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01/25/2023 05:38 AM 

Lost and Found

Earth-2; Gotham City

The constant rumblings in the sky over the home of The Batman were growing in feral intensity. The night sky was dominated by pockmarks out of the very air itself. The Warp Space between Earth and a hellish world called Apokolips was starting to collapse. Star shaped portals called boomtubes were opening up in the skies over Gotham as well as in its streets. There wasn't very much time left.

Evil creatures from Apokolips known as Parademons were pouring through these holes in an endless sea of terror straight from the nightmares of every human alive. They had jagged fangs and claws upon their digits that were far more terrifying than a thousand knives. Their high pitched wails shattered eardrums as they descended on an unsuspecting population of the home of the Wayne Family. Death came to Gotham City.

In the heart of the city stood Wayne Enterprises Science Division. Inside a particular chamber, the Caped Crusader Batman was working diligently on something that was a Hail Mary. If it worked correctly, the invading monsters would be sucked back through the portals to hell where they belonged. Bruce Wayne was running out of options and he was running out of time. This was going to be his legacy just as the world was dying. Everything he believed in was being tested.

As he was working, his biological daughter Helena who fought crime as his heir, The Huntress, was attempting to cover him while he was working. "Are you ready yet?" She had her crossbow ready and was taking out as many parademons as she could, all things considered. She was a smart kid with the best of both worlds all up until now. She was wearing an iron gauntlet that she used for a fist fight with these monsters who were taking a lot out of her.

Bruce Wayne was working as fast as he could. One wrong calculation could mean the difference between wiping out the entire planet or just eliminating these minions of the master of Apokolips, Darkseid. Out of the corner of his eye, he regarded his daughter. She was standing there unflinching as hell was literally on Earth. The parademons were going down in steady rows by the grim determination that was etched on the features of the Huntress. She was fighting for all she was worth. Bruce knew he'd done something right to have her as his daughter. That was when he made his choice. The machine started to power up slowly with a low hum. "Hurry! We don't have much time." He shouted to her.

Helena heard her father's tone. Something about it had changed. She didn't have time to think it over when a parademon attacked her just as she faced her father. She screamed in agony as the beast's claws tore into her flesh. Her right shoulder was wounded and her right arm went numb. She scrambled to her father as quickly as she could.

"HELENA!" He shouted as he raced toward her. He pulled her back to his safe bubble in the control panel. Once he had her in his arms, he tried to become the hard nosed drill sergeant who taught her everything she knew. "That was careless!" He still had a father's heart when it came to his daughter. He kissed her forehead like he did so often when she was a little girl. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. I love you Helena. Be a good girl and never forget me.

Helena was confused by what was happening around her. "Wha?" Her question hung in the air as the bluest of blue lights surrounded her. It became so bright she was temporarily blinded. Her senses were reeling.


Earth 616, [MCU]

When she opened her eyes again, she was in what looked like her father's lab, but actually was abandoned. The name on the wall in faded script was Bishop Security. It looked as though it had seen better days. She couldn't focus on what was happening. Her arm still hurt and it was still numb. Damn Parademons. She muttered. Helena started to stagger into the street.

She was still in full costume as The Huntress as she started to wander down the street. People passed her by without a second glance. She kept trying to focus on Gotham Landmarks she knew but found none. There were no signs of destruction nor were there signs of any activity connected to the invasion of Earth.

Where was she? This was Gotham but it wasn't. It almost looked like New York City. To her recollection New York City wasn't this big. She kept stumbling forward trying to find where she was. All the while, as she tried to move forward she was losing blood. She came across a building that had a plaque on it that she was trying to read.

"Battle of New York?" On her Earth there was a war, but who were the people listed? She spoke not expecting anyone to answer her. It wasn't too much longer after that, Helena passed out right on the ground in front of this monument due to blood loss. An ambulance was summoned by a Good Samaritan and Helena was taken to be treated.


Helena woke up with a throbbing headache. She was lying on a bed, with her arm patched up with a complete bandage and a hospital gown on instead of her costume. Her face was exposed and her identity uncovered. "Aw sh*t…" She hissed through slightly swollen lips. She was stuck right where she was.

Now the question remained; how was she going to get out of here? She couldn't stay here too long. It would risk everything. Her Dad had told her that there were other worlds. This had to be one of them. She needed to get back home, if only she knew how.
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Helena Wayne
The Huntress of Earth 2.

12/28/2022 09:27 PM 

Staying Alive

Going out on a patrol with another member of the Bat-Family was always a bag of mixed emotions especially for Helena. The daughter of the Bat and the Cat had lived her life knowing that her father had adopted multiple orphan boys. The first of those had been Richard Grayson. Grayson was the first to take the mantle of Robin. He passed it along to Jason Todd after that. This all happened when Helena was but a twinkle in her mother's eye. Being a flesh and blood Wayne meant you learned the importance of family at an early age.

