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From the Desk of Madame Mayor

Please read over these very carefully. These are very thought out and I keep to them. They are also heavily inspired by Power Lust who gave me her permission to do this. Thank you! So read over and let’s keep this a fun and safe place for everyone. I’ll also try not to keep this super long but I love words and do apologize in advance.


Thank you,

Appletini Regina Mills


1-I am a vet Regina writer. What does this mean? Simply put this is not my first time writing as her. I am also a 21 plus writer meaning if you are 18 or younger I probably won’t write with you. I will support you as a writer, share your drabbles and comment them but for the reasons of being, I prefer you to be at least 21 plus.


2- I hate this rule I really do. But as someone who recently had to experience drama herself on my last Regina page which was deleted, I will not tolerate anymore. Everyone here deserves their page to be a safe place where they can relax. You are allowed to keep, delete or remove someone from your life. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for it either. Sometimes we don’t like someone or don’t vibe with them and you do not have to keep them around just because they are friends of friends. Also if you happen to be deleted from my page, please don’t re-add me with other accounts because I’ll delete those and block. Also, I don’t want to hear any she said/he said crap either. Even if it’s about me. I don’t care. I’m here to write, edit and have fun.


3-Timing. My time varies. I’m currently job hunting and that takes up most of my day, filling out apps and such. When I get an actual job this rule will be edited. But right now I’ll have more time to write and be here. But at the same time? Don’t expect to bombard me. If I’m online sometimes I’m just reading a book, talking to someone or even writing a story or some replies. I could also be editing for fun or my design site. Don’t pester. I’ll get to you when I can. Also there are days when my mental health suffers and I don’t want to be on here but I am and I am very selective. My Discord status will reflect that as a warning.


4-I used to give out my Discord but now it’s a get to know you first. Once I decide if we vibe well and get along I’ll end up giving it out.


5-Yes I do edits for friends. But don’t expect me to churn out all your edits and gifs. I don’t mind helping if I can, but please be respectful. Also if I make you something please use it. It’s disheartening to see something you make with love go unused.


6-Replies. If we are writing together please be patient. I will get to our story I promise. You can politely ask me if I’m still interested and I’ll let you know that I am. It’s just my mind is like a fishbowl with a lot of swimming fish and I get easily distracted.


7-I Do not ship Robin and Regina. Sorry, don’t ask. I’m also a multi ship writer, so don’t get jealous. I ship with chemistry. I also will not write Hook and Regina together unless I really vibe with the said writer, please be respectful of my decisions. My favorite ships? I LOVE the idea of


8-I play Regina pretty much as is with a few cannon tweaks that I shall be coming up with. I do like Madam Mayor so that’s how I write mine a lot. I also love Evil Queen as well. I will even do Ronnie from the last season as well once I see that one. I am also working on a way to bring her into the modern day world as well.


9-My writing is multi para. I only do one lines in stream banter/rp which is my personal love language. I won’t write back in one liners because I am a descriptive writer who loves to take you with me.


10-I will write with any Henry who adds me. I love the relationship of Henry and Regina. That being said if you are a child of Regina and So and so, I probably won’t write with you and don’t take this personally—but I will share you out, support you and read your drabbles. I have a past issue with Regal kids, so. The only kids my Regina accepts as her own of course are Henry, her son and Roland as a mother figure. For the Robins please don’t use this as a way to worm into my Regina. I just like how they care for Roland.


11-While I love to talk about stories with other people do not be one of those who are like “do you have ideas” and never contribute. That’s annoying. I have plenty of ideas, but I expect you to add something to it. Otherwise it’s not going to happen.


12-Good vibes is all about it here. Peace and love, man. Glitter parties you know?


13-I do accept original characters. I love creativity. Now if you’re a child of so and so please make it make sense.


And I think that’s it! Sorry that it took so long to read, but I hope it’s informative.



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