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09/22/2022 12:17 PM 

just a sucker with no self esteem

"Mr.Munson, I've had two teachers complain about you this week." Ms.Kelley lifted her eyes from his chart, revealing a deep frown. Eddie fidgeted slightly in his seat, a blank stare in return. How many times this year would he be called into this damn office, "After a while, complaints turn into consequences and  the next step is suspension. What is going on? Let's talk this out."  A smirk played on Eddie's lips and he stood up, wandering around Ms.Kelley's office idly.

"What do you mean, 'what's going on?'" his hand brushed against stacks of books, files, paperwork, never once meeting the counselor's gaze. 

Ms.Kelley scribbled down a couple notes on his chart, "Look, Eddie, I know you're hurting. It's been a rough couple of years for you, and I'm here to help, but if you want to graduate-" Eddie spun around quickly, slamming his hands down onto her desk causing her to jump slightly in her seat. 

"You know that I'm hurting? I witnessed my mom get murdered by my drug addicted dad a year ago. Where were you then? Where was anyone my freshman year when I missed more school than any other year because my mom didn't want anyone to see what my dad was capable of?" he quirked his head to the side almost mocking her intelligence, his gaze so intense she looked away, "No one helped me my whole life and I don't expect any help now." his voice hitched slightly, and he slowly lowered himself into the seat across from her.

There was a silence that filled the room, the counselor writing notes fervently, her eyes slightly glassy. There was a slight shift when Ms.Kelley cleared her throat and resumed eye contact with him, "You've been through a lot, instead of raising our voices, tell me why you've been acting out in class. You were caught fighting with Jason-" 

Eddie huffed a laugh and leaned back in his chair, reaching into his pocket for a cigarette, however, the look on Ms.Kelley's face made him think twice, so instead, he shoved his hands into his pockets, "He's a prick, what can I say?" This answer hadn't sufficed, and more notes were written onto his chart, "Can I go now? What's the f***in' point of this?" 

"The point is you not getting suspended for acting out. The point is you getting to walk across that stage this year and graduating. Is that not clear enough for you?" She pursed her lips and Eddie winced slightly at her words, "I'm on your side." 

Eddie stood from his seat, "I have a hard time believing anyone is ever on my side. Forgive me for not trusting the people who f***ed me over for years when I needed help the most." he glared in her direction, but felt defeated. There was no point in arguing or prolonging this conversation. The verdict was in - he was the f*** up, he was supposed to be over everything he'd ever been through. He was supposed to conform, be less like himself and more like Jason Carver. Toss a football around, throw a ball into a laundry basket, ya know, normal people stuff. 

"I've seen Chrissy Cunningham around you an awful lot lately. It looks like she's on your side, Mr.Munson." Eddie paused, his brown eyes softening at the mention of Chrissy. Chrissy Cunningham, his biggest weakness, his soft spot, and yet, his biggest strength, "Don't give up. We'll leave it at that. Please don't stop trying."

With a slow nod, he turned and left the counselor's office, his smile hidden by his messy curls. 

09/05/2022 06:07 PM 

dear eddie -chrissy

Dear Eddie,
Don’t be mad at the kids. I didn’t give them a choice. You know how stubborn I can be.

I couldn’t just sit by and let Max risk herself. I’m older. I’ve lived more life. And we both know Henry was never going to stop until he took me. I have to be strong enough to stand on my own two feet and face him.

I trust that Max and Lucas will do their best to bring me back. But if you’re reading this. If Nancy gave you this. It means I didn’t make it. And you’re going to be f***ing pissed. Be mad, my darling, you have every right to be. The world has never treated you fairly, and you of all people deserved a softer epilogue. You’ve suffered quite enough.

I would do anything to spare you this pain. Anything except letting Max die in my place. You have to understand. I hope. I hope eventually you’ll understand.

Please know, please always know how much I love you. I love you with every ounce of breath there is in me. Please see my love in every happy moment. In the waves that hit the ocean. In the dust that dances in the sunlight. I am there with you in every soft and gentle thing. My love will never leave you.

Henry said that when I died, I wouldn’t really die, because he would absorb me. But he doesn’t know that he can’t do that. Because I can’t really die, because I’ll live on in you. The love we shared so well and so fully for such a short time, will burn longer than galaxies. And whatever exists beyond this world, I promise I’ll be waiting for you there. And when you’re very old, and you’ve lived a full and happy life, you’ll close your eyes at the end of it…and I’ll be there, waiting to show you all the things I’ve learned while I was waiting for you to join me.

