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Never Trust a Lion // Drabble

Her walnut hues scanned him. Trying to take in why he was here. Ser Jaime Lannister, Lord Commander of the King’s Guard. The one man in Westeros whom she hated the most. Granted he was the brother of Cersei and she had the Great Sept of Baelor destroyed by Wildfire that took her family from here, but Isabella still held him accountable for his sister's actions. ”I would like to see him. Please.” The lion spoke as his voice was soft. Daemon Targaryen was the one thing left from his daughter, Myrcella. Isabella did not want this man anywhere near Daemon. It was his own son that took from her the child she grew in her womb for one month. The child she was going to have with Aegon. Now, here stood the man who fathered that vile creature that took it all from her. She did not see what Aegon saw in this man that caused him to trust the Lion, but Isabella was not going to trust him as far as she could throw him. She already lost everyone she loved to the Lannister’s, and she was not about to lose her son to them as well. Yes, Jaime bent the knee in front of Aegon, Lancel, Jace, and her that night he arrived in Dragonstone with Tyrion, but Isabella wondered why he did this. His sister still had supporters in Westeros even though she was dead from the Sack. 


She began to circle the Lion, sizing him up. As if the hunter was now the hunted. What was his motive? Tyrion Lannister served the Dragon Queen, Daenerys Targaryen, but now he had also bent the knee to Aegon as well that same night Jaime did with the other members that were in Daenerys’ council as they all recognized Aegon as the true King of Westeros. “Isabella….if I may.” Jaime began as she stopped in front of him. Her arms crossed in front of her chest as she stared down her nose at him. “I know you have hatred towards my sister for what pain she has put you through, but Isabella I did not help her orchestrate this plan nor did I know what her plans were. If I had known she planned to blow up the Sept with every member of House Tyrell in there I would have stopped her. ” He said as Isabella listened to him. All she heard was words. “Your sister was a sweet woman and I was saddened to hear of her untimely demise along with your father and brother. However, I can assure you that I mean no harm to you, Aegon or Daemon.” Jaime said as he looked at her. He stepped towards Isabella as she stepped backwards. Arms still crossed as she raised an eyebrow. 


“I do not see what Aegon sees in you for you to have his trust. I know he does not trust easily, but I know that he has to see something worthy within you for him to trust you. I on the other hand hold a grudge against any Lannister. Your brother I do not consider a Lannister due to his Targaryen loyalty. If your sister and that usurper of a son you had did not take everything from me I might be a bit more inclined to trust you.” She snapped at him as he was a bit taken back by her words. “My son? How does Joffrey play into what my sister has done to you?” Jaime asked, wondering why she brought up his first born child. The one she wished she had poisoned. The one she wanted to have killed. 


“What has your son done? Your son was the first Lannister to take from not only myself but from Aegon the one thing I wish I had today; our child.” She growled as she stepped towards him. “Nobody was to have known about this because I would have been the one your sister would have pointed the finger at for his death. The death that now I wish I had seen through, but I would not have used poison.” Isabella growled as she walked towards him as he walked backwards. “Your son first raped me the night before his wedding to Margaery. He had a few too many drinks at the pre wedding ceremony that night. Do you not remember? He tried to get handsy with Sansa Stark. Remember?” She asked Jaime as he nods his head. “Well, instead of going to his chambers he found his way into mine, Ser Jaime.” Isabella said as she shook her head. “I remember laying there in bed only to be awoken by the creak of the door. The next thing I remember is his naked frame above mine fighting to tear the only fabric I had on from my frame but he failed. So he ended up pulling it up from my body. Exposing every inch of my flesh to his eyes. I can still see that sadistic smile on his face when I close my eyes. I also can still see everything that he did that caused me agony. Every ounce of torture that I endured he considered it gratification. I screamed because it hurt and I wanted it to stop, but my screams apparently fueled his desires to keep going to cause more pain. I was pinned to the bed like a common whore! His hand was gripped around my throat at one point! I can still hear the sounds he made. The grunts and the groans that came from his throat as he enjoyed torturing me as I laid there bleeding! I can feel his breath on his neck as he had his head on my shoulder to rest it there as he was hovering over me because his arms were giving out from being on top! The struggle to breathe from his hand wrapped around my throat at one point was too much causing me to pass out.” Isabella said loudly as she walked towards him. “Do you think I wanted this to happen? Do you think for one second that I enjoyed the pain he inflicted upon me?! Because I didn’t. I tried to fight my way through it and get him off of me so I could escape! But, I could not escape until after. I had to suffer through it all. Everything he did fueled my desire to kill him, but I didn’t.”


