punching and kicking. He had to get it off of him. He had to - and he did. A fist to the side of its face was enough to make it lose its concentration and in that very brief second, Felix somehow found the strength to push himself up from the ground and run, run away - as fast as he could, in his broken state. He was covered in blood and gore; his clothing ripped to shreds, pieces of his flesh hung away from the bone and blood gushed from every wound upon his body. His chest was heaving to and fro as he ran straight for the trees behind his house - his left hand pressed tightly to the large bite wound on his neck. Adrenaline ran through his veins, it was the only thing keeping him moving despite his condition.

Heavy footsteps and growling joined him much too soon. It was back. It wanted to finish the job. Felix needed help.

“Help... ” He gasped.

The trees broke into a highway and Felix stumbled right into it, nearly getting hit by an incoming car. He asked for help again, but the cars continued to honk and pass him by. There was no way they were going to stop. It was Halloween. They’d think it was a prank. Michael was going to be so pissed.


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01/18/2012 12: PM 

Spit And Sawdust (interview #2)


"I gave Jason a blowjob."- Felix Alexander; when asked the about the lowest thing he's done for money.

While roaming around Union 13 for some interviews; I recently got the chance to sit down with a lovely trio of boys from the underground band scene, also known as The Cursed, one of my favorite post-hardcore punk bands, that are slowly building their way up. They're  definitely awe-inspiring on stage with their spazzing lead vocalist and their instruments flying everywhere, but they're just as exciting backstage, chilled and drinking some coffee, while they goof around until it's their turn to play. In between drooling, I got to ask them a few questions about The Cursed's first EP and a couple of other things that I'm sure we were all curious to know.

1. Okay so, we're doing this interview for Spit and Sawdust; do you know about Spit and Sawdust?

Jason: Yeah, thanks to these two. [Points to Felix and Michael]

Felix: Yeah, actually, I think Mikey and I have some around the house. It's great.

2. Awesome! At least you guys have some knowledge of what we are, thanks. We do try our best. Haha, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love you guys, amazing music! And it's obvious that I'm not the only female who thinks this about you guys. Girls LOVE you. How do you guys feel about that?

Jason: I f***ing love the ladies.

Michael: It's really great. Just weird when complete strangers have this dying devotional love for you. Like, I've seen the most outrageous signs at our shows... outrageous behavior. It's insane. I've literally collected like, ten bra's on my mic stand in one night. [Shakes head and snickers]

Felix: Girls are crazy. I like crazy.

3. Wow... well, I guess I'm one of those crazy girls. The Cursed makes me wanna take my clothes off! Haha, and speaking of that, do you guys watch porn?

Felix: Wow, that's f***in' great. Anyways, who f***in' doesn't? [Laughs]

Michael: Once and while, when I need to release some tension.

Jason: Well, yeah but, I rather have the real thing.

Felix: Agreed.

4. Haha! Okay, so what's your favorite porn star?

Michael: Uhm, wow. There's so many; I don't know who my favorite is.

Felix: Liz Vicious. Hands down. I love red heads. Tori Black is banging too.

Jason: I agree, Tori Black is f***ing banging. But, I like a little dark meat. Skins is cute.

Felix: Oh! And Stoya. How the f*** could I forget Stoya?

Jason: Ooh, definitely her!

Michael: They're quite porn star savvy. [Chuckles]

4. Okay good; we're on the right track then. So The Cursed has been around for a year, since about 2010- right? Do you think you would want mainstream success if it were offered to you? 

Felix: [Shrugs] I honestly wouldn't know.

Michael: Yeah, it's a really hard decision.

Felix: I think in the end we'd probably say no? I mean, I know - what kinda planet do we live on? If someone offers your mainstream success, you wanna f***in' move there but, I just don't know about that kinda fame yet.

Jason: Yeah, it sounds really hectic. I think we just enjoy being a bunch of regular guys and just sharing our music with our fans.

Felix: Totally, like I said, I'm not ready for that sort of fame yet.

Michael: Yeah.

5. So how did this happen? How did you end up creating The Cursed?

Felix: My brother and I were basically raised around music and just... creative sh*t in general. Our mom had her own indie band called Flea Market - she sang and played the guitar. My dad was a bass player, but his main thing was photography. I guess you can say our parents were one of those cool hipster, hippie parents. [Chuckles] They introduced us to instruments once we were old enough to speak and stand on our own.