Do all the things we talked about. Go to New York. Go to Paris. Get married someday. Have babies with your ridiculously amazing hair.

You are so loveable, Eddie Munson. You don’t have to be alone. You can miss me, but you don’t have to be alone while you do it. Someday, I promise, there will be someone else worth opening your heart to. When you start to wonder if you’re ready, when guilt and grief says that you’re betraying my memory, know that you’re not. Know that I give you more than permission to be happy. I command you to find happiness. It is the final wish of my life that you will live and love and be so very happy. When you find that special someone, whoever they are, just know I picked them for you. I put them in your path.

I will be looking out for you, my darling. Your guardian angel is a cheerleader, how lucky are you?

Don’t be mad. I love you. I’ve loved you all my life. It just took a kiss in a closet to wake me up.

I have to do this. I have to be brave. But if you’re reading this letter, then it’s your turn. Be brave for me. Live.

Yours Forever and Always,

08/21/2022 11:20 PM 


TW: Domestic violence, threats of sexual violence, drugs, alcohol, probably other things.

Chrissy didn’t like being alone in the trailer, especially at night, especially when it was rainy and windy and thundering outside as though every nightmare in her head was seeking a way to make itself into reality. Eddie didn’t like leaving her alone either, but this was…Vecna related. And it allegedly couldn’t wait. So Chrissy found herself sitting on the brown/orange sofa of the Munson-family trailer, sketching dragons and daydreams in her notebook, while the walkman at her side blasted out the sounds of Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl on repeat.

The real curse of Vecna, Chrissy thought with a small smile, as she doodled a simple rose complete with bloody thorns, he makes you listen to your favorite song until you hate it.

From the front porch, Chrissy heard the blam-blam-blam of heavy boots on the rusted iron steps. The storm had been causing the screen door to slap against the porch on and off throughout the evening, but this sound was definitely different. Purposeful. She paused the song and stood up as the locked front door was violently kicked open.

She could smell the alcohol before she saw the man. He smelled like the couch in Jason’s “hide out” stale beer, musty mixed whiskies, and not a small amount of vomit. His hair was tangled and knotted, his face streaked with dark stains that could’ve been blood or grease. He had a rough shadow of stubble across his chin. And his eyes were dark voids that might have made Vecna uncomfortable.

“You Wayne’s new girl? Sly old dog. If you think that rust bucket is a good time, I can show you a real ride, sweet cheeks,” the man grinned at her in a way that made Chrissy’s skin crawl. He went straight to the built in cupboard and started pulling things out, throwing them on the ground.

“Who are….what are…” Chrissy couldn’t seem to form a cogent thought. “You need to leave.” She settled on, her voice shaking more than she would’ve liked.

The stranger tossed vhs tapes and various family pictures to the floor as he hurried to clear the cupboard. “And I will…” he looked over at her with an air of disdain. “As soon as I got what I came for. You can come too, sugar tits, I promise I can show you things Wayne can’t… What the hell did that old loser do to score a hot young thing like you?”

“I’m not with Wayne,” Chrissy half snorted the words, her face contorting with confusion. “I’m Eddie’s…” she wasn’t sure what word came after that. Friend? Girlfriend? Soulmate? There wasn’t a great word for all that he’d become to her in such a short time. She was Eddie’s though; heart and soul and every inch of her. So maybe she could leave it at that. She was Eddie’s. And he was hers.

“Eddie?” the man laughed until he coughed, and looked at her with drug-crazed eyes. “That little sh*t? He paying you?” He gave her an assessing once over. “You have the build of a speed freak. A little clean, but nice and skinny. Come on, princess, don’t play. I have much deeper pockets than that little prick. You be nice to me…I’ll be nice to you…” He tugged violently at some false panel at the back of the cupboard and pulled out a duffel bag, he swung it to the floor, and unzipped the top. It was stuffed full with cash and drugs and guns. It didn’t take a genius to do the mental math and realize this was the haul that Eddie was perpetually working to repay to those creepy drug dealers who stopped by once or twice a month. The money and the drugs had been right here, under their noses, all this time.

