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05/26/2023 01:04 PM 

The rp ideas i like to do.

Idea One: Our Charaters have been dating for a 2 years. The live together in his family home. One night Mia was home sick and Your Charater went to a party and got a bit to drunk and cheated on Mia with another girl at the party. One of Mia friends had vidoe it and so Mia leaves him finding her own place. 5 months later Later Your charater goes to a his favorite food place with his new girl but Mia was there as well with a 5 month pregnant belly. Mia tires to hide from Y/C but they see her and knows its his baby he fights to get her back and he gets very controling and abusive to Mia. He forces her to move back in with him. 

Idea Two: Y/C had lost a wift and child from young adults being drink and driving and they hit them. On the day of court the Driver was Mia and her father had money and paid her way to get out of going to jail. So Y/C gets angry and kicnapps M/C and locks them down in the basment of Y/C home and made M/C become pregnant and to become his wife. (Would like to add that this idea is inspired by Dont Breath the movie)

Idea Three:  Our Charaters are best friends and we go to a party and Y/C has had a crush on mine so long that Y/C drugs M/C then has their way with her and a few months later she finds out she is pregnant and comes to tell Y/C not knowing how it happen. Y/C is a bit crazy thinking they are dating and wants to date M/C knowing its his baby. 

Idea Four: Y/C has been stalking M/C for the last few months and has a key for M/C house. Y/C has been watching her cycle when it was best for her to become pregnant and when its time he snecks into her home and drugs her a bit just so she cant fight and has his way with her then he moves himself into her home making her let him stay giving her pregnacy test and when he finds she pregnant he is over joyed. 

Idea five: Y/C has a Pregnacy kink and has been going to mommy and Me classes to watch the pregnant girls. A few was talking and Y/C over hears M/C say that she is homeless and not sure what she plans on doing so you come up and say you have an extra room in your home and she can stay with you there. Once she at your home you take control her and not let her do anything heavy lifting and make her eat heathly foods and hardly any junk food. You also love to drink her breast milk. 

If you dont like any of these we can come up with something else but i will say Dark and Mature are my favorite and im not into lovey dovey romance. 

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