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DISCORD FRIENDLY banter heavy single ship crossover friendly, give me all the worlds.

i've been roleplaying since myspace days. i've written pretty much every verse, but primarily in supernatural, fantasy, mythological and sci-fi verses. some of you may remember me as chimera, others as requiem cry. im here for a good time not a long one! about me as a human, i'm a female outta character, though i do occasionally write as male. very happily married to the best man in the world. full time job, but no other hobbies that come to mind so i'm here pretty much all of the time.


a few simple things to keep in mind.

writing easy one first. i write in third person, and occasionally in first mainly in drabbles. length varies from multi-para to novella depending on my muse but i am a primarily QUALITY OVER QUANTITY type of writer. i don't care if it's only two paragraphs and i couldn't care less about your word count. the idea here is story, as long as we keep it moving forward, it'll be a good time. i love banter and we can do that all day: discord, status, comments, picture comments, let's go! however messages i save for discussions only and do not rp in there. but pretty much everywhere else is game on.
statuses this is a dumb one but i like to throw it out there so no one's feelings get hurt. i sweep through my statuses and reposts every day and clear out anything older than a day aside from my own, those of the other writers in my group, and those i find too important to eliminate. but if its just a share banner it's most likely gone after 24hrs. nothing personal, i'm just trying to keep my stream clean as it is linked and if anyone wants to vibe out my character i want them to be able to go through it easily. accessibility baby! we strive for efficiency in this house tis my entj personality forgive me its chaotic.
don't be a dick simple and stupid, cause its self explanatory. but yea, just don't cause problems for no reason. and if you have a problem - we're adults, you can just dm me. it doesn't have to be a thing. despite my grr rawr! demeanor [i mean legit, i'm menacing, fear me] i actually have no problem calmly discussing things and actually prefer it. and if we can't be friends, that's cool too. you do your thing, i'll be here doing mine and everything can be unicorns and rainbows. all's shiny!


Last Login:
May 19th, 2024

Gender: Female
Age: 34
Sign: Virgo
Signup Date:
October 05, 2022


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