“You’re his dad,” Chrissy said, surprise coloring her tone even as she connected the dots. “You killed his Mom. You left him holding the bag for your drug debt. You…” her small hands clenched into fists and her lithe form began trembling with rage. She had traced the scars this man had left on the body of the one she loved. Perfectly round cigarette burns. Long gashes from the edge of a pocket knife or bottle opener. Pock marks from the places that his rings had broken Eddie’s skin. She had kissed each old injury and promised that the future would never hurt the way that the past had. And she had wondered what she might do if she were ever faced with the man who had caused her Eddie such pain.

And here he was…

“Forgetting to pull out does not make me his Dad,” the man spat onto the shag carpet of the trailer. “He was a mistake. A mistake I told his bitch Mom to get rid of, but she didn’t listen. I guess you’ve heard what happens to bitches who don’t listen…” he smiled and took a step toward her, his hand stroking the exposed hilt of a knife tucked into his jacket.

It was strange to look at him, this man who held the genetic blueprint for her boyfriend. There were similarities, of course, but every inch of him was…wrong. He had Eddie’s strength but none of his kindness. The dimples were there but not the smile. Everything that was beautiful about Eddie was twisted in this man, corrupted and wrong. He was a nightmare mirror of Eddie’s past…but she would not let him have any part in Eddie’s future.

“You should go,” Chrissy said sternly. She had stood face to face with an evil with the power to reshape the world in its own image. She had felt Vecna’s slimy decaying hands on her face, and had told him to f*** off. She would not be cowed by this…mere mortal. She tilted her chin up and looked at Eddie’s father, her blue eyes flashing with fire. “Go and never come back.”

Without warning, Eddie’s Father lashed out, the back of his hand catching Chrissy in the jaw and sending the cheerleader toppling back onto the couch. His skull ring had caught her lip and split it open, causing her mouth to fill with copper blood. Before she had a chance to assess the situation, he had lept over the coffee table and was kneeling over her chest, his hands wrapped around her neck.

“Bitch. Stupid bitch,” Eddie’s father cursed his face mere inches from hers. “I’ll teach you to talk back. I’ll show you what a real man can do. Wish I could stay to see Eddie’s stupid face when he finds your corpse. You know the cops will blame him for you. Eddie the Murderer. Half of them think he killed his own mom. Won’t be a stretch to think he killed you too.” Chrissy’s vision swam, and lights seemed to flash before her eyes. She heard the clang-clang-clang-clang of Henry’s clock, and the voice in her head that never left her alone seemed to whisper, I told you that boy would lead you to a bad end.

But then, another voice, louder and more real to her than Henry’s voice had ever been. Familiar and strong. The voice of her best friend. “Fight Chrissy. Fight.” Nancy Wheeler’s voice from a dream or a memory. They’d gone over this…after Chrissy had tearfully confessed to Nancy about all the times that Jason had hit her. All the times he’d made her feel powerless and small… Nancy had insisted on showing her a few things.

“This right here is the strongest weapon you’ve got. Well…I mean, a gun would be better. But if you don’t have your gun, if you need to create some space so that you can get to your gun. This…” Nancy held up her palm and gestured to the flat at the very base of it. “Surprisingly strong. You strike hard and fast, it takes less than seven pounds of pressure to break the nose, force it back into the skull.”

“Why in God’s name do you know that Wheeler?” Chrissy had asked at the time, half giggling as she practiced palm strikes against the wrestling dummy, looking over at Max and Robin and mouthing the words ‘She’s scary, right?’

“You were in brownies with me, Cunningham. I had more merit badges than any other girl scout in Hawkins history…”

“They give one for nose breaking?” Max asked with a chuckle.

“No, my Mom embroidered that patch special for me…” Nancy grinned.

Back in the present moment, Chrissy freed her right hand from its trapped position between the couch and her body. With all the force she could muster, she smacked the base of her palm into Mr. Munson’s nose, and she didn’t flinch or relent when she felt the crack of cartilage. Borrowing another move from Nancy’s playbook, as the man retreated backward on the couch, she lifted her left knee and jammed it hard against his groin, before rolling off the couch gasping for air.

He crashed over the coffee table and had a handful of her hair, but Chrissy had been anticipating that he would follow her, and jammed her elbow hard into his solar plexus. When he released her, she stumbled to her feet, and quickly retrieved the handgun she had stashed in the entry table drawer.

