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11/18/2023 07:04 PM 

About Donations and Charities

Good day, fellows!
I am very aware that some of our people here on the site as well as people and families from your real life start to struggle even more now that the holidays are coming.
I am not a religious person anymore however I feel what is out there and how the market or the "spirit" of the holy days make you feel. Some of you also need to fulfill some obligations.

I have done research through YouTube, Google, and personal experience to find platforms for USA and non-USA citizens that help raise funding. I posted it now and I hope there is still time for you to raise some money for your loved ones until Xmas and New Year!

Please, keep the purpose of your funding for serious reasons, be kind, and have a good pitch, with sincerity.
Spread the word, share, copy/paste i don't mind, I do not mind giving me credits or anything, just go out there and help even by word spreading you can do a lot.
If you know more valid platforms and info, add them here.

This is for clear funding

This is for funding projects and ideas

This is for getting back lost funds

This page is only for fundraising, any purpose or charity

Clearly funding site too

Another funding website

Funding for financial hardships

Fundraising for startups and ideas

Charities and personal causes

Personal fundraising

Small businesses, startups, and ideas


For charities and personal causes

Crowdfunding or collective financing platform (monetary contributions) and distributed collaboration

Can be added as links to blogs, websites, and social media


(All links have been tested by me and their functionality is valid, none is a scam or virus)

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10/15/2023 05:29 PM 

Where all the lost socks go (Narnia)

When we do our laundry we often discover that we lost a sock, the incident varies from time to time but the only item that ever is missing is....a sock, we know it well when we try to find and match all the pairs that we receive after the laundry is done and we are ready to set our clean clothes back to the drawers or closets.

But in all those years of searching and looking around the washing machine the chances that we found the lost socks are narrow. Perhaps, these socks were not lost, perhaps they wanted a path on their own....perhaps they wanted a divorce from their abusive sock partner...shocking, I know! What of the socks from the teenagers? Maybe they wanted just a little adventure. Let's go and see with a spy camera that I tangled among the socks that are about to enter the washing machine.

As the washing machine whirred, a mysterious vortex formed within its depths. Some of the socks tangled in the swirling currents, and found themselves escaping through a sudden opening portal, leaving behind the familiar world of laundry and entering the enchanted land of Narnia. They were thrown in a land where talking animals wandering around and beneath of ancient trees. 

In Narnia, the lost socks took on a life of their own. They became tiny, fabric creatures, capable of exploring the hidden realm. Some joined forces with woodland creatures to enter the magical forests, while others sought shelter in cozy cottages nestled under the roots of colossal trees, making their own home in freedom. The socks soon were welcomed by the talking Beavers, and Faunus who were sharing the tales of their origins.

But, as with all adventures, there were perils in Narnia. The lost socks encountered wicked witches and kings, princesses and all the the righteous residents of this enchanted realm. And so, in the mystical realm of Narnia, where some of the lost socks became heroes, their tales were written in the legends, ensuring that the laundry room remained a place of wonder and mystery for generations to come.

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06/05/2023 02:57 PM 

The Girl and the Violin

My creator was a strong man, a beautiful man of arts, yet he was always destined to remain hidden, crawling through the centuries like something sick, an abomination and condemnation yet when he gave me the Gift...as he called it, he said I should cherish it, that he chose me to be powerful, better. I believed him, he was a new god for me and I was about to be as well.

After a time of me as a newborn, I could no more hear the time making its changes inside me, I had no fears and I was feeling more alive than ever before. I would go back, with my knowledge and the powers, I could make everything work better...faster. I would help with progress and would be seen as a hope and a threat to our enemies, the war would stop and my family would be able to understand that the 'wandering son' was actually worthy and not a traitor who did not stand by their side.

How little I knew...
I planned it all so fast in my head, but the tragic reality hit my mind 3 days after my mentor was teaching me how to stay alive and the Vampire rules, oh yes, there were rules even after an ordinary human life, there would always be f***ing rules.
Why the creatures that breathe and walk this earth can never be truly free?
As humans, we have a constant strife of good and evil, Heaven and Hell, law and order.
As a vampire, I learned the hard way that I should hide from everyone, but not from myself.
That merciless judgmental person was me, and sometimes... the silence was my own judgment in the moments I needed the most guidance and a shoulder. 

After a long slumber, the new world gave me a chance that I gratefully grasped, taking the stage as a rock star, their newly found god, whose voice would tear the crowd and their ears, my voice inside their heads, my torture in the public.
You see I am not the only one.
So I wrote a song full of rage and tears, the ones my vampire eyes couldn't shed anymore...those tears were now crimson drops of impurity.

"Forsaken" speaks about many things among the others.
There is a haunting, as they say, to know the face of your victims or not see them at all if you are lucky enough.
I was full of joy and eager to learn, as I said I was hoping to do everything better.
My creator and I were walking at the seaside when I heard the most inspiring sound coming from a violin, of someone who was behind flames and I couldn't see their faces well. I had to go closer, the music felt like a call to my ears, it was echoing so deep inside me now that I was a vampire.
My mentor warned me, and forbid me to get to know them. But like every child who wants to see the world I did not obey.

I approached the source of my endless curiosity, my mind was not clouded by dark thoughts, only admiration as i realized who is playing. A daughter around the age of 20, skin...colored from the sun, and flawless, eyes reflecting the fire in front of me and yet it was like she could control these flames from her lively soul. My excitement led my fingers to the only available instrument near me, reminding me how I used to play in the good days. This was a different thirst, not for blood...but for a touch and a smile, a thirst to sit and play music with someone else, to drink and enjoy the company on a night like this, with the moon and the sea surrounding the magical scenery.

My nature soon made its own magic though... dark magic that makes people turn away and scream when they face what I am...when they don't know me...when they don't want to ever know me.
Things happen fast and from someone who was seeking a warm smile and a good word I ended up with a lifeless body in my bloody embrace, wondering why and how, unable even to pray...
Her sound will be always playing in the chambers of my emptiness, in this heart that does not beat but still feels, hears, and whispers: "Forgive me..."

You can find the tune of her violin living through the song and my voice.
And even after all these years, I managed to keep this violin alive at least, a wooden prison of my sin and a delightful friend to play music with.
Within this chaos, I found it amusing to present our hidden existence as a parody, because I find it pathetic how we hide and how people see us through myths and fake rumors.
You see I cannot be forsaken because my victims will never let me forget who I am and what I have done.
My eyes will always watch this image as a hopeful child, dreaming of giving life instead of death...


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