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09/21/2022 01:25 PM 

Melody's rules

Melody's Rules 
Because there are a lot of sickos, drama queens and toxic people around here, I have decided to make a list of rules that you should be aware of before RPing with me. If you break any of these rules, nothing will happen the first time, if you do it a second time, you will be deleted and blocked. 

1.- I am a Para to Multi Para RP and sometimes, I can write Novella, it all depends on how my muse is at that moment. I hope you understand.

2.- I love to Banter. It's a lot of fun to do those little PRs in messages when you don't feel like writing big stops. So, banters are more than welcome on my page.

3.- Another very important point is the sickos. I don't accept any kind of rp smut or sexual swearing towards my character, she is just a girl, don't be disgusting. I take this rule very seriously, there is no tolerance level for this. If you break this rule, you will be blocked and reported. 

4.- I like IC drama but I will not tolerate OCC drama for any reason. I can't stand drama queens or toxic people, so stay away from my page if you are that kind of person.

5.- I have my writing group where I keep track of all my storylines and drabbles. I do not RP in messages. In comments rarely but I definitely prefer to RP in groups. I hope you understand. 

6.- I don't like people who always criticize when you make a spelling mistake. Please, we are human and there is no need to be so grouchy about it. My native language is not English and sometimes I miss a typo. Don't be Nazis.

7.- My verse is mostly based on X-Men with an original twist, so it's not quite canon, so to speak. Melody belongs to a story created by an excellent writer who is my friend but we are very influenced by X-Men, so I could say we belong to that verse.

8.- I love crossovers. I think they are very interesting to RP, so they are more than allowed on my page

9.- HAVE FUN! 

09/20/2022 09:07 PM 

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