She was bleeding, but so was he. She was shaking, but so was he. She was closer to the door, and she could certainly run. She would almost definitely be justified in shooting him. But would the cops believe it had been her and not Eddie? People in this town seemed to find a way to blame him for every little thing that went wrong…

And then there was the fact that she didn’t know if she could kill someone. If she’d be able to live with herself. Or if Eddie would still love her, if she was the woman who murdered his father…

“I want you to leave, and never come back…” Chrissy spat out the words, holding him at gunpoint. “You forget where we are. You stay gone. Or I will make sure you go to prison for the rest of your pathetic life…”

Eddie’s Dad grumbled and took a wobbling step toward the duffle bag.

“AH AH…” Chrissy scolded, cocking the gun pointedly. “That’s not yours. Eddie’s been paying off your debt ever since you ran. We’ll get that bag back to its rightful owner.”

He looked at her through bloodshot eyes, and there was so much hatred burning in his eyes. Chrissy couldn’t help but laugh. “You want to hurt me?” she tilted her head to the side, and a lazy smile pulled at her lips. “But you can’t. You’re not my nightmare, Mr. Munson. You’re not my monster. But if you ever come near me again….” Chrissy’s eyes flashed with something dark, and for the first time ever, she purposefully opened the connection between herself and Henry. It wasn’t anything she’d ever wanted. It was something she’d always feared. But for Eddie? To keep Eddie safe? There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do.

She felt Henry laugh, and practically crow inside her head. He’d always wanted to be the hero. He wanted Chrissy’s blood. He wanted her to die. But he was also fiercely possessive of the little cheerleader, and the fact that this man had tried to hurt what Henry considered “his” did not sit well with the monster at the heart of Hawkins. Around Chrissy, the trailer stretched and twisted, a million spiders cracked out from bloody scars in every wall and they swarmed toward Eddie’s father. The drunk man fell to his knees and clawed at his bloody face, as Henry’s spiders swarmed his every orifice.

That’s my girl… Henry laughed into her mind, as he watched Mr. Munson cry and crawl and shake.

“Not yet, I’m not,” Chrissy murmured, and reaching out for her walkman, she pressed play. As the music reached her ears, the connection severed, and the nightmare visions faded. She walked toward the prostrate form of Eddie’s father, and kicked him hard in the ribs. “Run, Mr. Munson. Run, or I’ll let the real monster eat you.”

With that…he was gone, scrambling away from the trailer, getting into the waiting pickup and peeling out in a cloud of jack daniels and dust. Chrissy collapsed onto the couch, clutching her walkman to her chests. There was so much blood pouring from her busted lip, she didn’t notice the little trickle that was running from her nose.

The End?


08/21/2022 02:27 PM 

letter to Chrissy

Dear Chrissy,

I hope you know how much you mean to me. I wish you could see yourself
through my eyes, so that you knew how amazing you truly are. I hope
you know that you're the love of my life, for as long as I live. I
hope you feel the same way about me - you know, with butterflies in 
your stomach? That kinda feeling.

I hope you know that you saved my life. In every way it could have possibly been saved.
Before you there was no future for me. Before you came into my life, I had 
highly considered ending mine. I was lost, I was at a dead-end. I had nothing,
and no one. I had this...this gaping hole in my chest that nothing could fix - not drugs,
not D&D, not sex, not danger, nothing. I tried it all. 

Enter YOU. I felt a new sense of meaning. Life became beautiful, and exciting, and new. 
I felt safe, and loved, and cared for. I felt like someone finally saw me. I was no longer
fighting to keep my head above water when you came into my life. I could breathe. I could 
see in color agian. I could see the bigger picture and the future that was almost taken from me.

So, you're very important to me, Chrissy Cunningham - love of my life.
You're THE REASON. And I hope you can start to see what I see in you. You find beauty
in everything. You're the sweetest person I've ever met. You're passionate, intelligent, kind, 
forgiving, sassy, and you stick up for those who can't help themselves. You are truly
a light in this dark world, and you sure as hell helped light the way for me out of depression and addiction.

You are important. You are beautiful. You are the best thing that has ever been mine, and I would 
go to the ends of the Earth, through Hell, through it all, for you. 

I love you, Chrissy Cunningham.

Eddie Munson

08/21/2022 02:26 PM 

Pray to god he hears you

TW - dark themes, drugs, mention of suicide. 