Michael: [Nods] I picked up a mic when I was 4 but, my thing has always been the guitar and bass. Felix was a natural born leader. His thing was singing, since age two. Singing and the guitar. Having a band had always been our dream. In fact, we had our own little two man band - I think we called it -
Felix: Shut Up! [Laughs] That was the name of our little two man band. We were so young.

Michael: [Laughs] Yeah! Shut Up... it was actually pretty good. It was legit. After that, a lot of sh*t was just going on in our lives and we didn't keep the band thing up.

Jason: Then Felix found me...

Felix: ... And when I moved over to California with Michael, I brought the idea up again. I even had the luck of meeting Jason, he's a very talented drummer. I love him.

Jason: [Beams] Aww, I love you too, baby.

Michael: And that's how The Cursed was born.  Pretty quick and smooth.

Jason: Our beautiful love child.

6. Beautiful, haha. So aside from The Cursed, do you have any other stuff going on, other musical projects that some people might not know about...? Anything?

Felix: Well, Michael owns a tattoo shop called 4zeroeight around Parkway South; he's a tattoo artist. Legit. I work there as a professional body piercer. As for musical projects? I'll leave Jason to answer that.

Jason: Yeah, now that you mention it - I've got a solo project going on. Completely opposite to what The Cursed sounds like. Nothing like this scene at all. It's actually a hip hop thing I do with my cousin DJ Doom, he's pretty well-known. I rap to the sick beats he makes for me. Young Favorite - that's my name. It's nothing legit and permanent yet but, it's worth checking out if any of you kids are into that. I'm also a graffiti artist. Anything for cash.

7. Speaking of money, let's hear some interesting stories; what is the lowest thing you've done for money?

Felix: I gave Jason a blowjob.

Jason: I paid him 5 dollars in coins. [Laughs]

Michael: [Just laughs and shakes his head]

Felix: I've also skateboarded down the street naked; this was when I was 16 actually. I got 100 bucks for it.

Jason: I never had to do anything for money.

Michael: I don't recall having to do anything low for money. But, I do remember that when I was 16, a 12 year old Felix forced me to call him King Felix for a whole week and do everything he told me do to, after he walked in on me getting a blowjob from my girlfriend at the time. I did it but, it was because I knew he'd tell on me. Evil little child.

Felix: [Laughs and snorts] Lowest of lows. You didn't even get paid for doing it.

Jason: [Laughs]

Michael: [Flips Felix off]

8. So finally, my wish came true and I can take your lovely music home with me. Your first EP is out; self-titled. It's been doing pretty well, and getting tons of positive response everywhere. So, when you guys made the band did you know it would one day come this far or did this all come as a surprise?

Felix: It is a surprise, but not a total surprise.

Michael: Yeah, we knew what we wanted already. We were pretty determined.

Jason: We're really happy that we're at this point. All these interviews and things.

Felix: Being listed as one of the popular underground bands and whatever.

Michael: Sometimes I think it's a little too much, but we're just happy to hear these kind of opinions from people who read the magazines and listen to our music, come to the shows, buy the EP.

Felix: Definitely.

9. So you headbang every day, don't you ever get a neck ache? Especially, you, Felix. Jumping around on stage, throwing yourself all over the place. Do you bring your own personal massage therapist wherever you go?

Felix: [Laughs] We don't have a massage therapist but, we're willing to hire. You look good enough for the job.

Michael: Haha, oh my god. Uh, your neck would end up hurting after a while. You get used to it though.

Jason: We can pay you some good money. [Winks]

10. Awesome, because my next comment was going to be to offer myself as a massage therapist.

Michael & Jason: [Both laugh]

Felix: Well, that's a great massage therapist right there. You've got the job! But, seriously, no. We don't have one.

11.  Why!? You're spazzing out on stage; I would think you need one.

Felix: It'd be nice but, I don't. Jason's my massage therapist.

Jason: Yeah, private massages with happy endings. [Laughs]

12. Haha! Okay, so, along with the success, came a lot of trouble; you're probably sick to death of talking about it, but I was wondering if you had any problems at some shows with other bands?