Grayson had taken on the new identity of Nightwing when he decided to fly on his own. This was the story that Alfred told her when she had found her way into the vast secrets of the real family business. Grayson had always been good to Helena. She thought of him as a big brother and a mentor. There were times she just couldn't talk to her parents or to Alfred. That was when Hel shot a text to her big brother and met him for a spin around the city. Tonight was another one of those nights.

Helena was in full Huntress garb ready for action. She'd already dropped down on a few pimps and drug dealers giving them an extra thrashing tonight letting out her pent-up aggression. It was finals week for this quarter at GCU Law School and the tension was actually giving her migraines. Batman, their father, had given her the direct order to focus on her studies. She couldn't follow it. Times like this she was more like her mother than she would readily admit. She had the presence of mind however to contact Grayson so she would have some sort of safety valve if something went wrong.

One particular drug dealer ran like a scared rabbit from the onslaught of The Huntress. She swung down off the top of a building. Her boot crushed into the jaw of the man that peddled his poison. The impact of her foot hitting its target sent a spray of blood out in a fine crimson mist. Her balance was flawless as she landed on her feet. She let loose with a flurry of blows with her gauntlets that sent the helpless bastard into unconsciousness. Huntress was standing there watching as the man fell to the ground like an oak tree.

She had spotted this dirt bag while waiting for Grayson to meet her. She was pacing like a caged animal with excess energy to burn. It only took one look through her night vision goggles to find this clown. She was standing over the bloodied and bruised man with labored breathing. He was alive but he was going to be in pain when he woke up again.

Behind her came a voice she knew all too well. "Change in Mind or Change in Heart?" Her body tensed as her actions were observed by her big brother. She clenched her teeth trying to temper her words. She did ask for him to come out here anyway. Huntress had no right to be cringing at what he said.

"You know the answer to that, Nightwing." She replied with tempered restraint. They were on the streets below so that meant only codenames. That was a big part of staying alive. Huntress fancied staying alive. There was no need in getting killed with this unhinged action tonight. Or was there?

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Helena Wayne
The Huntress of Earth 2.

12/26/2022 10:40 PM 

Follow the Leader

What was it about her half brother that annoyed her the most? Damian was the ultimate killing machine. He was more of a loose cannon than Helena could be. On top of that he had a loyalty to one of the most evil men on the planet; Ra's al Ghul. Damian was perfect in nearly every way, because he was bred to be.

Sometimes Hel pitied Damian. He was never given the chance to be a kid like she had been. Sure she was out on the streets as a Robin before she could even drive a car. That still didn't stop the fact that she'd been given the chance to sit on the highest stool in the kitchen and watched Alfred make chocolate chip cookies when she was six years old. Could Damian say the same thing?

Helena was in full gear as she sat perched on top of the oldest Catholic Church in the heart of Gotham City. She was hidden beside one particularly large gargoyle staring out into the city below. The people were hustling about tending to their own lives. They didn't have a legacy that fell upon them. They didn't have a half brother that was a little demon ninja brat. Life was not always fair. She had a hand that she was dealt so she took it with a pained smile.

She had tuned into GCPD radio on their active dispatch channel. She wasn't investigating anything in particular. She just needed to get away from the books at the GCU Law Library. She could have gone home to be with her Mom or even Alfred. But Damian was there, usually ridiculing everything she did or attempting to provoke her into sparring with him. She could hold her own against him for a little while but that never lasted long. She hated that smug little grin on his face. One of these days she was going to punch him after one of these sparring sessions and laugh. It was the Cat in her blood that was pushing her toward that end.

Jewelry store robbery! Helena's heart started pounding. It was time for her to finally exercise this pent up aggression. She revealed herself from her hiding place taking aim with her hook shoot creating a perfect zip line. She swung several blocks until she reached the jewelry store that was being robbed. What she saw next left her absolutely speechless.

The police were all gathered around as a criminal was obviously put through the ringer. "Glad you could make it Robin! We couldn't have caught him without you!" The kudos repeated over and over. She should have just turned and walked away, but she kept going until she saw him. Her stomach hit the floor.

Damian was in Robin gear preening at all the adulation from the GCPD. He caught sight of his half-sister and immediately smirked at her. "Sorry Huntress. This one is handled by the better hero." He spoke to her. She had to give him credit for not outing her dual identity. She knew their father would be apoplectic if he did.

Huntress only had one thing to say to him. "Why do you keep bringing it up?" She muttered before turning on her heels and walking back out of the store. Helena's irritation with her half-brother continued however she had another trick up her sleeve. That particular thief often worked for the Riddler. She smirked herself in a near mirror image of Damian's own expression.

