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03/28/2023 02:28 PM 

Let me go. - Drabble [MAJOR SCREAIVI SPOILERS]

Let me go.
"This is for killing Chad!"
"Sam!" Tara gasped out as she slipped, falling off the ledge of the second story balcony. Sam immediately turned around, grabbing her sister's arm. Although with Sam's arms covered in blood, she had a hard time keeping grip. Ethan was standing below, gripping a knife and jumping up to swing it at Tara's feet, laughing every time he got close. Tara looked up at her sister, her eyeliner running down her face from tears; most of which were from watching Chad get stabbed to death. She was devastated that he was gone. The two had finally admit their feelings for each other... and he was taken away from her. Her heart was broken.

Quinn came around the corner upstairs, a smirk on her face as she made her way towards Sam. She was holding her knife, looking way too enthusiastic about it. "I've always wanted to stick something in you, Tara," Ethan laughed from below as he swiped at her with his knife again. The words made her feel sick.

Tara stared up at her sister, heart racing in her chest as she tried to think of a plan. One came to her, but it wasn't going to be fun. She had no choice though. "Sam, you have to let me go," Tara said calmly. Sam shook her head protesting. "You have to. Let me go," Tara repeat, nodding her head towards the knife in Sam's belt. Looking at it Sam nodded. One of her hands let go of Tara to grab the knife, handing it to her before letting go with the second hand.

"It was easy to meet you. All I had to do was room with a conceited, condescending alpha, literally named Chad. F u c k it felt good to kill him," Words that Ethan had said during his Ghostface reveal continued to ring in Tara's ears. She clutched the knife in both hands as she fell to the floor, landing on her feet in front of the curly haired boy.

Stepping forward, Ethan stabbed Tara in the stomach with a laugh. "Got you," he smirked.

"No. I got you," Tara spat out, lifting the knife above her head. Ethan went to say something, and Tara shoved the knife into his throat. As he began to gag on it, a slight smirk crossed her own lips. "This is for Chad!" She yelled as blood spurted out and onto her face. Ethan tried to stab at her again, so Tara twisted the knife into his throat, causing him to gurgle. "Now die a f u c k i n g virgin!"

Pulling the knife out of his throat, Ethan coughed blood into Tara's face before falling to his knees. Tara watched him as a small laugh escaped her lips. It had almost felt good to kill him. Almost. Not that that was something she would want to admit, knowing it would make her sound crazy. The only reason was because he killed Chad. She hadn't felt good killing Amber the year before, she knew she shouldn't have felt good this time either.

03/22/2023 09:45 PM 

Another lost loved one? Drabble. HEAVY SCREAIVI SPOILERS.

another loved one lost?
"Core f u c k i n g four."
Climbing out of the ambulance after being patched up, Tara looked at the old theater sadly. Even through the night of terror, she'd somehow managed a happy moment in there. A moment that had soon been ruined when attacked by Quinn. After dancing around the will they, won't they with Chad the past couple of days, the two had finally shared a moment and kissed. For a few seconds Tara had felt safe and been able to forget about the murders now happening around them again. But of course, the moment couldn't last, and now Chad was dead. She felt sick to her stomach with grief.

Tara was so lost in her own grief, remember Chad getting stabbed. She had tried to run towards him, wanting to try to protect him somehow, but Sam had held her back. Of course she understood why Sam did it, not wanting Tara to get hurt anymore than she already had, but Tara was still upset she hadn't been able to help Chad. A few tears escaped her eyes, streaming down her cheeks.

"Tara... hey. What's wrong?" Sam asked after Kirby nodded her head towards the younger Carpenter sister.

Looking at her sister, Tara couldn't hold it back. Her lip trembled slightly, more tears cascading from her eyes. "It's Chad..." she choked out. She was about to tell her sister about their shared kiss, how happy he had made her.

"We've got another one here!" a voice from one of the paramedics rang out from the doors.

Tara looked over anxiously. Was it one of the three that tried to kill them, or... "Chad!" She gasped, a smile creeping across her lips again the second she saw him. She turned and ran over. "How did you..." she asked with a smile, he smiled back at her from behind the mask, holding up four fingers. "Core f u c k i n g four," Tara grinned happily.

Without even thinking about it, Tara lift the mask off his face and leaned in, kissing him. When she pulled away she let out a laugh, putting the mask back. "Sorry, you probably need that," she smiled leaning in to kiss his forehead this time. They were going to have a lot to discuss later about what exactly that kiss meant for their futures. But for now, she was just happy he had made it. She wasn't sure how he'd made it, but she was thankful.



03/19/2023 07:28 PM 

Bad Decisions; A Drabble. -Minor Scream 6 spoilers.

Similar situation. I wrote it slightly different. But it is a minor spoiler. No deaths or killers mentioned, so if you want to read you can. But it does play SIMILAR to a scene in the new movie.

bad decisions.
"just let me make my mistakes."
Tara had shown up at the Halloween party in a simple, but cute, Pirate costume. She had always loved the holiday and dressing up, but this year she hadn't gone out quite as much as normal. It had been a crazy year, plus having just moved out and started university she didn't have as much money. She was still happy with her costume, and was excited to go out that night. She felt cute, and was ready to let loose and have a few drinks.

