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05/23/2023 03:42 PM 

Rules - please sign

Яυℓєѕ – ρℓєαѕє ѕιgи


  1. Please respect the administrator behind the character and do not try to change it.
  1. Roleplaying with this character will include (possible) Trigger Warnings, Violence, Abuse (possible), Adult/Erotica. The administrator of this character WILL ONLY accept characters that are 18+ and over. The character will be denied if younger.

  1. Javik is a single ship muse.
  1. I have other muses but it doesn’t mean that I am neglecting anyone. I am also mostly on my phone and I am using the desktop version of roleplayer.me. I use Microsoft word to write replies.

  1. Any OOC, or Adult/Erotic in the inbox will be deleted IMMEDIATELY.
  1. I am not going to role-play in messages. This is where the discussions of stories is going to take place.

  1. Please ask the administrator behind the character FIRST, before placing the character into a friendship, or family member.
  1. NO CHILD ACCOUNTS!!! Any adds will be denied

  1. One-Liners are for Banters/Greetings only
  1. The administrator behind this character, is a Multi-para, Para, Novella and Epic

  1. Please respect who the character (and administrator behind character) role plays with.
  1. Please respect the character and administrator in general.

  1. No real life drama, of course in character drama will be allowed (once discussed), just no RL Drama please.
  1. Do not add because of the use of Faceclaim, it is just surface. And don’t expect me to reach out for story discussion. You add, you talk.

  1. In the end, respect me, I will respect you, and have FUN!!
  1. Communication is key and helps with earning trust and developing a good connection as well as chemistry for the future.

Writer’s info:
I have been role-playing for many years. I role play in a certain way, but that doesn’t mean I won’t respect yours, because I do. I cannot be online all day, everyday. I will reply as soon as I can even if I am online I can be busy. I will respect you, as long as you respect me. I am here to write and have fun, and I hope you all are as well.


01/05/2023 07:22 PM 

вισgяαρну αи∂ вα¢кgяσυи∂

War is our sculptor. And we are prisoners to its design.
Javik is the only known survivor of the ancient Prothean race. After being preserved in stasis for over 50,000 years, he is revived and seeks to wreak vengeance on the Reapers for the demise of his people.
In Prothean society, there were many "Avatars", Protheans who embodied a single virtue for the society. Javik is one of those Avatars, and his virtue is Vengeance. According to Javik, he was the last of the warriors of the Prothean Empire, born in the midst of the war with the Reapers, a war the Protheans were losing. The Citadel had already fallen long before he was born, and his first memories were of seeing his planet on fire during a Reaper assault.
Javik was to be the leader of approximately one million warriors who were to survive the cull via stasis in an underground bunker on Eden Prime. His mission was simple: outlast the invasion in stasis, and once he was awoken, lead the others in a campaign to reclaim the galaxy. Unfortunately, indoctrinated traitors in their ranks fouled that plan, betraying the bunker's location to the Reapers.
As hundreds of thousands of Protheans in stasis were slaughtered by the attackers, the supervising VI Victory was forced to initiate a neutron purge to clear out the facility while Javik took refuge in his own stasis pod. Unfortunately, the purge compromised the bunker's sensor systems, rendering automatic reactivation of the remaining stasis pods impossible. Since Javik now had to remain in stasis indefinitely until a new culture discovered the facility, Victory determined that power needs for the last intact pods had to be triaged. In the end, only Javik would be reawakened.

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