Felix: It doesn't matter. Haters are gonna hate. Like I said before - anyone who has a problem with us could suck my d*ck. They know where to find us.

Jason: We get along with most of the other bands we meet but, there's always the haters, like Felix said.

Michael: It's mostly the older bands that think they're mightier than thou. But, it's not a big deal. We get along with a lot of other bands. It's just like, one or two that have problems with us. It's stupid, in my opinion. I don't pay attention to them.

13. Of course, a lot of haters out there. But, a lot of people who love you guys. I'm sure the love overpowers the hate, haha! And speaking of love - how's that working for you handsome guys? Any special girls?

Felix: Haven't found one yet.

Jason: I won't be settling anytime soon. I'm too young for anything steady.

Michael: Love is  really complicated for me. Really hard to explain. But, no, no special anyone in my life yet.

14. Aww, that's really surprising, but I understand. You guys are still pretty young. Now, speaking of girls - do you have any ideal look for your favorite type of girl?

Felix: I love me a red head, but I'm usually not picky with hair color, eye color, skin color. None of that is extremely important to me. If I find the girl pretty, then I just do. Everything else is just a bonus. Though, I'd have to say that I don't really like girls who are covered in tattoos. Simple tattoos are okay but, covered like we are? I don't see myself dating a girl like that. Too many piercings are a no as well, I guess I can say I like the modest looking ones. I like a wild personality, just tone it down with the looks.

Jason: I completely agree with Felix - but, I really f***ing love black girls. I think they're sexy.

Michael: I like blondes. All the girlfriend's I ever had were blondes. [Laughs] But, I'm not picky about the hair color and all that jazz. A nice personality and someone who could just understand me is all I need. The tattoos and piercings are okay as long as it's nothing crazy.

15. Wow, I was expecting, dark-haired tattooed chicks from all of you, haha! Am I attractive to you guys? Piercings and all?

Jason: Of course!

Felix: Yeah, you're actually pretty chilled looking. Not anything crazy. I've seen crazy. I just don't like pretty girls who f*** themselves up and end up looking like men, if I wanted to date a man - I'd be with Jason.

Michael: [Laughs] Well, you're a blonde... [Shakes head] But, seriously. You're really pretty.

16. Awwww! Thanks you guys! Now I'm blushing. Haha, okay! So last question I'm gonna ask you guys: I noticed you've been asked several times about drug use, and have always answered that you guys do them once and a while, except for Michael who said that the most he has done was smoke weed. Do you feel that being a performer makes you a role model for fans? Do you feel this is an unfair responsibility handed to you guys, and other musicians alike, when people should make their own decisions?

Felix: I've tone it down with the drugs since the last time I was interviewed. I shouldn't really be considered a role model. Not in the slightest. I'm not Mcgruff the Crime Dog or whatever. Just because I jump off a bridge, it shouldn't mean you should follow. I can't tell you that they're good or bad. People are gonna do what they wanna do at the end of the day. Figure it out yourself. I'm not their f***in' mom. You know?

Jason: I think Felix hit the nail on that one. There's really nothing else I could add. No one's our responsibility. [Shrugs]

Michael: I don't even do that anymore. My only addictions now are smoking cigarettes and the occasional beer. But, people should really make their own decisions, not follow ours.

Of course, of course Okay, well - I'm afraid that that's all the time we have. Thank you for your time guys. I had lots of fun. And fans? Make sure to check out their EP - it will be sold at wherever these boys are playing at. Thanks again, guys.

- Miss Myra; Spit and Sawdust.

01/18/2012 01: PM 

Vive le Rock! (Interview #3)

Vive le Rock! Magazine Interview.

Felix Alexander is kissing and telling -- again.

Vive Le Rock! Has got an exclusive interview with the energetic lead singer of The Cursed, where the 24 year old dishes on everything from his little flings to his odd fetishes and other things he likes to do. He's never been one to hold his tongue, but he's well known for speaking his mind, no matter the consequences. We were lucky enough to get a few minutes of his free time while he was at work at his brother, and fellow band mate's tattoo and piercing shop; 4zeroeight - which I highly suggest you folks come and check out. But, enough of my babble, here is the interview.

1. Well, hi! My name's Izzy Noire, from Vive Le Rock magazine. Thanks so much for sharing some of your time for this interview. I'll make it as quick as possible so you can get back to work. Haha, okay so - where do we start?

