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05/25/2023 12:09 PM 

Rules of engagement.

Hi! First things first: This writer is NOT Shiv Roy. Please do not treat me personally like
her according to your feelings about the character. Nothing really more icky than that
and I will cut you off and stop interacting.

I'm not assuming you're ooc like your character,
I appreciate people doing the same.

Also: I do not have discord.
I do prefer onsite writing. Thank you.

Messages are for ooc talk and discussion,
comments are for banter/stories. I'm as old as Shiv 
and used to write on Myspace, and I like that style.
I'm not too much of a hard ass on this though, as long as
I know if you are ic or ooc regardless of where we interact,
you're all good.

002: I prefer multi-para writing. Nothing but respect to novella writers,
but I just do NOT have the time for it. I'll end up getting overwhelmed
and then I'll just never end up responding. Multi-para is best for
me AND you, so we can actually write and enjoy ourselves.

003: In terms of my friends list; I try to support others as much as I can
on the stream... Until of course I notice I'm not getting the same kind
of energy back. 

004: If you added me, please do me a favor and have some kind of storyline
in mind when you reach out to discuss. I have never had anyone on this
account come to me with a plot in mind, but I have had person after
person ask me to come up with a plot and it's a bit frustrating, especially
if the add was on the other person. No writer wants to have to do all
of the work and no, being the first one to say you want to discuss doesn't
really put very much effort into the storytelling, plotting process of it all. 

005: In terms of shipping: I'll only write shippy content with writers 21+.
No smut unless it is entirely IC: Meaning no, do not come to me to help
you write porn because you're frisky irl. At this time I'm leaning towards
multi-shipping, but if the chemistry is right and the writer is consistent, I'm
happy to change that to single ship.

006: No OOC drama, please. I try to be as friendly as possible, I'm not always on
'positive energy' and so sometimes I keep to myself to save other people
from that. I try to be as inclusive of others as I can. I may not always
have the social energy, but know I will get back to you when I can.

*** Will update as needed but these are the big ones! Thank you for your time.
Much appreciated.

xx, S

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