Isabella turned walking over to the desk as she stood there. The anger built within her as she spoke of this. Her hands gripped the desk as the color drained from her knuckles. From a dark red to white from how hard she was gripping onto the desk to keep from attacking him. “I was finally able to get away once he had his fill of me. Once I had awakened from passing out to see his naked body on his side in my bed beside me. I saw this as an opportunity to escape my chambers to my guards chambers, and when I told him what had happened he wanted to kill Joffrey then, but he didn’t. He went to my grandmother. She was the one who poisoned your son. It was because of what he did that caused your son to be killed. But what happened after the wedding that a part of me wished he had lived to see another day because the last thing he would have seen was the smile on my face as I drove that Valyrian steel dagger through his chest. Over and over again until every ounce of blood that was in his body covered the stone floor.” Isabella turned on her heels looking at the Lion. His face washed of any trace of color he had to hear her speaking of his son in such a manner. Who would have thought that Joffrey was capable of such things? Jaime did not. 

“That night after the wedding I had a sharp pain in my side radiating through my stomach. The blood began to hit the floor from between my legs. I was miscarrying my child. Mine and Aegon’s.” She began as her arms fell to her side as her hands clenched into two fists. “AEGON DID NOT KNOW UNTIL THE OTHER DAY AFTER YOUR ARRIVAL THAT I WAS WITH CHILD! I NEED HAD THE F***ING CHANCE TO TELL HIM HE WAS TO BE A FATHER! YOUR GOD FORSAKEN EXCUSE FOR A SON TOOK THAT JOY FROM US! THE EXCITEMENT I WISHED TO HAVE SEEN WHEN I TOLD AEGON WE WERE WITH CHILD WAS STRIPPED FROM ME!” Isabella’s voice rose as it sounded almost like a dragon screeching. The scream pierced throughout the room causing the doors behind Jaime to open as she saw two guards poke their heads in. “YOUR FAMILY HAS TAKEN EVERYTHING FROM ME!” She screamed at him. Jaime looked down as he did not know what to say in this moment to calm her down. She was right, his sister and now his son took her family and a child from her and Aegon. He was still appalled by his son's actions towards Isabella. Just the words alone of what happened caused a shiver to his core. He could not imagine what pain she endured. His eyes turned towards the floor as she looked at him. “Daemon is the one good thing out of all of this. I was given that chance to be a mother to a child that was taken from me by your son. Aegon was robbed of being told he was going to be a father by me. But he was blessed with the birth of his son with your daughter. If it was not for my decision in what happened you would not have your grandson nor your daughter. I was the one who chose to have the baby live. If it had not been for that choice they would have both been in the ground or burned in a pyre.” Her eyes narrowed in on him as he was getting uncomfortable. Isabella could sense this as she looked at him. 

“Yes, Daemon may be of Myrcella’s blood, but he is my son. Mine and Aegon’s. Daemon will be raised to know that I am his mother and that I love him. Unconditionally. But he will also be raised to know who Myrcella was. That she was his mother and that she loved him as well. We want him to know that. We want him to know who she was.” Isabella said, looking at him. “If you even think that I will trust you now then you are wrong. I will only trust you for as far as I can throw you. Which right now is not even that far.” Isabella looked at him as she crossed her arms. “I will never trust a lion.” She said as she walked past him out of the room. Leaving him in his own thoughts of what just happened.

