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July 19th, 2024

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February 16, 2023


08/26/2023 12:49 PM 


Preference of writing length:  Para, Multi Paragraph, Novella. One Liner and Semi Para rp responses bore the hell outta me so if you can't write more then semi para then I'm not the right connection for you.  Not Sorry.

Verses: Harry Potter including 7 of The  Movies minus Order Of The Phoenix, Crossovers: Not 100% open verse there are some verses i see Hermione involved in and crossovers that absolutely don't fit or make sense. Absolutely NO Smut Pages, Smut Pages can clearly go f*** off.

Responding to Greetings: If you're going to send me a premade greeting without a suggestive idea of for a plot included in the greeting I will respond of asking if you have a suggestive idea for the storyline plot. If you respond with that you do everything and anything you're ass is gone off the friends list. My Main Draco's writer is always safe of this rule, we have been writing together for a good while. Do Not and I repeat Don't f***ing greet me with Hey Sexy or some sh*tty flirty greeting, their asses will be removed and blocked pretty damn quick. If others don't include a suggestive idea for a plot for storyline and see me talking with others and not to you it's obvious that you didn't include a suggestive idea for a plot for the storyline so that's a you problem not mine. Own up to it.

LI Ship: Hermione's Heart Belongs to Draco in Both, meaning Hermione & Draco are together in Rp, and writers behind Myself and Draco are together in real life. If Others don't like that tough, others opinions isn't going to change how Draco | Slytherin Secret and I feel about eachother in real life or Rp.

Starters: I will send a few though that doesn't mean i will be sending one each single time. If have a workable starter then you're more then welcome to send my way, I write in both comments and messages, and FB Message Rp with Draco  

Replies: Please Don't Hound Me for Quick Type Replies, Hermione isn't my only page, Draco and I have more then one page together.


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