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January 22nd, 2023

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Age: 31
Country: United States

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December 10, 2022


01/22/2023 09:15 PM 

Running through my head...
Current mood:  distraught

All of the voices in my head,
Why do they speak,
Stop it! 
Go away!
Bakura, you've hurt enough! Leave me alone!
You've turned me into a monster!
You piece of sh*t! 

I jottled out from my slumber; shaking and heavily breathing from the nightmare I just had. Why did I dream of that again? "Sh*t." I muttered to myself, threw the covers off of me, and stood up from the bed seeing the sun peaking above the horizon. I was frustrated; annoyed at that dream.  Bakura has haunted me again, again...he has hurt me. 
He turned my family over 3000 years into the monster that I am--a bloodsucking fiend of the night--and I hate it. 
Living forever isn't my ideal way of, well, living.  I'd rather be a mummy than this thing. This undead creature that I had to suffer for a millennial or five. I don't know; I haven't care about time. I just know it was a hella long ago and it's miserable. 
Well, I will admit there are a few perks. Just a few
Sleeping a lot. I like sleep. Sleep is the best thing ever, unless you give me caffeine, then I'm up all night. 
I can see things far away. I can run real fast when I'm in trouble--which is often. Oops.
And that's about all I can think of. If I think of more, I'll write it down. 

I turn from the window and look at my incredible boyfriend who's snoring lightly (he claims he doesn't, but he's a werewolf--of course he will!).  He's the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid my eyes on. Muscular toned body with abs for days (hormones, calm down...), medium dark colored skin...medium length black hair with light strands of brown...gorgeous brown eyes that would make any girl--or guy--melt. 
How the hell did I get so lucky to have him is beyond me. The man has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone--even take the shirt off of his back...
I felt my face flush as I thought of what we did last night. Our moment together was special, not they haven't been in the years we've been together (and the 200 years that we weren't due to some conflicts between us), but with the gods' blessing, we have been given the ability to have kids.
I've always wanted kids. I've always wanted to be a mom, but after what Bakura did to me, my family, and friends, I thought that was never going to happen--f***ing impossible.
(Osiris, I am turning into my sister...stop me.)
But I am. While I may be a goddess myself, I'm always in my "human" form, so I've weakened over the years because I've chosen my human form over my goddess form, but that's a story for another time. 
I just hope the gods are messing with us...because I wouild be livid if that was the case. 
In case you are wondering why the gods now decided on this, well, ask my two brothers: they've been trying to find love forever until they met two humans: one's a slayer (yes, you've read that right--a slayer; a British girl who can kick your butt to kingdom come--no matter who you are) and the other is a girl with a dream of becoming a doctor. 
Two extremely different circumstances of how both of my goofballs for brothers had found them. That's a story for another day. 
Back to me, because I'm more special...I kid! Everyone is special in their own way--unless they're an a**hole, then that's different. 
I just hope my and Mahado's (my boyfriend's name) life will change if I do become pregnant. 
Please, gods, don't trick me. I don't need more hurt. I'm tired of it. I really am.

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