Elijah’s Lily; ♡

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February 7th, 2023

Gender: Female

Age: 26
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January 22, 2023


01/23/2023 02:16 PM 


Lily was born into money with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her parents used money to show love and never any affection. As an only child, life was very lonely. Her father was a very successful attorney for celebrities and politicians and her mother was a fashion designer. She was pretty much raised by the maids. During her teenage years, Lily turned to partying to make up for her sh*tty home life. Of course her parents never noticed. By the time she was 20 her life was headed down a dark path of addiction. She had tried just about every drug under the sun and stayed drunk most of the time. Thankfully, one day a stranger pulled her out of that dark place and put her on the right path. She never even got to thank this stranger properly and never got his last name, only his first. Lily is now a successful model and entrepreneur. She made it on her own without help from her parents or their names. In addition to her modeling career, Lily also ran a thriving cosmetics company and skin care company. She is still a carefree soul who loves to have fun, but knows her limits and who she can be around.

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