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What if........... AU Drabble

“Please….I can’t loose you. Do not go.” She begged him as she held his hand close to her heart. “I cannot fathom the loss of you. We need you, Aegon.” Isabella said softly as she moved his hand to her stomach. She had finally told him she was with child. Their child. She was scared and she wanted him to stay with her. “I promise you that I will come back to you and our child. We always come back to one another no matter the situation.” Aegon said pressing his forehead to hers. “We were destined to be together.” Aegon said as he looked into her eyes cupping her face. “Go to Highgarden, it’s fortified and better equipped with the men to protect you. Better than Dragonstone and you know this and I know this.” Aegon said as he kissed her forehead.

The carriage moved along the Kingsroad that next morning. She sat in the seat with a handkerchief in her hands. She kept kneading it as she was anxious. Isabella did not want to be away from him. He was the one good thing to happen to her. Her family was killed in a shipwreck. The ship had hit some rough waters on the way to the Iron Islands for her sister Margaery’s wedding to Euron Greyjoy. Isabella however, she was supposed to be wed to Joffrey Baratheon, the boy king. While she was in Winterfell she struck up an alliance to help host the Dragon Queen and her men in Highgarden now that she was the Lady of Highgarden. Through this she was to wed Aeron Sand a sell sword in the Second Sons company from Essos. However, during her time in the Maesters study while there she discovered who he actually was, Aegon Targaryen, the son of Elia Martell and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Every Maester in Westeros had birth records from all over Westeros. Including Isabella’s. Even though she had already grown to love the man she knew as a bastard when she first met him her love for him knowing who he truly was never changed. Titles did not mean anything to her. If anything it showed her that he did not care if he was a prince or not. He was still a man.

They began to enter into King’s Landing along the Kingsroad. They had to get to the Roseroad to get to Highgarden, but they were stopped. “State your name.” She heard the guard. She looked out the small window and saw one of the King’s Guard, one of the company men who fell under orders of Ser Jaime Lannister who was the Lord Commander. “Are you looking for someone, Ser?” The man asked the soldier. He knew they were looking for her. She had sent a Raven a few days ago ending the betrothal to the boy king, and now they knew he would want her dead. If Joffrey could not have her nobody could.

“We are looking for the Lady Isabella Tyrell of Highgarden. His Grace is looking for her.” The man said as her guard watched him. “Well I can assure you that my wife, myself and child are headed to Lannisport to the market to trade some goods.” The blonde haired man said softly. The man of the King’s Guard noticed something about the carriage. It was not one that was common amongst common folk. He walked over as he began inspecting it. He looking into the carriage as he saw no one. “This carriage is empty. You said you were traveling with your wife and child to Lannisport! There is no one here!” The man drew his sword as Isabella took a tree branch and she got behind the man striking him in the back of the head. As soon as she did this the other soldiers from the King’s Guard showed up as one of them threw a bag over Isabella’s head capturing her.

Thrown to the floor the bag was removed from her head. She looked around as she knew she was in the lions den. She saw him sitting upon the Iron Throne. The woman to the left and the man to the right. Cersei and Jaime Lannister. The boy king Joffrey between them. “Do you think you could end our betrothal?!” Joffrey’s roaring voice rang throughout the Throne room. Isabella began to look away. She could not do anything at this moment. She was surrounded. ”Where is he?” Isabella thought. The plan was simple; Aegon with the help of his aunt and his uncle with the aid of three dragons, Second Sons, Unsullied and the Dothraki were to sack King’s Landing. And yet she did not see them busting in. “You are to wed my son. We need the army that you command and Joffrey needs a Queen and an heir.” Cersei said calmly as Isabella growled. “I will not marry that boy king!” She spat as one of the guards lifted her up by the arms. Joffrey had made his way down the stairs to look at her. “You are so beautiful…my little rose. So delicate and dainty and yet….” Joffrey stopped as he turned away for a moment. He turned back striking Isabella across the face as his fist made contact with her face. Her lip was beginning to bleed as he busted it. He grabbed her by the chin pushing her lips out looking into her eyes. “If I cannot have you I will ruin you so no one else will! You will be my wife and you will give me an heir. Then I will dispose of you like the whore that you are.”Joffrey growled as Isabella rose a brow. She looked down as she did not know what to say. Shaking his head he looks at Isabella and then punched her in the face. Again and again. She fell to her knees as she instinctively put her arm around her stomach. Joffrey noticed this motion. She had to be with child to do this. “You whore! You are with child!” He screamed as he motioned for the guards to pick her back up by the arms.

