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what's in your phone?


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Flaunt- The Bare Essentials

What happens when you mix bare-bones style with sheer audacity? You get Ender Rhodes Flaunt-style. Fans had already fallen for the Rhodes look when the singer-songwriter showed up on the cover of Flaunt magazine, sporting little aside from some pendants and skull jewelry for men. Now he's as much as a fashion icon as a multi-talented artist.

Fans may remember the former Disney star as the youngest brother in the successful pop trio Rhodes Brothers. Ender Rhodes is the definition of sex appeal in the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine. The 26-year-old singer channels Mark Wahlberg’s famous Calvin Klein ads from 1992 in the steamy shirtless pictures. Rhodes stares at the camera and bites his lips as he drops his ripped jeans and grabs his crotch for effect. In the interview, Rhodes tells the magazine he wants people to have sex to his music.

“I really try to be aware of the purpose of each song,” said the Rhodes Brothers vocalist. “There are songs on my record that I want people to have sex to, and songs people can listen to when they’re pissed off. And I think that’s the beautiful thing about music: that in those moments, you hear it and it elevates the scenario.”

On the cover, Rhodes gives the camera bedroom eyes and flexes his abs — something he’s been working on lately. Rhodes packed on 15 pounds of muscle in two months through twice-daily cardio and strength training sessions followed by six to seven hours of MMA training.

"I'm the kind of person that loves a challenge and I had reached a point right before it when I was just ready,'' he said. "My grandfather, who I was really close to, passed. And right after that everything fell into line. I feel like he was orchestrating all of it, which is really kind of special.''

Rhodes girlfriend, socialite Savannah Kendrick, also helped keep him motivated through the grueling workouts, despite some heckling from his famous family. "My brothers were kind of making fun of me a little bit as I was doing it because I was getting really big,'' he said.

He said his buff new image is just a piece of his career reboot. Rhodes' new music is also a departure from his purity ring, boy band days: Though he has released albums apart from his brothers in the past, on his new album he's singing mostly of love and lust. Rhodes channeled soul and R&B flair from some of his favorite artists like Stevie Wonder, Prince, Lionel Richie and the Bee Gees.

"When the band broke up we all went off and did our own thing. Reece started DNCE, Caleb started a family, and I started my solo career. We all kind of went through some sh*t. But now here we are, back together. Touring. Having the time of our lives."

When asked about fatherhood Rhodes had this to say.

"I absolutely love being a father. It wasn't something I really saw myself as but I wouldn't change it for the world. My daughter is my pride and joy."

You can catch Rhodes Brothers on the rest of their North American tour before they take a two month break and head across the pond.

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march 2021

Staring at the documents in his hand there was no way this was happening. A court order to determine paternity. "What the f***" he muttered. Looking from the paperwork to his lawyer. "It's court-ordered, Mr. Rhodes. You have to comply." "Yeah but I mean . . . This isn't the first time-" "She claims to have photographed evidence that you two have been . . . intimate and have corresponded". The older male pulled photocopies from the envelope sliding them across the desk. There in full color was Ender and this mystery woman in compromising positions. The memory of photos being taken was very foggy to none. The only memory that was there was waking up in the morning was a raging headache, having what he thought was a used condom still half hanging on, and the phone call to his security to pick him up. He had looked through their messages afterward but like everyone else she was nothing but a memory. There was nothing to panic about. "Take the test and when it comes back that you aren't the father we will go from there. Don't worry Mr. Rhodes. We will handle this."

Ten days later he was called to come into the office once again. "We have the results, Mr. Rhodes." Ender nodded, signaling him to open the envelope. Clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth his lawyer pulled the papers from the envelope, scanning over the documents. Ender watched his face for any signs of what the results were. Taking his glasses from his face his lawyer sighed "We have a predicament on our hands Mr. Rhodes. it seems. According to this you are the father of two-month-old Everly Rose". Everly Rose, at least she chose a beautiful name for this little girl. "I . . . what?"

Telling his parents wasn't going to be easy. Reece was the f*** up, not Ender. It should be Reece calling a family meeting, not him. Reece telling his family he got some girl pregnant and has a kid, not Ender. Leg bouncing as he nervously took a drag from the cigarette, his filthy hidden habit. "You really shouldn't be smoking" Caleb's voice made Ender jump. It was no secret that the -insert age- enjoyed a cigar from time to time but the cigarettes were something else, something that only happened when nothing else could calm his nerves and he needed to be sober, a cigarette was it this time. "Mom and dad here?" Asher nodded. "Mom's making tea. Reece said he'll get here when he gets here. In Reece land that's in the next ten minutes. You okay little brother?" Caleb sat down next to him, placing his hand on his shoulder.

"I uhm . . . I f***ed up." He murmured. The snort Reece let out made Ender look up from his hands, sending his older brother a glare. "Yeah Reece, I f***ed up. Sounds great doesn't it?" The anger towards his brother started to rise, the nervous feeling in his chest turning to rage. The hand on his shoulder from their mother, calming him a little. "What happened, sweetheart?" Her voice was always so soothing. "I uhm . . . I . ." God this was hard. Taking yet another deep breath, it was now. "I found out two weeks ago that someone I slept with last year." His mother unintentionally gripped his shoulder. "What she gave you an std?" Reece snorted as he laughed. "Reece." Their mother said in her motherly warning tone. "Go on, sweetheart." Ender nodded. "I don't have an std. But about a month and a half ago she gave birth and demanded a paternity test be done. The results came back yesterday. I'm the father to a little girl." After a few moments he looked up at his mother. "I'm so sorry." He could see the disappointment in her eyes. The cackle Reece let out was quickly shushed by their father who at this point hadn't said a word. "Reece Adam Rhodes." His voice boomed through the silence. Looking from his mother to his father he took a deep breath. "She'll be here in about an hour to meet her."

Time seemed to stand still. Ender sat beside his mother picking at the skin around his nails. Somehow their father convinced Reece to not say anything else. The doorbell chimed through the silent house. Ender looked at his mother who immediately got to her feet rushing to the door. Behind the door stood his lawyer, another woman, who Ender later found out was his daughter's mother's lawyer, and a petite blonde holding a car seat. They were quickly ushered into the house. Before any words were spoken his lawyer pulled out a stack of documents. "Nondisclosure forms and such". He handed the paperwork to the other lawyer, her nodding her head as she read them over before handing them to the blonde to sign before being handed to Ender to sign. The trust he had in this man, he immediately picked up a pen and signed them. After a couple of moments the blonde took the small child from the car seat. Ender eyeing her as she did. He vaguely remember her. Without a word she handed the infant over to him. In an instant, he fell in love. Looking down at this tiny thing in his arms looking back up at him. "She's beautiful" he whispered.

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