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September 27th, 2023

Gender: Male
Age: 27
Sign: Sagittarius
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September 21, 2023


09/21/2023 10:39 PM 

Son Of The Void

Name : Damien
NIcknames: Son Of The Void, Abbadon,  Caretaker, Hitman From Hell, Lucifer's Nightmare
Race : Void Born Creature
Brief History
Damien was born in the Void eons before the creation of Hell. Damien was floating around in the vast empty for several eons before the Devil was cast into hell and there he was placed in charge of the vast empty as well as care of the creatures of Hell.  Damien was named a Prince in Hell but also a hitman given free access to the human world by Lucifer to carry out his work and take out those that Lucifer wished to see gone. Damien has traveled the earth since the dawn of the creation of man and has taken many forms. From wolves to birds, bats, and even humans. The creature has traveled the earth for all of it time and has now lived inside of a Youtuber named Markiplier where at night Mark sleeps and Damien goes to do his job. Angels in heaven are very aware of Damien's activity but know if they touch him or are found by him, their lives will end just as easily as a human. Damien was dangerously good at his job with the specialized gun he was given. Damien does not like other demons or them getting in his way, there seems to be a more annoying demon that has suddenly appeared and refused to leave him alone. A demon he has never seen before a Virus.

Demonic Form - When in his natural form he stands a monstrous dragon-like creature with scales as dark as the night and eyes that glow with flames of Hell. The creature is said to be able to withstand even attacks from Gods and Goddeses

Mental Blocking - He can shield his mind and or others from attacks

Demonic Shout - His shout can shatter a building

Demonic Lordship over Hellish animals- Caretaker of Animals and creatures of hell, Damien is very good at controlling and being a ruler over the animals of hell itself. 

Omniversal Killing - Has been alive long enough to know how to kill just about anything and everything he has ever crosse paths with


Host - His host can be killed and destroyed
Holy Objects of God himself - Can greatly injure him
Michael's Blade - Can dissolve him back into the void but Not kill him
Lucifer - Lucifer directly can command Damien
Holy Places- Places of worship can weaken Damien
Mental traps - Mostly done by Hosts this keeps Damien from coming out whenever the host doesn't want him to

Children - Nightmares And Furies, Stolas the Owl Demon Of Astronomy
Lovers, NA, Many demons have tried to sleep with him but none succeeded
Animals - All of Hell's animals, his favored ones are Dragons and Snakes as well as Wolves and Owls

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