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10/12/2022 05:12 PM 

Main plot.

Billy had always dreamed about burning this town down to the ground. Ever since they moved there. He yearned for the f***ing place to go down in flames. The school sucked. The people were lame and just wasted his time. None of them deserved his attention. And Max was driving him insane with her addiction to this guy that he had taken a strange dislike to. She turned against her own brother. Billy was pissed. He was already boiling with rage when he fell into the claws of the upsidedown. Taking control of his body and mind, meanwhile trying to tear him apart piece by piece. Using his extreme anger and frustration from his deeply rooted bad childhood, his trauma from his f***ing horrible father who was nothing but a menace to humanity. Especially to his son's whole life. The Mind Flayer had used his body, forcing him to do its duties and cause harm to Hawkins. The thing that had changed him, torn him away from the terrible claim on his mind, was the girl. Eleven. She made him human again.

Just enough for Billy to step between the monstrous ugly beast and took all the aggression out on him. He only had some energy left at that part. Just enough to say he was sorry to Max. The sister he should have protected all along. In those few seconds. He had moments of clarity. He was a horrible stepbrother. Only for everything to fade to black. It had been months, felt like years maybe. Stuck in an endless void. Billy didn't think anymore. He didn't feel alive. Hence why there was nothing around him. Part of him knew that the monster had already won. His sacrifice didn't do more than stall it for a moment longer. It didn't f***ing matter. While being under its control, he'd seen what the plan was. It was to destroy. Make a new world. It was relentless. Brutal. Billy thought he would never see the light of day again. And he knew he wouldn't. That's why he got extremely confused when he found himself gasping for air. His bloodshot eyes shot open and he felt warm pavement under himself. Dust flew all around his body. Which should have been a corpse. He should be a f***ing corpse. Billy started coughing loudly. His body was alive enough to feel an extreme pain seeping through every f***ing part of him. Arms, legs, torso, head. He couldn't focus on anything. Too much f***ing dust floating around. He managed to push himself up from the pavement. Since when did it get so hot, was he on the bottom of f***ing hell!?

Billy coughed again. Everything smelled like burning. It would make perfect sense given how much around him was so f***ing hot. Hauling himself onto a seating position. Lifting his bruised palms into the view of his still blurry vision. Billy's head raced. He should be dead! He wasn't?? His hands began to shake. Breathing was still hard to do but he was breathing. Which a dead person didn't f***ing do. He lowered his hands down and finally got a good look at what was around him. It made him jump back in pure terror. ''WHAT THE F***!!!'' He yelled out loud, which he regretted instantly thanks to the rough coughing that followed. The ground a couple of meters away from him was cracked open, and it wasn't only cracked. It was a long, broken, deep crack down into nothingness. He could only see a couple of parts before another cloud of smoke started seeping from the pit. Billy crawled backward in pure panic. This wasn't what he meant by wanting Hawkings to burn. No f***ing way. He crawled back for as long as he could until his back hit a nearby building. He was bleeding from his hands now, having scraped them open against the ground. But he was terrified. He finally got a better look at what was going on. A good way to say it was: Hawkins was f***ed. Buildings had fallen apart, smoke was continuously rising from the huge gashes. Like some big monster was lurking beneath. Loud rumbles seemed to travel through the ground.

Billy used the building behind him to get himself up to his feet again. How was he even f***ing alive? That was what he wanted to know. He looked down over his body. His shirt was bloody and torn, and black disgusting ooze splattered down the rest of his clothes. There were partly open wounds over his chest from where the Mindflayer had stabbed him. But it wasn't deep enough, at least not as deep as when he died. Billy pulled his jacket over himself and tried to take a long breath in. But that was nearly impossible. It hurt like a motherf***er. ''F***ing f***!'' He swore loudly, coughing again. He squinted his eyes to try and see if there was anyone at all around. Among the haze and the smoke, seemed like not a single soul was left. Had everyone up and left already? Was Billy the last one there?! He began to walk, heading as far away from the deep cut into the ground as he could. He was limping, holding his arms over his chest to protect himself as much as he could. His greasy and matted hair, full of blood and black goo from his encounter hung over his face. All Billy could hear was a loud rumbly sound from the ground below.

Until there was another sound. Which sent him into a fit of confusion and rage. ''Who the f*** is there?!'' He yelled out loud into the misty surroundings. All this time of being stuck in what seemed like a f***ing limbo. He was full of confused anger and despair. '''Seriously... Please! I ...!'' He just hoped this wasn't another level of purgatory that the Mindflayer had put him into just to make him lose his mind even more. ''I need help!''

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