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Man of Science

He was a smart man. One that has spent years studying science like an art. To him, it wasn't a challenge, it was a game and one that he was addicted to playing. His name was Dr Victor Von Doom. Bored in Latveria before moving to the US, at a young age, while attending university due to the gifted programme because, after all, he was gifted. He was doing and understanding things that even the professors struggled to understand and it was safe to say that the prodigy had passed with flying colours.
So, what was his goal? He had several but for now, it was the idea that other worlds existed. Some people didn't understand it but he tried to explain it in the simplest forms he could.
"Imagine our world is one of many. Some in the current time, some of the past, others of the future. It's not linear, it's...parallel with branches of time forever continuing."
Those were words he used when explaining it but people would laugh at him. Call him crazy. Deluded. For some, that would defeat them. But not Victor, it drove him. He had survived the lands of Latveria, there was nothing harder than that. It took him 14 months to finally get to where he needed to be. Now, it was time for a test run.
The Machine

He never named the creation. Honestly, he didn't know where to start. It was simply called 'the machine'. A technical name may come later on but for now, it was only him and he had to see if it even worked. The testing started with simple things. Placing an item in the machine, activating it and...watch it vanish. That was the only word he could use. Vanish. Because all that he had put in there, had left without a trace. It wasn't destroyed. There was no mess. Just gone, like a magic trick. He had tried fruit. A chair. A recording tablet.Even Mice. All resulting in the same outcome: Gone. Where? Well, honestly, he didn't know.

Was it time travel? Was it multiverse? A black hole? Vaporized? Without a living experiment...able to report back to him, he could never know the full answer. All he knew was that whatever left - never came back. A few more weeks had passed, contemplating what he could do next. How he could truly know what was on the other side.
It was then, he decided, that he would enter the machine. If he had built it once, he could build it again, right? He had his notes. Everything he needed in various forms.
One - was his smartwatch. Second - was his notebook. And thirdly, was his mind. The only last thing he would take was a large backpack filled with supplies and, he was ready. As he prepared a countdown, Von Doom took a deep breath and entered the device, standing in the middle as the power generated.


The bright lights glowed around Victor as energy sucked him in. There were beautiful colours of the rainbow that he travelled inside while being thrown left and right; high and low until he was spat out on the other side. He landed on a soft-ish surface, sand, while the sound of crashing waves hit rocks and the shoreline. He sat up, looking around. Still clothed in his emerald suit and backpack. Nothing was destroyed but, he certainly wasn't in his lab. And, a new question was to be asked: Where was he now?



Chaos in the world.


This was a blessing in disguise for him. An opportunity to take advantage of a world that was in turmoil and suffering.
Half of all life that existed on Earth had vanished, without a trace. Simply turned to dust, with no way of being brought back.
People had tried and tried but, nothing could change what had happened the day Thanos had attacked.

They classed it as an alien invasion, with rumours saying that he was the one that caused the last one, back in 2012.
All that time to build a defence, known as the Avengers. It was pitiful. They failed. Yet, Victor Von Doom was alive and he would take advantage of the situation.
For the taking.

The first year struck people the hardest. They accepted what had happened but never really did, deep down.
Move on. Some would think, even if their hearts couldn't believe that and held on to hope, that the ones they loved and cared for would come back.

This was the opposite for Victor. He had no loved ones. He had only himself and when it came to money, people were willing to spend it, hoping that Thanos or any other alien threat wouldn't return.
People shared their thoughts, their ideas, and their plans. With Tony Stark, cowing into retirement, defeated, the market for Technology had grown and Victor was interested in promoting himself as a man that could protect them and profit from it. All it took was saying the right words, to the right people: The Americans.

Oh, they could not deny Victor. Not when he told them that he could make a defence, around the globe with powerful weapons that not even Tony Stark would dare to think of. 
A few prototypes are shown here and there, along with the space station that would create a force-field around the world, they didn't even need to think about it. Money was raining down on Victor. It was time to get to work.

The Present.

It had been a year since the snap had happened and Victor had been in his lab, busy building and creating the defence and offence that the world needed but he needed a few specialists on his team for the next stages. They ranged in all types of divisions from astrophysicist to Engineering but one name was at the top of his list: Darcy Lewis.
The reason for this was her connection to Jane Forster and Erik Selvig, unfortunately, she was unattainable.

However, Darcy, being someone they both worked closely with, was up for the taking.
A letter was sent to her home, saying the following:

Dear, Miss Lewis.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
I, am Dr Victor Von Doom of Doom industries and would be interested in interviewing you for a job on a recent project of mine.
This project, funded by the world, is looking for bright minds and I, believe that you, in your area of expertise, would be a great addition.

If you are interested, an appointment is ready for you at 11 am this Friday, the 23rd of September. 

I hope to see you there,



Desire to survive.
Chapter one: The Baron.