She was going to let her half-brother think he'd gotten the better of her for the moment. There were bigger fish to fry and the Huntress was already in pursuit.
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Helena Wayne
The Huntress of Earth 2.

12/17/2022 08:14 PM 

Price of Innocence

one week earlier

The snow covered the campus of Gotham City University's Law School bringing a chill to the air. Most walking on the grounds were shivering before dashing into the nearest warm building for refuge from the blustery cold. Helena Wayne had her diplomatic law books stuffed in the bag and tossed over her shoulder as she did the very same thing.

She had taken great interest in the status of laws that apply to diplomats to the United States since befriending the daughter of the current ambassador to the US from India. Bhamini Doshi and Helena had become fast friends taking much of the same classes. Helena was meeting Bhamini at the campus coffee shop. It was the last day before winter break. They weren't going to see each other for at least 6 weeks.

Helena was all set at her table. She was nursing a Colombian Coffee blend when she was waiting for her friend. Helena checked the clock on her phone. Bhamini was late. That was unusual for her. It was usually Helena that was late because of her extracurricular activities. She started to check her phone for messages when she heard Bhamini's voice. She was speaking in Hindi when she entered the shop. Helena waved to her as she walked inside the shop.

Bhamini was obviously distressed. She spoke a few words on her phone. She turned to look at Helena and gave a nod. She received her order then continued toward where Helena was sitting. Helena waited until the call was finished.

The olive skin and huge almond eyes of her friend were showing signs of prolonged crying. Helena reached out to 1 touch her friend's hand. "What's wrong B?" She asked her softly.

The call was finished and the phone set on the table. The crack in her friend's voice told Helena she was correct. "I just got off the phone with my mom. Madhav is missing. He's been missing for two days, Hel. Dad's security team traced him heading in the direction of Gotham."

Helena had met the young boy during Spring Break. He was a good kid who wanted to see all he could of the US. She could see where he'd want to see it all for himself but he was too smart to run away. "Are they trying to say he ran away?" Helena asked.

"Yeah… he'd never do that Helena! That's just not him!" Helena squeezed her friend's hand as she trembled from this pure anguish. "They are trying to find him but it is just so cold!"

Helena was already planning on donning her own cape and battle gear to go look for Madhav. With the talent of an expert poker player, she didn't show any hint of what she was planning. "The GCPD will help find him, Bhamini. Just trust in them okay?"

Helena would do anything to help her friend. The Huntress was going to go look for this missing kid later. She knew a few pervs and pedos who she could smack around for some answers. She knew her Dad was on some sort of case, but generally she stayed out of his hair. Alfred was not only her Dad's point man, but Hel's too. Tonight the Huntress was going to fly.

five years ago

It was night again. Fully attired in her Robin guise, Helena was on top of the highest building in Gotham. Staring through her binoculars, she watched as her Dad was in full Batman mode. "Is he alright?" The voice in her earpiece was Alfred Pennyworth. He was trying to keep Bruce's daughter occupied so she wouldn't jump into this particular battle all half-c.ocked.

She visibly sighed as she kept talking to him. "Of course he is. He said he'd give me the sign when I could come in.." She had broached a subject that Bruce wasn't ready to hear. Helena wanted to take up a separate identity. She wanted to be someone other than Robin. Bruce reacted with all the decorum Helena expected. Alfred had to intervene and take Helena out of the room.

"Just give it time, love. This is his way of blowing off steam. You're his child. He's going to be upset. If you weren't good enough to go out on your own, he wouldn't have acted like this. Just let him see what I already know, alright?" He was sitting back in the Batcave at the Batcomputer watching over Helena on the screen.

She watched more as Batman kept mopping the floor with these creeps. He was handling himself well until Helena spotted another guy sneaking up on him. "Yeah maybe… gotta go!" Helena put aside her binoculars and immediately ziplined to the bottom of the building she was perched upon. She landed a perfect boot to the back of the head of the sneaky guy rendering him unconscious. When he fell to the ground, the flash drive he was carrying hit the ground sliding up to where Batman had just put down that last man.

That was the night Batman agreed to let his Robin become The Huntress of Crime. Helena would remember it well for years to come.

Current day

For one week, Helena tried to locate Bhamini's brother on her own. She finally relented upon Alfred's request to tell her father what case she had been working. She told him about Madhav Doshi, the 10 year old little brother of her friend that had gone missing. She was getting nowhere on it. He was the son of the Indian Ambassador Gagan Doshi.

Bruce grew silent for a moment before leaving the room. Alfred took this as a sign to take Helena aside and tell her what was going on that she didn't know. The whole ugly details of a serial killer in their hometown enlightened the Batman's daughter as to what he'd been facing lately.

