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August 9th, 2022

Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 27
Country: United Kingdom

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August 02, 2022


08/05/2022 03:54 PM 

Character Brief

Captain *Name and alias to be determined.

(Stargate) Cameron Mitchell (Post S10 custom, rank depending)
(Stargate/Custom) SSGT David "Staff" Riley
(Stargate/Custom) Commander Nick Emmerson
(Halo) Master Chief John-117
(Halo) Lieutenant Michael-B312 (Spartan B-312)
(Firefly) Captain Mal Reynolds
(BSG) Lee Adama (Rank depending)
(Star Wars/Custom) Kaiden Torrell (Rank depending)

Post Apocalyptic:
(The Remaining) Captain/Major Lee Harden
(Risen) TBD

(Show/Movie/Various book titles) Jack Reacher
(Custom/Open) Major Alexander Becker
(Custom/Open) Sergeant Xander Bishop

(Shadow Ops) Oscar Britton
(Shadow Ops) Lieutent Colonel Jan "Harlequin" Thorsson
(Custom/Mix) Ares, God of War.
(Custom/Open) Commander Ryan Murdock (SAR)
(SEAL Team 13) Lieutent Harold "Hawk" Masters
(Custom Sci-fi) (Rank dependant) Lucas Jordan

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