The fit of jealousy washed over Joffrey. She was with another’s child. He smirked as he then punched her in the stomach again. “That bastard is no more!” He screamed as he hit her again and again and again. The pain was too much for her. A noise emitted from Isabella as the guards let go of her as she fell to her knees yet again. She pulled away pulling her knees to her stomach wrapping her arms around her legs. Her child. Her precious child with Aegon. She was worried something would happen to it. Joffrey let into her over and over and over. Never stopping. She was bent over being held by the arms by his guards as Joffrey kept throwing punch after punch at her stomach. That was until the blood began to cover the floor at her feet. Once he saw this that sadistic smirk covered his face. He grabbed her once more by the chin looking into her eyes. “That bastard is no more.” He said as the hits to the stomach and now the blood that was coming from her was enough to make her loose consciousness.

She woke up on the bed as she looked around. Her dress had been discarded and she had been dressed in a night gown. The bandages were wrapped around her stomach area. She looked over and saw the blood soaked sheet. “What….what is in that blanket?” She asked as she worried about it. “My lady…please…” the Maester said as Isabella’s eyes glassed over. She moved to the side of the bed with her arm around her stomach from the pain. She slowly stood up as she was careful. She touched the bed as she moved towards the medical table. Her hand came up covering her mouth as she saw the small clothed object. She reached her hands down uncovering the object. A scream filled the room as she stumbled backwards. She began crying as the Maester rushed over helping her to the bed. “I am sorry my lady. When you came in you were already in the miscarriage. You had passed out from the pain his Grace put you through. I am sorry. I am.” He said helping Isabella down to the bed.

She sat there staring at the sheets. She was in pain. Anger. Rage. All she wanted was to wrap her hands around his throat and squeeze until the light left his eyes. She wanted to take his like. She wanted Cersei to suffer the loss of a child. The same feeling she was going through now. Joffrey took her chance at being a mother from her. He took that chance at being a father from Aegon. The doors to the infirmary opened as she saw a woman rush over to her. She looked familiar. She was one of the women who worked closely with Daenerys. “My lady…I must speak with you.” She said as Isabella rose an eyebrow. “My lady, her grace has sent me to you. Something has happened. There was a rock slide…” She began as she cut off. “Saera, what is it? What…where is Aegon?” She asked in a loud whisper as the maiden looked down. “The ocean took him.” She said softly as Isabella’s eyes began to water up. She drew her knees up to her chest hugging them to her. She was trying to not scream out. The loss she now experienced was too much. She had nothing to live for now. They took everything from her. The Lannister’s deserved to die. Each and every one of them. The only way she could think to do it was from within.

The next morning she stood there staring in the mirror. “You look beautiful, my lady. You are lucky to get to marry his Grace.” The woman said as she helped Isabella with the dress. She stood there emotionless as she stared into the mirror. Isabella wanted this to be over. She wanted to cry but she also wanted to scream. She felt like a animal chained down. She heard the knock at the door that broke her thoughts. “Leave us.” She heard as she saw Cersei in the doorway. Isabella stood there looking in the mirror. “You will be obey every word my son says. You will give him as many children as you can.” The lioness growled as Isabella glared at her. “I hope you all burn in the seven hells where you belong. You and your children.” Isabella glared at the golden haired woman as she shook her head. She walked past her to go to her funeral.