Sunlight was streaming into the trailer. That didn't happen until the afternoon. Time was going by and his brown hues had been staring at the same spot on the wall for hours. He was drenched in a cold and sickening sweat that came from drugs leaving his system -- his body desperate to feel on top of the world again. Though, lately, it was taking more and more to make him feel that way in his attempt at normalcy. What even was normal for Eddie Munson, honestly? His eyes followed the pattern the sunshine was leaving on the walls, his stomach clenched and turned uncomfortably like he was going to be sick. Maybe he'd had too much. Maybe not enough. Definitely not enough. The pounding in his head was enough to make him grind his teeth. 

His fingers traced against the cold metal of the gun that was lying on the couch beside him. Every once in a while he'd pick it up, his hands would start shaking and he would set it down again. Everything in his life had led up to this pivotal moment, this one decision Eddie believed would end the constant gaping hole he felt getting bigger inside of his chest. It hurt. Everything hurt. His head, his body, his heart. He was tired. Tired of shutting his eyes only to see his mom locking him in the bathroom for hours on end while they did drugs in the living room when he was little, or each little moment in time his mom made him feel like he had to protect her when she never once in her life fought to protect him from his dad. Or, the vision he could still see clear as day -- his moms body crumpled onto the living room floor, a pool of blood surrounding her and his dad grabbing ahold of Eddie and -- 

Eddie forced his eyes open, the images that had been flashing within his mind disappearing with a new ray of light sparkling through the window, the ray shining right onto the loaded gun in his hand. He gripped the gun tight in his hand, standing up and pacing the length of the room, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes, memories playing and re-playing over and over and over and over in his mind. A manic sort of whine escaped his lips, the breakdown from the turmoil that was bubbling inside of him at its peak. Sinking to his knees, the tears that threatened to fall finally began streaming down his cheeks. He tapped the handle of the gun against his forehead nervously, his chest heaving with sobs he was trying so hard to hold inside, "F-F***, man." 

The front door swung open revealing a wide-eyed Wayne, his mouth agape with shock at seeing Eddie's form on the floor, gun in hand, "What are you doin', boy?" Wayne's eyes gazed across the path to his nephew, glancing between the stash of used drugs on the table, empty pizza boxes scattered over the floors, and then finally landing on the gun, "Put that thing down. Eddie..." Wayne inched closer, one foot in front of the other as slowly as he could possibly muster. Eddie's shoulders dropped, and he set the gun onto the floor with shaking hands. His eyes were bloodshot, his body still clammy and shaking as the drugs wore off. 

As soon as the gun was set on the floor Wayne rushed to Eddie's side, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt causing Eddie to flinch instinctively, "What the f*** do you think you're doin'? Look at this sh*t, Eddie. Drugs all over the table, you can't even focus your eyes on anything." His uncles grip tightened onto Eddie's collar, "You are NOT your dad, boy. Don't you even f***ing start. You hear me?" Eddie remained silent, his eyes focusing on something in the distance behind his uncle when he felt another strong shake that pulled him back to present time, "I said, do you hear me?" Eddie nodded his head slowly, shutting his eyes tight in response.

"I'm tired of it." he mumbled, "Of this." he kept his eyes shut for fear of seeing his uncles reaction.

"Damnit. I'm sorry, Eddie.." Wayne let go of Eddie's shirt, "I blame myself sometimes. I knew things were happening, and I didn't remove you from the situation. Didn't feel it was my place." Eddie's eyes opened and he looked hesitantly over at his uncle, who looked on the verge of tears himself, "You are a Munson. But you are not HIM." 

Nodding his head in response, he placed his head in his hands, feeling the rough hand of his uncle gently grasping his arm, "No more drugs. Not these, anyway. Sell them, don't use them. If you use, you're out of this house. You're going to go to school. You're going to study. You're going to graduate." Wayne pulled up and Eddie responded by staggering to his feet, "I know it hurts, boy. Learn from it. Do not let my brother win, do you understand me?" 

"Yeah...I understand." his voice came out low and hoarse, the tears that had been falling were now dry. Wayne nodded in response, picking up the gun and removing it from the room where they stood. Checking the watch on his wrist, he took a deep breath. He had almost forgotten he had somewhere to be, a new kid at school wanting to buy from him. Eddie turned, seeing his uncle staring at him from the kitchen, a frown embedded so deeply into his face it aged him by at least ten years.

"Don't you ever think of doing this again. You need to be here." Eddie looked away, nodding once again in response. He had no idea what had come over him. He had no idea in this very moment, that this life was about to change for the better. That he would be shoved into a situation and come out on top of the world without the high of a drug. He had no idea he'd smile again. He had absolutely no idea what this evening would bring him. 