The cold night was dark as the moon was the only thing that provided light upon the city of snow-covered streets of winter. A Medieval-like Latveria was a humbled country that did not thrive on great technology like others. Most who lived here were poor and did what they could to survive. And those that lived within the castle, high up on the hill, looking down upon the others were filled with greed.
Baron Karl Hassen III was the current ruler and a ruthless one at that who murdered, raped, stole and whatever else he pleased.
He wasn't a smart man but a worthy fighter that stood at 6'4. To most, he was a very intimidating figure that no one dared to question or attempt to stand against.
So, when Dr Werner Von Doom was called to heal the Baron's sick wife, he knew he couldn't refuse.

In reality, it was a lose-lose situation. If the Doctor could not heal the Baron's wife, he would die, along with his family who, at this point was a young child known as Victor who was only seven at this point in time and already lost his mother to mysterious circumstances a year ago.

Werner saw the Baron's wife for two weeks and she was not getting better. No one knew why or what was wrong with her, technology was very basic in Latveria. You'd have to be blessed to own a radio or T.V. Thankfully, Victor did and he was able to see the rest of the world in such a different way. Not as poor farmers who slaved themselves for a greedy ruler but in a world with opportunity and science. 

Einstein was a great influence on the young boy. Victor's father would read to him at times but not only Einstein but other great minds of the world. Scientists and Doctors had worthy information to share.
Victor was like like a sponge, absorbing knowledge. But, no matter what the Father and Son read together, it could not prepare them for the death of the Baron's wife from an unknown condition.

Werner Von Doom knew that he couldn't stay, their lives to be executed and so, the father took his son in his arms with nothing but books and food and ran from their home.
Chapter two: The alps

Werner and Victor were forced upon the cold, icy and snow-covered mountains in hopes to reach his friend Boris (who had left years ago to escape dictatorship) and that the Baron would not dare journey into the dangerous snow. But the Baron's Guards was another story: Enter the alps, capture Werner and possibly die or be executed for refusal.

These guards were ruthless. All caring about themselves and their own lives. No one could really blame them though. They had their orders and would prefer to stay alive at any cost.

The mountain was getting colder and colder. Werner was getting weak. He didn't know how much further he could go.
Finally, falling to his knees, the weak Doctor spoke to his son.
"You have to go on, alone. Boris is in the Eastern part of the mountain. You must find him, Victor, to survive. I will buy you time."
Struggling to his feet, Werner walked in another direction.
"Go! Now!"
He roared at his child, showing his serious tone but he knew this was the only chance he had to save his son. And as Werner walked away, he began to vanish in the growing blizzard.

Victor, a young child did what he was told and continued his journey.
Chapter three:

Victor didn't know where he was going. He had no idea how long he had been walking but it had been days that this young child had to use his intelligence to survive. The skills that every Latverian had to harness.
These people were far from weak. They were survivors. And Victor, a strong Latverian pushed as far he could until there were lights in the blizzard of what could only be a small community.

He was s close, yet so far but never stopped. Closer and closer he got until someone saw him and came to his aid.

To be continued.

(Any mistakes will be edited once spotted)

Chapter four.

A young Victor found a woman who later would be known as Eniko, and just like everyone else here in the mountains, was exiled from Latveria many years ago. Everyone's reasons were different yet now shared a common goal: Survival. Not everyone did. Victor was currently lucky.

Eniko brought Victor to the community and provided him with shelter and food. They looked after Victor and raised him, showing him their way of living. It wasn't easy for a nine-year-old boy but this was his life now and everyone had to do their part.
Chapter five.
The community that adopted Victor, was nothing special. A few hundred people of all different types of backgrounds that the Baron had issues with. This all started ten years ago and over those years, they had only each other to learn from.
The cold, tall mountains, that always existed with snow, could see out towards the green lands of Latveria but the main focal point was the large castle that the Baron lived in. It was always in sight and always a reminder of why the community was here.

However, the mountains had once been used before by the Soviet Russians that had stations in various areas of central and southeastern Europe, with many of these stations having books and machines. 
There were two discovered. One North and one South.
They had come under damage over the years, estimated to be there for nearly 40 years that were studying Quantum & Nuclear theories and physics.

It was deserted, broken, damaged and nearly submerged in snow but it was not useless.
It was a haven of knowledge as Victor discovered later on when he explored the inside of it with his friend, Valeria.
The books he found would change his life.

Chapter six
By the time Victor was thirteen, he was no longer a lost child, he was a teenager that was smarter than he or anyone else could believe.
He helped the community grow, creating tools, buildings new homes, and making life easier and better where he could. It wasn't perfect to a standard world but it was better.

Then, one day, the life he was getting used to was destroyed once more when the Baron finally discovered where they were hiding.
Someone had sold out those he once lived with to try to return home to the Green lands of Latveria. Once the Baron had what he wanted, the man was executed there and then hellfire would rain.

Black market weapons were used to eradicate the community.

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