Walking into the Sept she carried the flowers in her hands. Emotionless she saw him standing there. That sadistic smile upon his lips as it took everything within her being to not turn and runway. She saw the guards on standby as she glanced around. She approached the Septon and Joffrey. She stood beside him as he reached his hand out to take her hand as she ignored his gesture. She did not want him to touch her, but she felt his hand grab her by the arm turning her to him. “Obey me or I will gut you right here.” He said sharply as Isabella growled. “Let it be known that King Joffrey of House Baratheon and Isabella of House Tyrell are one heart, one flesh, and one…” the Septon stopped as the screams filled the room as the roof of the Great Sept was destroyed. The rocks began to fill into the room as the dragons flew over head as their screeches could be heard. She saw Drogon fly over as the fire blew out of his mouth. She fell to the ground as she heard the doors in the back burst open as the Dothraki and the Unsullied began to fill the room.

”Where is she?” His voice filled the room as her eyes tuned in to it. It was him. His voice. She saw Aegon as she felt as though she was now having a dream. “No! Kill them!” Joffrey screamed as his arm wrapped around Isabella’s waist pulling her with him. “AEGON!” She screamed loudly as the prince stopped seeing her. The sword he carried turned to flames as he rubbed his hand along it. She had heard of this sword before. It was the very one that belonged to Azor Ahai. The sword symbolized that it would return with the Prince who was Promised. She now saw this within him. He was the Prince that was Promised. Before she could blink the blood splattered across her face as she felt something. His body sank down to his knees and fell forward. He was dead. The boy King was dead. She looked at Aegon as her arms instantly wrapped around his neck as she had jumped into his arms. She began to cry but it was a mixture of emotions from being sad, angry with Joffrey, upset and distraught. “I though I lost you. I thought I would never see you again.” Isabella said as Aegon pressed his forehead to hers. “We must go. Now!” He said as he pulled her by the hand out of the hole that was in the side of the wall.


The dragons flew over head as Isabella was put up onto a horse. Aegon climbed up behind her taking the reins in his hands. “Ya!” He said loudly as the horse took off through the streets. “Where are we going?!” She asked as Aegon was silent. He was planning to get her outside of the walls. He wanted her safe, and right now this was not the place. Passing through the gates the Dothraki that waited near by turned and followed Aegon to the top of the hill. They circled around as the horses came to a stop. Aegon dismounted his horse as the Dothraki circled them for protection. He helped Isabella down as she was in tears. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she cried. “You’re here! How?! They told me…” She began as he kissed her deeply. “All that matters is that I am alive. I am here for you and our…..” his voice trailed off as his hand was pressed to her stomach as he felt something. Bandages. His eyebrows furrowed as she began to cry as she shook her head. “How?” He asked as she sniffled to hold back the tears. “He hit me over and over in the stomach. I fell to the floor after the first punch and I wrapped my arm around my stomach. Due to this he sensed I was with child and had the guards hold me back up. He punched my stomach over and over until the blood began to pool at the floor.” She said as she wiped her face free of the tears.

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“I need the numbers for this war, Lord Tyrell.” She said sitting there at the head of the table. The older man rose a brow looking at the Dragon Queen. “Why do you want the Reach? We have always stayed neutral in war unless we are called upon by his Grace. My daughter is to be wed to King Joffrey in a few weeks, and as of now I cannot play host to a horde of Dothraki, an army of the Unsullied, a Dragon Queen with three large dragons and a company of sellswords. I do not have the resources to help feed and take care of this number of men!” He declared. Mace Tyrell was the current Lord of Highgarden as well as the Lord Paramount of the Reach. Every house in the Reach was a loyal bannerman to the Tyrell’s. His daughter, Margaery, was the soon to be Queen to King Joffrey Baratheon. “If I agree to playing host for your men, what will I gain out of this?” He asked softly.

