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August 9th, 2022

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August 04, 2022


08/05/2022 12:52 PM 

Rules of the Land

First and foremost.. Thank you for taking the time to read these. I, the writer, am old school and rules were customary to establish a base understanding of one another. That said, please take your time to read over the rules and familiarize yourself with them. 

1. I am not Viggo Mortensen nor do I claim to be affiliated with him, Tolkien, or New Line Cinema

2. I, the writer, am over the age of 21 and require that my writing partners be a minimum of 18 or older. 

3. My writing may contain some adult and/or triggering content. Please be advised.

4. My preferred length for writing is Multi-Para to Semi-Novella. I will not write with anyone who sends less than 2 paragraphs per response. [Quality and Quantity are important to me]

5. I am not obligated to write with you because you asked nor are you obligated to write with me. If, at any point in time, either of us feel the need to walk away from our writing, we are allowed to do so without question. 

6. I will not be involved in drama of any type. The moment I notice drama beginning, I will walk away from you/the situation. I am not afraid to use the block button.

7. I am Discord Friendly though I am not talkative. Chances of me messaging you first are next to none. 

8. I have a life outside of Roleplay and will not be around 24/7. That said, even if I am around, my muse/energy level might not be at an all-time high and, as such, I will only respond to occasional banter or nothing at all. Do not take my silence personally.

9. Romance is commonplace here on this site. I, myself, am not looking for romance but am not averse to it only if I connect with the writer. If your intention is to only roleplay romance then I apologize but seek it elsewhere. I am here to write tales of adventure - not love stories.


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