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Activity: By now, you've heard it a million times, but this group cannot thrive without active members. Sedona will not run with any point system to limit the daunting pressure of accumulating several points. Instead, we will ask our members to participate in bi-weekly tasks. We hope these will be ways to look into your characters creatively and help them grow and thrive.


Drama: This should go without saying, but keep any drama strictly in character. We understand that not everyone will get along, and it is optional to write with every member, but you will respect each other.

Inclusivity: This sadly needs to be addressed. In Sedona, we are welcoming and engaging with everyone. Whether it's through active storylines, or simple conversation in the server, make sure that you are interacting with everyone. No one likes the feeling of being left out. It's as easy as saying hello or good morning in the server. Liking or commenting on someone's post on the stream. 


Social: Discord will be required for entry into the group. This is a quick way for staff to relay messages and announcements and a playground for members to chat, banter, and socialize. You are welcome to have other socials on the side, such as Line, Pinterest, or Instagram, but Discord is required. 


Writing: Sedona members will be required to have four active storylines. We ask that you keep track of these storylines with an owes list visible on your profile or linked in a blog. Please keep these updated; they will be checked with the due tasks. We believe in quality over quantity. Sometimes, a single paragraph is sufficient for storyline progression, but please don't make this a habit. Give your fellow members something to go off of, and keep writing pieces to three paragraphs at a minimum.


Characters: Currently, we will not allow members to have multiple accounts within the group. We ask that all members be 18+ and are mature enough to handle any triggering themes that may arise. We welcome all faceclaims, but please make sure if you're using Instagram models, they are a sufficient amount of content for you to use. Finally, any changes to your character must be communicated with staff before changes are made.


Marriage & Children: If you are joining with someone else, please answer appropriately in the audition form. If you are joining with children or are pregnant, please inform us in the audition form if you use specific FCs for them and their names. That being said, make sure you look at the information to see if anything has already been taken. Once in the group, if your character wants to partake in a life-changing event, engagement, marriage, pregnancy, or adoption, please inform staff before changes are made.


Layouts: Members will be required to have a page on site. We will not need a heavily edited layout, but a complete character bio and an owes list will be required. Please use these pages to house any tasks presented in a blog or bulletin. We will also heavily encourage using status stream for in-character posts. 

If you read these rules and acknowledge the expectations, please sign below with your favorite Halloween candy.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Village of Oak Creek (2/6)

The Village of Oak Creek is a laid-back residential community with outdoor attractions like Cathedral Rock, a soaring red rock landmark with trails and far-reaching desert views. Hiking and mountain-biking trails also wind around the Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock formations. Upscale golf resorts pepper the area, and State Route 179 is lined with casual restaurants, pubs, cafes, and shopping plazas.
West Sedona (1/6)

Residential West Sedona is full of cafes, casual American and global restaurants, trendy boutiques, thrift stores, and the Sedona Artist Market, showcasing local crafts. Hiking trails loop around the rugged slope of Airport Mesa and to Sedona Airport Overlook, a popular sunset viewing spot. At the foot of Thunder Mountain, Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park features Buddhist shrines and meditation sites.

Uptown (4/6)

Uptown is Sedona’s liveliest area, so it can get crowded in the high season, especially since the city’s festivals are often centered along Main Street. Here, restaurants serve Southwestern and high-desert cuisine, while boutiques offer everything from Navajo rugs to healing crystals that blend into the natural landscape. The streets get sleepier after dark, but some pubs and saloons are open as late as midnight on weekends, offering live music, a DJ or karaoke.

Tlaquepaque (1/6)

Tlaquepaque is known for its cultural highlights – with art galleries, concert venues and craft markets located throughout the area. It is also a great place to enjoy some hiking – with two fantastic trails along the Oak Creek river starting in the area! Tlaquepaque is within walking distance of Uptown Sedona, and is well connected to Chapel and Oak Creek by public transport. For first time visitors, Tlaquepaque is a laid back and central destination with plenty of facilities.

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Audition Form

Out of Character Questions:

  1. Why are you interested in Sedona?
  2. What are you hoping to see in Sedona?
  3. Are you filling a role or joining with someone?
  4. Are you joining pregnant or with children? (Be sure to list names and playbys you'll be using)
  5. Discord handle?


In Character Questions:

  1. Name:
  2. Playby: Please be sure you checked the taken blog. 
  3. Age/Birthday: (Must be at least 18)
  4. Hometown:
  5. Neighborhood Choice:
  6. Secondary Neighborhood: Just in case
  7. Social Media Handle:
  8. Occupation: Be specific and if they are hiring.
  9. Two Positive Traits | Two Negative Traits:
  10. Brief Bio: Please keep this to two paragraphs.
  11. Three bucket list items: These can be anything your character wants to do or see before their time is up.


Please provide a sample. Currently, we are accepting any sample that is a minimum of two paragraphs. 

09/17/2023 01:01 PM 

Taken Information

Knight [x2]
Philips [x2]
Alexandria Daddario
Danielle Campbell
Olivia Holt
Romee Strijd
Phoebe Tonkin
Danie Sharman
Gavin Casalegno
Paul Wesley
Deja Brew- Starlee: Owner/Barista
Shrek's Swamp- Cameron: Owner
Marvel Comics- Zachariah: Lead Illustrator
Brooks Mechanic Shop- Atlas: Owner
Tator Tots Horse Ranch: Tatum: Owner

Freelance Investigator/Profiler- Lu
Tiktok Influencer/OF Creator - Rachel
Social Media Blogger- Remington

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