Being away from Woodsboro was a start for Tara in her healing process. She was glad to be away from there, away from the constant reminders of the horrors her and her friends had gone through. Tara had lost almost everyone in just a matter of days, she was just glad to still have Sam, Chad, and Mindy. Without them, she wasn't sure that she would have been able to make it. However, she did wish that Sam would give her some room to breathe. She was sick of her sister treating her like glass, acting as if she was about to break at all times. That was why she hadn't even told her older sister that she was going to the party, and had snuck out while Sam was at therapy.

Half staggering through the crowd, Tara let out a sigh as she went to refill her cup, only to find the keg already empty. "Dammit! Are you kidding me?" she grumbled to herself. Although she hadn't been much of a drinker before, she had definitely started to since the murders. It was one of the few things that was able to distract her from the pain. Even if only for a little while.

"They are empty in the kitchen too. But I have some Fireball in my room if you want to come up," an unfamiliar voice rung out. Tara turned to face the man who spoke. He appeared to be a few years older, was taller, and had dark hair. She didn't recognize him, but she offered him a kind smile. Before she could respond, he smirked at her and offered her his hand. "The name is Frankie."

"Tara," she nodded, the smile still on her lips as she shook his hand. She was quiet for a moment, pondering the decision. The old her would never take a stranger up on such an offer, even drunk. But, wanting more alcohol, she nodded her head. "F u c k it, yeah let's go," she agreed. If Tara was sober, she would know the smirk on Frankie's lips only meant one thing. Trouble. The alcohol was definitely effecting her judgement. Tara had never been the type of girl to sleep with someone she didn't know. Hell, she hadn't even with someone she did know yet. Still standing close and looking up at him, she nodded her head, "lead the way."

Taking her hand, Frankie lead her through the crowd, pulling her away from Anika who he could hear was calling her name. Tara however, had not heard her friend's voice as she had been too distracted by someone in a colorful Ghostface mask. "Tasteless," she thought silently, disgusted people still thought that was okay. All she wanted was to forget that mask, forget all the killers that had ever worn it. But it was impossible to escape. If it wasn't someone wearing the mask, it was people making comments about it online; or sometimes even in person. There was always something.

Thoughts were suddenly broken when, as they were halfway up the stairs, she heard Chad's voice ring out. "Hey, partner. Tara's good down here."

"Sorry mate, I didn't catch that," Frankie's ego showing in his words, acting as if he deserved to get the girl.

"You heard me buddy. Leave Tara alone," Chad spoke, an annoyed laugh escaping his lips. It was easy to see that this guy was trying to intimidate him, but he wasn't going to back down. Not when Tara was in danger.

Tara's cheeks flushed at the words, embarassed he caught her sneaking off. Although she hadn't admit it outloud to anyone yet, she did have feelings for Chad, but she never thought he'd feel the same way. She figured he just looked at her like a sister. So in that moment, she was annoyed he was stopping her from going up there and making a stupid mistake. "No, Chad, it's okay," she spoke softly, walking down a few stairs towards him again. She gently put her hands on his shoulders as if this would help him believe her words. Being on the steps, she was actually eye level with him, so she locked eyes. "I want to."

Chad didn't even have time to respond before Frankie, with his sick smirk, stepped towards her again. "See, Chad, the lady said she is fine. She doesn't want you," he said, putting extra emphasis on Chad's name as he grabbed Tara's wrist, yanking her backwards. This caused her to stumble, falling back onto the steps.

As she groaned out an 'ow,' Chad rushed in. He grabbed Frankie, pulling him off of Tara and down to the bottom of the stairs. Chad pushed him away, staying between Tara and the strange man. His right hand balled into a fist, ready to hit Frankie if he made a move for her again. While the two guys were fighting, Tara tried to scramble to her feet. "Guys, please stop," she begged as they began to push each other, swearing back and forth.

"Guys, stop!" Tara repeat herself, finally balancing herself out. She walked over, grabbing Chad's arm to keep him from swinging at Frankie. What she didn't notice was Frankie was about to hit Chad, and ended up missing him as Chad turned to look at Tara. Instead, Frankie's hand connected with Tara's jaw, causing her to loose her balance once more and stumble back into Mindy and Anika. The two girls grabbed her shoulders to keep her upright and make sure she was okay.

Of course, Sam had walked through the door just in time to see her sister get hit. Both her and Chad's faces were red with anger as if ready to kill the older guy. Before Chad could hit Frankie, Sam stepped between them, clutching her blue tazer tightly in her hand. "This is for hitting my sister you d i c k!" she yelled, clicking the button as she punched him in the groin with it.

Embarrassed by the whole ordeal, Tara pushed away from her friends, making her way outside. Tears stung her chocolate hues as she began walking down the road, completely ignoring the calls of her sister. One of her hands reached up, brushing away the tears as she picked up her pace. All she wanted now was to get home and lock herself away in her bedroom.



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