Enter Chrissy. F***ing. Cunningham. 

07/19/2022 10:42 PM 

I told you to be fine -pt 4 Eddie's past

and I told you to be patient
and I told you to be fine
and I told you to be balanced
and I told you to be kind

"Mom, we gotta go before dad gets back-" Eddie begged, "Please!" This should not have been his typical Wednesday night, but it was nearly every single week. Eddie's mom, Ruth, touched his cheek gently, "We can't leave, Eddie. We have no where to go..." her eyes were sad, and Eddie could feel his heartbeat thudding against his ribcage at the anticipation of his dad coming back home after his beer run. His mom had two black eyes, and Eddie had handprints, the blue-ish bruised outline covering his entire neck. His mom would never leave. Eddie begged her nearly every day but to no avail. 

"You're going to have to skip school the next couple days, until that bruise goes away, sweetie." she nearly whispered, her deep blue eyes looking at his neck with a motherly inspection, as though this were /normal/. The young boy of only sixteen could hardly breathe he was so distraught. The routine had been the same almost daily - his dad would go to work, go to the bar, come home, and beat the sh*t out of his mom or him, or just one or the other depending on who got in his way first. Eddie had skipped many days of school to let the discoloration of a bruise clear up, or he'd hide them under baggy clothes and jackets, "I'd rather be homeless. He's-" Eddie felt tears pricking at the corners of his eyes, "dad's gonna kill you one day." Ruth frowned at Eddie's prediction and wiped at the blood that crusted around her nose.

"You would never let him kill me." she smiled over at her son, and Eddie's eyes were wide with something that felt an awful like fear. Eddie always stepped in at his moms defense, and every time led to the same ending - His dad beating the absolute sh*t out of him while his mom screamed for him to stop. And on the smaller occassions Eddie had the upper hand, his mom would beg him to stop hurting his dad when he'd only been trying to get his dad to STOP. 

The front door swung open and Eddie's whole body tenssed up, "He doesn't mean to be this way, Eddie."  she said softly, as she went to go greet her husband. He felt like he could be sick. Without hesitation, Eddie went into his bedroom and locked the door. Sitting on the edge of his bed he waited...counted down for what he knew was coming next. It only took fifteen minutes this time - first the arguing started, and no sooner his mom was screaming Eddie's name repeatedly to get him to help. Sometimes he wished he'd never been born, what kind of life was this? She expected him to rescue her /every/ time, and he did. Always. At what cost? Sanity? Health? Happiness? 

Eddie took a deep breath and ran out into the living room, the sight was grisly, "Stop it!" Eddie yelled, grabbing his dad by the shoulders to pull him off of his mom. This just resulted in his dad swinging around and and a blunt object hitting Eddie over the side of his head. Eddie half-spun and staggered sideways, his mothers screams filled his ears as he collapsed to the ground on his hands and knees,  the room spinning in different directions. A steel-toed boot came down onto his back, the air in his lungs escaping in a whoosh as he face-planted into the hardwood flooring. The screams didn't stop. 

What was the point anymore? He felt the fight leaving him, and prayed this was it. Prayed this would be the absolute end. His dad jerked Eddie's head up by his hair, "I'll f***ing kill you. F***ing piece of sh*t." Eddie winced, his hands reaching up trying desparately to escape the grip. His dad pulled him up and shoved Eddie against the wall. Black spots began appearing, the room still spinning, blood dripping from his mouth. Please, let this be it, he silently begged. Eddie screwed his eyes shut, another massive blow to the head and Eddie was on the floor, unresponsive.

It didn't end for another year.

07/19/2022 10:41 PM 

our choices seal our fate (pt 3)

1.5 years later: after her death

"Jesus H ...freaking...CHRIST!" Eddie yelled, as he tried prying the door open to the beat up piece of sh*t car he owned. Actually, it was his dads car, but since his dad was still a wanted man, and /still/ not caught, Eddie had been using it regularly to get to school. Eddie was still staying at his uncles place, though he wasn't sure how much longer that would be the case - money was still tight. School continued being hell, and the only solace he found was playing D&D with his group of friends and freaks alike at the Hellfire club. That was precicely where he was currently heading, if he could get the damn car door open, "You piece of...." he yanked on the door handle, "f***ing, f***ing..." he pulled harder, "SH*T!" he yanked so hard the handle flew off, and Eddie stumbled backwards, dust flying up every which way as he landed. 

