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June 10th, 2024

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March 05, 2023


01/04/2024 04:17 PM 

Kudos Mate
Current mood:  adventurous

"We are here at the moment that we all been waiting for the AUF
grandest stage of them all the one they called WrestleMania,
AUF celebrating 15 years of AUF and Wrestlemania wow, i am shocked
that I wasn't part of any of them but now i get to be part of them as
i will take on the so devious and arrogant Baron Corbin and his lovely
manager the one they called Talia Al Ghul, they always causing trouble right? They always want to torment me and wanting to play the game
of two on one, always all the time as he cheats to win i know i am no saint on those games but this time i want to play fair and win matches fairly it is so ludicrous that you keep cheating to win not cool mate, not cool at all. That my friend, game over for that i finally found myself a tag team partner who will take on you and Talia i am prepared to take you on but the question now is mate are you ready to take me on?" has a serious look on his face as he stared directly at the camera.

"I finally made it, I am proud to say i am going to be part of WrestleMania this year though is a mixed tag team match no big for me i plan to steal the show and put Baron Corbin in his place. Him and Talia been pulling dirty tactics playing shady you know what games are over I am done with this little games I am not playing anymore Baron." as he says with confidence in his eyes as he shown training and working out "I put allot of effort in this getting here in AUF i finally made it and i am not going to let Baron Corbin ruin it for me." 

They show a scene where Lorna Dane got her hands all over Talia "My strong headed tag team partner for WrestleMania what can I speak about Lorna Dane the beautiful New Gen women's champion, got to say she is a strong woman and knows how to back it up in the ring much respect for her and the other women in the roster i think they work hard just as the guys do and deserve some respect in their names i gladly would speak on it and put some respect on the names of the women of Thunder SmackDown kudos and respect for them." Will applauded as he smiled 

Scenes shown as he and his stable made their debut on Thunder SmackDown
"I and my mates may be the new guys on the block but guess what, we maybe
the new guys here but we are making our way to the top and rising up that our motto
here we going to the top together, helping each other and being like brothers looking
out for each other that what we are a family that sticks together we are like bandits."
chuckled as he smiled "Yep we the bandits of AUF."

As he catches his breath "Also dear Baron Corbin,
let make one thing clear here mate i am not, will never
be your young boy? Where do you get this idea from that pea brain of yours?
Are you mental demented mate? Are you out of your damn mind."
holds his hand out "Time for an audience Baron 1 i will never be your young boy
because i said so, 2 i don't like you, 3 you are a very detested human being 4
nobody likes you on the roster you are so greedy mate, 5 you are so self center
not even i am like that i think you are so egotistical that i even think you are obsessed
with yourself right mate? Are you narcissistic? You need to check on that mate with a
doctor or whatever it is. Check on it you need help." 

Nods his head "And also Talia getting sticking her nose where don't belong
helping you win matches for you she such a big aid for you really mate you done
it there, the one on two numbers where you both love to cheat and be shady is over
games of shady are over i got some back in the current New gen women's champion.
Lorna Dane, the odds are now even up on the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania
where us two will take on you and Talia in a intergender tag team action mate i can't wait
to get my hands on you and get some payback and it is going to be devine when i defeat you for all that you caused me through the start of this year."

"Once that is said and done i look forward to moving onto bigger
things that become a champion and prove my worth to the AUF universe
first take care the Corbin problem then move onto the title picture,
now is taking care some unfinsh business now." said with allot of confidence

"I said i was here to be the future of AUF, when i say something
i mean it when i say it i back it up and now i am backing up all the things
i said that the Prime Lions are taking over Thunder SmackDown we would take over
Raw Zone too but that will wait and can't wait to show the AUF universe what The Prime Lions are going to have in store for them."

claps his hands together, knuckles and all
brawl he is ready for whatever is thrown at him at
Wrestlemania as he is in it to win it and move forward
to championship gold "What next after Corbin let see
win some championships of course i know i am the current
European champion, but i want more when i want more
i get what i want and i plan on leaving victories and showing
the entire AUF universe who is Will Ospreay when i am
victories they will know that the future of AUF has

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