Her purple eyes sized him up. She had not heard much about the Tyrell family. Only what Varys had informed her on. Lord Varys approached the table as he spoke to the woman himself. “Your grace, Lord Tyrell has a daughter. She is unwed to any man as of right now. Perhaps offering his hand to his daughter might help secure this alliance.” Varys suggested. Daenerys turned to face her nephew. To the world he was known as Aeron Sand. A member of the Second Sons from Essos, but within Daenerys’ council he was Prince Aegon Targaryen, son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Princess Elia Martell. “Securing a marriage alliance will be the best way to go with this. Margaery is to wed the boy king where as Isabella is young. Should anything happen to the Tyrell family excluding her she will command the Reach. Should Aegon succeed to the Throne he will also command the Reach through his marriage to Lord Tyrell’s daughter.” Varys said softly.

Daenerys looked at the man as she motioned to the blonde haired man who was her nephew to approach the table. “I propose a marriage alliance. My nephew, Prince Aegon to wed your daughter, Isabella. I have heard she is here in Winterfell.” Daenerys said as the man rose an eyebrow. “My daughter will not be a bargaining chip in this deal!” He declared slamming his fist down on the table. “Then I shall burn the…” she was cut off by Lord Tyrion. “May I suggest that you think this over, Lord Tyrell? Should something happen to your other daughter Margaery, you will have a daughter that can provide heirs to Highgarden.” He said as Mace rose his eyebrow. “I have my son who is the heir…” he began as Tyrion shook his head. “We know about Loras, my lord. There has been…..discussions about his *hobbies*. Should Isabella marry Aegon she will give birth to a new generation of Targaryen children should our queen not have any children.” Tyrion said. “Just…consider the offer my lord.”

The sounds of the music filled the room. Everyone was standing around talking, dancing or some where seated eating their supper. Her arms were outstretched above her head as she was twirling around dancing. “Have you considered my offer, Lord Tyrell?” Daenerys asked as she stood beside him. She saw the young woman in the center of the room dancing. “Is that your daughter?” Daenerys asked as Mace nods his head. Isabella stopped dancing as she was taking a breath as she giggled. She looked up as her eyes were met with an indigo shade meeting her gaze. She smiled brightly as he smiled at her. Daenerys and Mace noticed Isabella smiling. They both turned their heads to see Aegon smiling back at her. Mace rose an eyebrow as he saw his daughter and the prince looking at one another. “I accept the proposal. It seems as though the two would seem happy with one another.” He said.

She walked around outside as her eyes met the Weirwood tree. “My lady.” She heard from behind as she turned to see him again. Had he followed behind? She wondered as she rose a brow. She blushed as he approached her standing beside her. “I’m Aeron…Aeron Sand.” He smiled as he extended his hand to her. She took his hand as he lifts it to his lips keeping his eyes on her dark hues kissing the back of her hand. “Isabella.” She smiled as he nods his head. He finally knew her name. The one name he had heard at the meeting with her father. The woman he could possibly be wed to. She was beautiful. Her long dark hair and dark eyes with ivory skin. “You are Lord Tyrell’s daughter, correct?” He asked as she nods her head. “Yes, I am.” Isabella said as she turned and he follows beside her. “What brings you to Winterfell?” He asks as Isabella looked ahead. “My mother’s mother was a Karstark so I am here for the wedding. Yourself?” She asked. “I am here with her grace.” He said choosing his words carefully around her. Not knowing if she knew Daenerys had a nephew. Stopping she looked at his side as she saw the sword. “May I see your sword?” She asked as she smiled. Aegon rose an eyebrow. “My brother is a Knight of Highgarden, Ser Loras Tyrell. He taught me how to defend myself with a sword, and I like to see what different ones look like from all over Westeros.” Isabella smiled as he took the sword out of the scabbard. “Perhaps I should hold it. I would hate for you to get hurt." He lied. The sword only presented its self to the Prince who was Promised. He looked at Isabella as he held it out in his hands so she could look at it from a distance. "It has a saying in High Valyrian on it. It reads 'Born of salt and smoke, among the bleeding star, awakens the dragon.' It is however in High Valyrian though." He said as Isabella smiled. "Ah! Isabella!" She heard looking up at her father. "Come, I must discuss some urgent matters." He said as he saw Aegon beside her. "Aeron." He nods his head to the prince not knowing if Isabella knew who he truly was.