"Looks like you need a new car." a voice from behind Eddie caused him to rather quickly shoot to his feet and turn around. He recognized the man standing in front of him. He hadn't seen him in, well, since he was a kid. A 'friend' of his dads, "Turner -" Eddie grumbled, blinking as though half expecting him to be a figment of his imagination. The man, Turner, glared in Eddie's direction and right then and there he knew something was up. This wasn't going to be a friendly hello, goodbye, situation. 

"F***. What is it?" Eddie ground out, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket. Turner slowly circled Eddie, holding what looked like a pocket knife in his hand. Eddie swallowed, and watched as he was circled, not taking his eyes off the man. 

"I left your sh*t-bag dad 5k worth of drugs -" Turner flipped the knife over and over in his hands, and kicked at the dirt so that it casually flew onto Eddie's already dirty jeans, "I know that f***er isn't selling it right now, and I know that means he's not paying me back." Eddie's heart began hammering in his chest. Of course, leave it to his on-the-run dad to not settle his debts before killing his mom and bolting. Sh*t. F***. F***, "Where is it, Eddie? I want it all back." 

"How am I supposed to know?" Eddie lied. His eyes lingered a bit too long on Turner's reddening face, "BULLSH*T!" Turner spat, suddenly grabbing Eddie's arm and nearly pulling him towards his uncle's trailer, "Show me what's left, f***er." Eddie stumbled towards the door, opened it and quickly went inside to where he kept what was remaining of whatever his dad had left behind. The only issue was that he and his buddies had been, well, using the stash of drugs. Turner led him silently down the hall as Eddie opened his bedroom door, fumbling through a box he kept under his bed. Turner ripped the box from his hands and opened it with the speed of someone who was about to be extremely pissed off.

Turner let out a low chuckle that made Eddie's heart sink into his stomach, "You-you owe me 5k, boy." he growled, and Eddie raised his hands and stepped back, "Dude, I literally have no money, I'm-" Eddied stuttered, "This isn't my mess!" Turner grabbed Eddie by the collar of his t-shirt and pulled him so that their faces were merely inches apart, "Sell the rest of this sh*t. I don't care what you have to do to get me my money back, but you'll f***ing do it." he spat, "And if I find out you're using it, I'll f***ing kill you. Get. Me. My. Money. Back." 

Letting go of Eddie and shoving him back, Eddie caught his balance, lips slightly parted, quite literally in shock. Turner stepped towards him again as though prompting Eddie to reply. Sucking in a sharp breath Eddie replied, "Okay...okay...I'll-yeah, I'll do it." Without another word, Turner turned and left the room, "You have three weeks." 

Hands cupped his mouth as he sat down slowly onto his bed, eyes wide in disbelief. 

07/19/2022 10:40 PM 

a transition (pt 2 of Eddie's past)

Week 1: After her death

Being all the way in the back of the classroom took the eyes off of him. Eyes closed, he placed his head onto the top of his desk, sheer exhaustion washing over every inch of his body. Every time he closed his eyes he saw his mother's battered body on the floor, and his father's black eyes - soulless. The classroom remained active, the teacher droning on and on about history, or...or something. Eddie didn't even know what damn day it was, nonetheless what class he was in. He hadn't been sleeping. He hadn't been eating. He'd been staying at his uncles trailer while everything got sorted out. Well, sorted wasn't the word for it. There was not going to be a funeral, as the family didn't have enough money. His uncle was on the fence about letting him stay because it was just another mouth to feed. It was just another --

"Edward Munson, please come with us." bolting upright, Eddie peered across the classroom to see two police officers standing in the doorway, arms folded. The classroom turned absolutely silent, you could hear a pin drop five miles from here. Pure panic surged through him, but he stood on shaking legs, grabbing his bag and walking down the isle, "I always knew he'd kill someone and go to jail." a boy snickered, and the rest of the class seemed to agree as there were nods of agreement and returning laughter filling his ears. Eddie closed his eyes tiredly, his eyes burned. Nothing took longer than the walk out of the classroom, down the hall, and to the police vehicle. Nothing.

