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                          Lady of Mercia 

I can’t say that I spent a lot of time grieving when Aethelred died. He was arrogant and chauvinistic. When he lived, we shared my father’s vision for England, but Aethelred lacked the love that I felt for the people of Mercia. There was a force within me that couldn’t be quieted as the elder men anguished over who would be the next leader of Mercia.

Naturally they looked through the one who had been Aethelred’s mind and heart for the years prior. Even as Mercia was more willing to notice women than Wessex there would be not grandstanding. Lord knows her mother, would quietly whisper advise to King Alfred. I was witness to that!

Winter was just beginning. The funeral rituals and political meetings after the King’s death had been arduous, exhausting really, but finally the kingdom would return to normal. Normal, was it? Aethelflaed, argued with herself as she felt true sorrow for the deaths that had occurred in the transfer of power. In the end she had stepped forward. She would not see Mercia falls to the wolves. Someone had to understand land and the players. Someone had to know the past, see the future. Before she even had time to shy away from the job, she had convinced them that she was that someone. King Edward of Wessex lorded over Mercia. She had ridden with him to win …….They spoke the same language had the same goals for England and he was her brother. She would become the Lady of Mercia.

In the quiet of her heart she panicked, yet truth be told, she had run the kingdom even when her husband lived. Aethelflaed was anxious, and alone. Her daughter, now in her maiden years, had only the interest of boys and games. Maybe she needed the companionship of another woman. Or maybe she just needed to busy herself with the ways of English people, their needs, wants, joys and sorrows. She moved aimlessly through the stronghold. Mayhap she would visit her mother.

“Robert, ready my horse,” she asked, hoping he would have the desire to accompany her, she smiled. “Might Liam and ye go with me to Wessex? I’m not sure that will be the only destination. Mercia is safe, now. Will ye come?”. Her dark sad eyes wreaked of pity. She knew he coveted his time with his family, but then again, she knew he would be still.

He smirked, just a bit, playing along with her tease. Robert had been a faithful friend, having moved to Mercia from Wessex when the Lady was wed. Now after finding wife here in Mercia, he was to be a father. Liam on the other hand was single and a Mercian by birth. “I’ll talk to Liam. I’m sure he’ll be happy to go, he gets antsy and yearns for adventure. “Thank you, Robert. I will be ready at daybreak tomorrow. I appreciate you.” She winked and disappeared above stairs.

After giving Maddy, her handmaid, instruction of the travel, she retreated to the library. Like her father, she adored time alone, to read, write and reflect. Her time at the monastery school had given her the gift of literacy and learning. The large walnut desk situated beside a tall window overlooking the castle grounds, gave her private escape from others. Sometimes she gathered her thoughts about religion, community problems, and strategies of war. Other times, it was an escape from all things real. It became a portal to step into the other world poetry and literature. This evening she craved an escape. She felt free to let her heart and mind wander. Reaching for a book from a shelf against the wall and lighting a lantern, she began to read.

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The Map Shows More of the Legendary Heroine.


 Here is a map of the Midlands (Mercia) in 912AD. Aethelflaed, Lady and Queen of Mercia was not regarded a legendary figure in her own time. However, to look at the map and see the cities, towns, and burhs that were either fortified, built, or won with her charismatic influence helps us to appreciate and celebrate her.

She fought in multiple wars, and settled many debates with other leaders both Saxton and Danes. Her moral compass and common sense gained her respect in the realms. The following points help to support her amazing leadership. It is not hard to understand why her people still love her today.

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History of Mercia, England

What did the map of England look like in Medieval Times?  (...900 AD....+)                  


After the fall of the Roman Empire in Europe, the people of Britannia experiencd upheaval.
For hundreds of years there would be a fight for power to rule small pagan Kingdoms of pagan kingdoms;
Saxtons, Scoti, Pict, Dane, Norse....Slowly Christianity was accepted into the English realms.  The thirst for power
was complicated by land, religion, and culture.  

The Kingdom of Mercia was an Anglo-Saxton one, located in the midlands of early England.  It became Christian lorded over by Wessex during the time of "The Last Kingdom".  Wessex bordered Mercia on the south, Wales on the West, and Northumbria
in the north in 918 AD.   The Danish Vikings had conquored the land in East Anglia and Danish Mercia.


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Who is Aethelflaed?

Who is the Lady of Mercia?
What made this writer want to breathe life into her?

//This is a new verse for me even as I have written Freya and Amora in the Asgard world so I understand the Viking world.
I am very well verse in Celtic history and mythology.  The Celtic culture is my passion.  I have written a book about an originally
character, Maire mac Domneill who is one of the characters on my page.  She is the daughter of the Northern Kings of Ireland
at the turn of the second century.  Her mother was daughter of a Viking Lord who was also King in DubhLinn Ireland.  Maire
learned both cultures.  
I see Aethelflaed as a strong Saxton woman who, also was a strong daughter of a realm in early England.  The Danes were actively
trying to gain land there, just as the Norse were gaining so many towns in Ireland.  Aethelflaed was not afraid to lead.  She wanted so
desparately to protect the people of Mercia from the savage hate and barbarian pillaging of the intruders.  She knew that all the people desired
was to live in peace.  Both Maire of Ireland and Aethelflaed of England understood the politics of their time.  Both of the their fathers desired to 
rid the land of the invaders, and at one point in both stories there was mercy given and the people tried to live side by side in peace.  
In my writing here, I hope to include stories that explain the hardships of the people and their culture and beliefs....Also I would like to do some
research in the English story to learn how the Danes fare ultimately in their ambition to settle in this new land.

I would welcome especially writers who are interested in telling this tale and sharing what they have discovered.  I am open to crossovers...other 
characters who might lend a light on some of this story. 

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