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03/23/2023 11:47 PM 

Additional Task 141

  In my house or with family and friends 
​​​​​​​ In loud places
​​​​​​​ In nature
​​​​​​​ France
​​​​​​​ China
​​​​​​​Either at work or with my brother sister-in-law and boyfriend or friends
​​​​​​​At the water
​​​​​​​ Not really sure
​​​​​​​I'm happy where I'm at
​​​​​​​ I don't want to think about that right now I'm happy where I'm at
​​​​​​​ Overseas again
​​​​​​​ At the ocean
 ​​​​​​​Germany or Spain
​​​​​​​ Nowhere
​​​​​​​ Gun range and Ocean
 ​​​​​​​With my Brother and sister-in-law and the other half
​​​​​​​ When it comes to my Father
​​​​​​​ Be able to grow up knowing my Father
​​​​​​​ Right now is great
​​​​​​​ Happy and possibly being a mom
 ​​​​​​​Old lady
​​​​​​​ Where I am is great
​​​​​​​Ocean or with family and friends
​​​​​​​With him and happy 


03/18/2023 04:47 PM 

Additional Task 140

03/17/2023 12:42 PM 

Optional Task 428

Lemonade or Sweet tea
Picnic or Berry picking
Tulips or Peonies
Spring pastels or Spring neutrals
Floral prints or Polka dots
April showers or May flowers 
Birds or Butterflies
Gardening or Hiking
Rain or Snow
Dance or Karaoke
Lavender or Rosemary
Cookies or Pies
Football or Basketball
Bunny or Chick
Strawberries or Blueberries
Travel or Stay home
Spring or Summer
Socks or Barefoot
Pink or Blue
Sunflowers or Daisies
Sun dresses or Overalls
Bumblebees or Grasshoppers
Rainboots or Sandals
Farmer's market or Greenhouses
Beach or Lake
Cocktail or Coffee
Skydiving or Scuba diving
Burger or Pizza
Morning or Night 
Spring cleaning or Go on a trip 


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