Felix: Hey, nice meeting you Izzy. [Smirks and shakes his head] No problem. Uhm, I don't know? How about we start with a  how you doing? I haven't seen you in a while? [Laughs, shrugs] I don't know. You're the kid interviewing me.

2. Haha! Right. Well then, how are you doing?

Felix: Good. Thanks for asking. Oh! And I've learned myself a few new extra skateboarding tricks. I feel awesome about that.

3. Oh, you skateboard?

Felix: [Nods] Yessir. Though, I wouldn't say I JUST skate. I f***in' shred. I'm super killer at it.

4. That's really cool, what do you like best about skateboarding?

Felix: I like that high energy that makes you feel like you're fourteen again, f***ing up your body whenever you f***in' fall and get hurt. I also like the idea of knocking down old ladies as they're walking out with their groceries.

5. Hahaha, do you like to snowboard?

Felix: Yeah, I love it. But, I don't really get to do that around here. Only when I take a vacation to Sun Peaks in Canada.

6. Cool. Okay, so I think I know what I'm gonna ask you now. We're gonna get a little more personal. I'm sure you wouldn't mind that at all. Shows, are you into meeting girls there?

Felix: Yeah, I met your mom. [Laughs] No, I'm joking. I meet a lot of girls there. They're mostly one night stands and a few minutes fling kinda thing.

7. Right, so no special anyone?

Felix: Actually... now that you mention it, I did meet someone worth my time at one of my shows.

8. Oh! Care to tell us a little bit about this mystery girl?

Felix: Tall, pale, really pretty hair. Hazel eyes, soft lips, British accent. Oh, and did I mention that she's a he?

9. A boy?!

Felix: Yeah, my boyfriend. And no, I'm not joking. I know I've joked about it before, but this is serious. We've f***ed.

10. Holy sh*t, I wasn't expecting that. That's great, actually! How do you feel about that? Do you feel like it's something official? That you've finally found that one person? Are you surprised that it ended up being a male instead of a female?

Felix: [Laughs] Woah, breathe kid. Okay, uh - it's something new. I've never done it before. I didn't think I'd like it. At first I was a little sketchy about it, but I'm really glad I went through with it and gave it a try. Uhm, yeah, our relationship isn't truly perfect and it goes up and down like a rollercoaster, but for the most part, we're pretty happy with it. I feel like it's official - I hope. I guess that's why I'm going public with it. That boy's like a drug to me. If he charged me 10,000 dollars  to f*** him, I would start selling all my sh*t just to keep f***in' him. That's basically how that goes.

11. Does this mean you have a thing for guys too?

Felix: No. I'm sure that if anything happens between me and him, I'm sticking to girls. Probably will go back to my old ways.

12. Oh okay, I understand. And would you care to tell us a little more about him?

Felix: His name is Gabriel and he's a vampire. [Laughs]

13. Haha, okay. So, I think this is taking longer than I planned it to be. The boyfriend thing just came as such a surprise. So I'm still curious about that. How's your sex life with Gabriel?

Felix: Phenomenal. And that's all you need to know.

14. Any sexual fetishes?

Felix: I like being tied up sometimes. Feeling some sort of pain. I f***in' love aggressiveness. But, using whips and chains is just too planned for me. You have to stop and look for sh*t. I really prefer them using their hands. And by 'them' I mean Gabriel. [Chuckles] I'm a sado-masochist. I like to receive pain as much as I love to inflict it.

15. Submissive or dominant?

Felix: With girls? I'm really dominant. But, with Gabriel - it switches once and I while, but 99.9% of the time I'm submissive. I didn't realize I could be until he recently came into my life. I have no problem with it. As long as I'm getting f***ed.

16. Right, that's all that matters. Well okay, I think that's all I'm gonna bother you with. Is there anything else you'd like to say before I close this interview?

Felix: Hail satan.

And there you have it. We've found out a lot more than what we thought we would. He's off the market girls... and guys. Will we ever see his mystery 'vampire' boyfriend? I'll be keeping an eye out. Maybe we can interview him and he could spill the beans about something hot and steamy for us to revel in. Until then, this has been Izzy Noire from Vive Le Rock! And in Felix's words - hail satan.

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