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12/01/2022 09:49 PM 


”What do you mean I can’t sign him up?!” The tone of her voice was sharp, hasty even, but one ”What do you mean I can’t sign him up?!” The tone of her voice was sharp, hasty even, but one thing set her apart from being one of the rudest people to enter through that door that day. The way her brows furrowed to the center of her forehead, it was utterly hilarious.. (at least to him). It was the way they pulled together as if they were conjoined her entire life. ”This boy is in dire need of a serious life change, and you’re gonna deny him that??” This time her voice rose, almost causing it to crack in the process, one slender arm went up with a majority of her fingertips clutching her palm while her index finger snaked out to force the blame on someone other than herself. Mathias was surprised that her razor sharp talons didn't pierce through her tender flesh which lined her palm. Mom failed to realize that even though there was one finger extended, there were always four fingers pointing back at her, no matter the circumstance. It didn’t matter how many times she waved her finger in the woman’s face, hell, or even at me, trying to justify that I was in serious need, was just the excuse she liked to use to make herself feel superior to those around her. It wasn’t like she was helping someone out of the kindness of her heart, it was more of a visual thing for her.. Everything had to look a certain way, and everyone had to do the thing she wanted, just to check off all the boxes that lined her long list of desires. She wasn’t doing this for me or my "health", she was doing it for so she could sleep better at night knowing she controlled one more thing in the world.

”Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to lower your voice. You have everyone looking over—“ before the blonde could even finish her sentence, Luciana was back at her neck. ”You listen to me.. I don’t give a damn about anyone looking over here. Let them look!” she hissed, dark hues locked on the prey before her. ”Miss..” the word slipped from behind the counter causing Luci’s arm to shoot up once again; this time all five of her fingers were out signaling for her to stop while she was ahead. Side stepping over to her dark haired boy, dark pools trying to burn a hole through their destination. Eyes wondering from the counter and then back at her son. Channeling her whereabouts while the same hand she halted the conversation with, was the same one that maneuvered to rustle with the open zippers of his jacket. Dainty fingers clawed at the plain shirt yanking it up to his chest, humiliating her son even more. Tone raspy and dagger like, ”You listen to me, my son is on the border of many things.. from diabetes, to bullying at school. Soon he will be another statistic that blends in with the rest of America and their obesity crisis..” Much smaller hands wrestled with his mothers as he tried to steal his shirt and dignity back, the cold air that brushed along his stomach caused a faint pink to taint his chubby cheeks. ”I suggest you guys do something about this age restriction.. 'cause to be quite frank, you guys are what’s wrong with the world!” 

Thias tried his hardest to seal his shirt down towards his torso, head hanging low as his stubby fingers held the hem of his shirt terrified that it could be stolen again at any moment. Luciana snatched him up by his arm, pulling him at her side as her eyes remained on the woman behind the counter, starting her stride towards the door, as if she was aiming to make a dramatic exit. Stopping in her tracks at the table that lined the glass window, she flung Mat's arm forward, pushing his small frame towards the door with a close fist, "And another thing, who orders donuts for people attending a gym?! What kind of establishment are you running?!?" She snickered, nostrils flaring as one of her hands ghosted over the tray that was lined with the sweet dough. Taking the circle goodness to her glossed lips, her pearly whites dug into the pillowy cloud. Without another thought, she chewed the fluff, then threw the remainder of the donut in the direction of the employee. Picking up her stride once more, her hand practically slammed through Mathias' back to mush him forward, spitting the bite of donut out onto the ground beneath her clinking heels.

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