The details didn't make her sick. It made her angry. If Madhav was being used by thus cult to kill people, she was going to break a few heads. She'd never heard of Professor Pyg and right now she was glad she hadn't. She had promised her friend that her little brother would be found safe and sound. Helena was determined to make this happen.

She was going in as his partner again just as she had done as Robin. This time she was a full fledged hero in her own right. She was The Huntress, daughter of Batman and Catwoman. She had her own connections and her own identity in the community. She'd become a nuisance to multiple crime families even taking a summer break in Italy recently. She was the arm of the Italian government wiping out crime and keeping it from coming directly to Gotham. She'd come a long way from that day five years ago when Bruce let her fly.

She ziplined down to arrive at Batman's side. Her own version of a Batrang left her hand and landed against the temple of another man that thought he could surprise The Batman. The Huntress approached the Caped Crusader. She witnessed Batman's boot on the man's chest. "Oh now you've gone and done it." She told the man. "You've made him mad."
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12/13/2022 03:44 AM 

In His Footsteps

"Say it again." Her voice came out like a guttural growl through clenched teeth as the man cowered in fear in front of her. He had a busted nose with mucus and blood encrusted on his top lip. "I want to hear it one more time." She was staring down the shaft of her crossbow at him. They were on top of one of Gotham City's many buildings in the manufacturing district.

"Bruce Wayne…" The man sputtered and spit trying to talk so she wouldn't hurt him again. "There's a contract on him." His muscles tensed just as he spoke hoping this was all she wanted to hear.

"That's what I thought you said." She lowered her crossbow and turned away from him. When his guard was lowered and he took a step forward away from the wall, she spun around on her left heel proceeding to deliver a roundhouse kick to the man's jaw. His head recoiled and his body crumpled to the ground beneath him. She holstered her crossbow and shot a zip line from her right gauntlet. It was time to go home

The Huntress was what she called herself in this gear. She was born Helena Wayne, daughter of Bruce Wayne and his wife, the former Selina Kyle. She used the entrance to the Bat Cave that only family and a select few knew about.

She walked up to the Bat Computer slowly letting her violet gloved fingertips gently graze the keyboard. A male voice came from behind her. It was very obviously British. "Well? I take it you found your answer?"

"I did. There is a contract out on him. He knows about it too. He always does." She could feel her anger slowly bubbling under the surface. "Why does he think he needs to lie to me about this?"

Alfred Pennyworth had been there from the beginning. Helena was exactly like her father in more ways than she cared to admit. She was also like her mother in perfect fire and tenacity. He chuckled softly as he approached the girl who was the closest thing to a granddaughter he had. "Do you expect any less of him? Here, let's have a look at you." He led her toward the area where he'd often cleaned up or treated her father after one of his many patrols.

Helena relented to the direction that Alfred led her. She slumped into the chair as he had a better view of her own injuries. She played them off of course but one of those looks from Alfred spoke volumes. She had a few scrapes including one across her nose. "What?" She feigned innocence. "You look at Dad like that?" She knew the answer even after the words left her mouth. of course he did She pursed her lips and snorted through flared nostrils. She let him do his thing. She always did.

"Take off your gauntlets. It's going to be the devil getting all the blood out of them." He scolded knowing good and damned well she wouldn't listen to him. "The best thing you can do is try to find out who's behind the contract. Chances are your father does know but he's not letting you or your mother know for good reason."

Helena took her gauntlets off and laid them aside. She'd already removed her mask once she headed into the Bat Cave. "You mean you don't know either? This is big. You know everything." Her mind was already rolling on the possibilities of who it could be and how to find out their identity. For now, she had to enter the world of high society again. She was still Helena Wayne, the heiress to the Wayne Fortune. She had appearances to make on her social calendar. It was a carefully crafted image. That image was one that she had to work hard to maintain. Her father did it flawlessly. She was getting there.

No. Alfred didn't know who was going after Bruce and he didn't like it one bit. When Bruce found out he was helping Helena in this investigation, there was going to be a fight. He knew it. Verbal altercations with Bruce were tedious. This was however the only way to keep an eye on Helena who insisted on following in the footsteps of her parents. "There. You should head on upstairs. You are going to need some sleep before your busy day after all." He'd treated her wounds well enough. He suspected that Bruce would ask him about it later.

Helena stood up slowly. She kissed Alfred on the cheek as she passed him. "Thank you for everything. If you hadn't told me about that rumor, then we couldn't start this whole investigation as to who is behind it." She knew they'd both get a talking to by her father, but in the end it was worth it. She had no intention of losing either parent for any time soon.

Alfred smiled softly as she passed him. No more Waynes were going to die; not on his watch or ever. "Sleep well Helena."
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