She turned to the man as she smiled. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Aeron. I do hope I will see you later.” She smiled as she turned to follow her father into the castle.

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There is Life in Death // Drabble Isabella POV

“My lady, the baby is breeched. If we do not take it now we will loose both of them.” The Grand Maester said as she stood there. Isabella Tyrell was present at the birth of Myrcella’s child with Aegon. The two had not been married long. Isabella was at Drsgonstone due to the unfortunate events that happened in King’s Landing by the hands of Cersei Lannister killing her family in the Great Sept by Wildfire.

"Why? Why must I make this decision?”

The thought rang through her mind. There was always life in death. Something she always heard growing up if a child was born and the mother had succumbed to death from it. “Take the child. We cannot risk loosing it.” Isabella said as the Grand Maester nods his head. The wet nurses began to restrain the Lannister woman. “Isabella! What…what are you doing to me?!” She screamed out. Isabella made her way over to the bed. Sitting down on the side of the bed Isabella sighed. “It is going to be okay. Shhhh…” Isabella said as she looked at Myrcella.

The lady of Highgarden walked over to the Grand Maester. “Has any milk of the poppy been given?” She asked as the maester turned. “We can try, my lady. It will calm her down but it will not stop the pain.” The Grand Maester said as Isabella let out a sigh. “Alright. I will let his Grace know.” She said as the Grand Maester stopped her. “Not yet. I do not think it would be wise to give him this news and then the latter.” He said as Isabella nods her head.

The screaming had finally stopped. The blood covered the bed as well as the floor. The child had been brought over to Isabella to hold. She looked at the beautiful baby boy. The tears filled her eyes as she shook her head. “I will inform his…” the Grand Maester said as Isabella stopped him. “No, take the child and get him cleaned up. I will inform his Grace. He should hear it from me.”

The door to the study opened as she saw him at the window. “Aegon….” She began as he turned to look at her. “What is it? Is it a son?! How is she?” He asked smiling as his smile turned to a look of horror. Isabella had that look. The same exact look he had seen during his time in Meereen. “We should sit down.” She took his hand and guided him over to the sofa in front of the hearth. “Is the child alright?! Is Myrcella alright?!” He asked as he was trying to get the answers out of Isabella. Taking his hands in hers she let out a sigh. “The child, yes, is fine. A son. A healthy boy.” She said as her eyes began to water. “I am sorry….” She began as she looked up at Aegon. The baby was not positioned correctly. The Grand Maester asked what he should do. Either leave the child and loose both the mother and the child or take the child and loose the mother….” She felt the lump in her throat. She could not say it. She was hoping just what she said alone would give Aegon the hint of what she was trying to say. “Belle, please….I need to know.”

“She….she is gone.”

The look of horror came to his face. This was the news she did not intend to give him, but she knew Aegon would not be okay. Reason why she came to tell him to help comfort him. She pulled him into her arms as he pressed his head against her chest crying. Her arm came up around his head to comfort him. She began to cry because it broke her heart. She could not fathom what he was going through. She rubbed his back as she tried to soothe him of the news she had to tell him. “Aegon….” She said as she lifted his head to look into his eyes. “Aegon…there is always life in death. Myrcella had gave her life in order for this child to live. Your child with her. Your son.”

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Little Dragons // Drabble

Little Dragons

She sat there rubbing her stomach. Her stomach was twice the size that it should have been for a woman that was with child to be this early in the pregnancy. “The grand maester suspects it is twins.” She said looking down as she smiled. “Twins?” He asked as he was smiling from ear to ear. “During my exam he said that since I am so big for how far along I am that it is a good possibility it is twins.” She smiled at him. “Twins do run in the Targaryen family. As well as the Tyrell family like yourself.” He points out.