The interrogation: 

"Edward, do you-"  Eddie quickly corrected him, "It's...Eddie." his voice was hoarse from having not spoken in what felt like days. The officer sat silently for a moment, observing the young man in front of him - eyes blootshot, bluish-black bruses litering his face, a split lip, "Eddie." the detective began again, "Do you know where your father is hiding?" It suddenly felt like ice ran through his veins at the mention of his dad, the prick who ended his mothers life over a dish not being cleaned in the f***ing sink. 

"No. I-I don't. He could be dead for all I f***ing care." his voice was low, trying his best to hold a steady composure, while his hands shook wildly underneath the table. Eddie tapped his foot nervously to music that wasn't there, "You mean you haven't caught him yet?" 
"No. We have a couple leads but - "  the detective shook his head and Eddie grimaced. He was out there somewhere, and he'd do that sh*t again, too. Kill someone elses mom. Two more officers came into the room, leaving the door wide open for him to leave. Eddie looked to the detective for permission, and he nodded his approval. Eddie stood up and walked out, hands shoved in his pockets to hide the trembling. 

Week 3: F*** you.

"I hear he worships Satan."  Jason looked at all his friends, a serious expression painting his chiseled face.
"I know that he killed someone and that's why the cops took him away." another kid added, "and he has that cult...Hellfire?" 
"We have to do something about him. Make him regret the day he ever set foot at this school. We don't tolerate murderers. Freaks like him...have to be dealt with."  

Eddie turned the corner, eyed them, flipped them off, and walked out of the school. He didn't ever think he could come back.

Week 4: A concerned teacher

"Eddie, your grades have slipped, you won't graduate this year if you don't take initiative." 
Eddie stared blankly at the wall behind his history teacher, his eyes glazed. He was high. It was all he could do to keep himself from wasting away into nothing. How could he focus on school? How could he deal with Jason and his army of Ken dolls? How was he supposed to handle any of this after what had happened weeks ago? Eddie shrugged his shoulders, "Not to diminish your job, but this is all bullsh*t. Your class is bullsh*t. The assignments are bullsh*t, and none of this means SH*T." he rubbed at his eyes, and leaned back in his seat. 

His teacher was clearly taken aback, "I'm sorry for what you are going through, but-" Eddie cut her off before she could continue, "Kindly f*** off." Standing up, Eddie waved his hand in dismissal as he exited the classroom. 



07/19/2022 10:39 PM 

A snippet into Eddies past pt 1

Eddie's heart was beating out of his chest. At just seventeen, he had witnessed his dad beat the absolute sh*t out of his mom. Eddie screamed. Eddie cried. Eddie threatened to call the cops. Nothing he said or screamed seemed to help the scenario that played out in front of him. This wasn't uncommon. This wasn't a one-time, random, ill-fated, evening. This was an all-the-damn-time occurrance. His dad would come home completely blasted, he would storm through the trailer and find things to pick at. Once he fixated on something, nothing could change his dad's mind - sh*t was going down. 

This night was no different, but it was worse. This time around, his dad wasn't stopping. His mom wasn't moving or screaming anymore. If he didn't do something now, this was it. This would be the absolute last time at the cost of his mothers life. Hands shaking, Eddie charged at his dad, knocking him to the floor. Sh*t. Sh*t....sh*t! Before Eddie could grab a weapon, his dad was on top of him blowing punch after punch. 

Managing to claw his way out from under his dad, Eddie scrambled to his feet, blood dripping like a running faucet from his face, "F uck. YOU." he spat, backing away slowly, a phone now in his hand. His dad scowled, "You're a f***ing coward, Eddie. I didn't raise no snitch." 

"Yeah, well, I hope you rot. You piece of absolute shi-" and just like that hands were wrapped around his neck so tight that not one fraction of air could fill his lungs. Time slowed, the room began spinning, his big brown eyes blurred with tears as he clenched the phone in one hand, while his other was attemping to pry his dad's hands off of his neck. One last surge of adrenaline proved useful, and Eddie crashed the phone into the side of his dad's head. His grip loosened on Eddie's neck, and the boy flew to his feet and towards the front door.

"You better run, boy. I'll f***ing kill you!" and with one last fear stricken look at his mom crumpled on the floor, Eddie threw open the door and bolted out of the trailer so fast that he nearly face-planted into the dirt. He could hear heavy footsteps behind him, and the loading of a gun. He'd never ran so fast in his life, as bullets whizzed past him, and he ducked and dodged blindly. 

The neighbors must have heard, because sirens wailed in the distance. 

Eddie never stopped running. 

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