Isabella had not been married for long to his grace. Upon their marriage, Isabella was crowned the Queen of Westeros after her marriage to Aegon Targaryen. He was known as King Aegon sixth of his name. She was Queen Isabella Tyrell. A title she never expected to hold. Her sister, Margaery, had been Queen but not long. She was wed to Joffrey Baratheon first then his younger brother Tommen after Joffrey was poisoned.

Isabella had never expected to marry once she inherited Highgarden. She was perfectly capable of being on her own. Even if she knew she needed to produce an heir for Highgarden. It was not until she met Aegon that the two fell in love. He was to marry for duty to the Baratheon princess that was Joffrey’s and Tommen’s sister, Myrcella. However, Aegon could not wed her. Instead, he married for love. He followed on his father’s footsteps. Rhaegar had done the same thing. He married Elia Martell out of duty, but he married Lyanna Stark out of love.

She was around three months along. That was how long it was since they were wed. Three months. Which it shocked her that the first time they laid together that she was with child shortly after. She looked at Aegon as she spoke, “We need to pick out the children’s names.” She smiled as he got on his knees and kissed her stomach. “Visenya if it is a girl.” He said as she chuckled. “I have heard of the Targaryen women named Visenya. They all had issues. Besides, how many Visenya's do you know of beside the conquest?” She asked as she looked at Aegon. "Besides Rhaenyra's daughter that she miscarried before the War broke out?" She asked as Aegon chuckled. “No to Visenya then. Hmm Rhaenyra?” He asked as he stood to his feet as Isabella rose a brow looking at him. "There has not been many Rhaenyra's, Aegon. I do not want our daughter to be associated with King Viserys' daughter. She was nicknamed 'The Realm's Delight' as well as 'The Half-Year Queen'. Plus Aegon, her brother, killed her." She said with a sigh. "Is there any Targaryen's that were not terrible? Or that has a reputation?" She asked rubbing her stomach as Aegon paced around. 

"What about Rhaegar, if it is a boy?" Isabella asked as Aegon stopped and crossed his arms looking at her. "Nevermind...Rhaegar is out of the question based off that look. What about Daemon?" She said as Aegon looked as if he considered the name. "We could name him Daemon. King Viserys had a brother named Daemon, and there is no history of him being crazy or mad or anything. Other than he was the consort to Rhaenyra. He was the dragon rider Caraxes and weild Dark Sister." He said as he tilts his head back and forth. "He will be crowned Daemon first of his name." Isabella said as she smiled watching him as he stopped and looked at her smiling. "Is that a yes?" She smiled as he walked over and sat down beside her rubbing her stomach as he leaned in kissing her head. "Daemon is a yes." He smiled as she looked at him. 

"We still need a name for if it were to be a girl." She chuckled as Aegon pressed his forehead to her shoulder. "How about Elia?" He asked as she knew why he suggested it. "Elia....I love it. Your mother would be happy if she were still here." She smiled as she was almost in tears. Aegon noticed this and reached up to wipe her eyes. "Sorry......pregnancy and hormones do not mix." Isabella chuckled as Aegon smiled looking at her brown eyes. "Elia and Daemon it is." He smiled taking her hands in his.

"Wait...you said twins, correct?" Aegon asked as she rose a brow. "I did." She said tilting her head. "Well if it is a boy and a girl we chose Daemon and Elia. If it is two boys what about Daemon and Aegon?" He asked as Isabella nods her head. 'That could work. Then if it were to be two girls then Elia and...." She cut off as she was thinking. "Isabella?" He asked as she looked at him. "Hmm?" She asked. "No....Isabella for the other girl's name. After her beautiful mother. Elia after my mother and Isabella after her mother." Aegon smiled as Isabella smiled brightly as he put his hand on her cheek, and leaned in kissing her forehead. "Then it is settled. Daemon and Aegon if it to be two boys, Elia and Isabella for two girls, or Daemon and Elia if it to be a boy and a girl." Aegon smiled as he looked at her. 

They had decided on the names of their little dragons

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