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08/04/2022 12:17 PM 

Plot ideas

Plot I want to do a plot where Nate finds out he has a twin brother and he never had any idea that he had one and the other has a good life and Nate don't and he wants the others life . I really want to do this plot with someone using Jacob elordi as a face claim or Nate Jacobs.

08/03/2022 11:31 PM 


Most people know who they are and what they want from a young age. But me I have no idea what I wanted and who I was meant to be Growing up I had to be a man to play sports and just date girls and be what my father wanted for me the golden boy the jock . So I did that and I just hated myself for lying . I want to be myself and not be judged or hated for it. You can judge me all you want but I don't care at all

07/28/2022 10:50 PM 

Plot ideas

Nathaniel Nate Jacobs played by Asher angel. Nate is a teenager and he's an up and coming singer and song writer. But his life don't end up that way as you all know he becomes a football player . Nathaniel is different in this verse and he's still in the closet with his sexuality at this point and he is watching his father's DVDs still and protecting him . This verse is open and ready for anything so feel free to plot with young Nathaniel

07/22/2022 10:43 PM 

Open roleplay

Euphoria season 1 show 1 open to crossovers and anyone 

It was a great day for the captain of the football team and quarter back Nate had just won the game and the jock was on a high from the game and just the vibe of the party that him and McKay decided to throw for everyone who's anyone to be honest.

Everything was going amazing the music was on blast and the guests were in a world of their own and tonight was the night when it was about to happen everything would change 

Nate was dancing and kissing on some random girl and he was high on the music and the drugs he just did tonight and the drinks he consumed. Dressed only in his jeans and sneakers Nate had grinded closer to the girl looking around with confidence in his eyes hoping someone would want to bug him tonight.

07/22/2022 10:39 PM 

Euphoria roleplay open roleplay season 1

Open to all fandoms season 1 show 1

07/22/2022 10:30 PM 


I live for the fight and it drives me nuts when I can't hurt someone to feel something is better than feeling nothing at all The world is sh*t and the truth is I want to hurt someone because it feels good . If you start me I will end you and not care about the mess you are or that I put you in the hospital. I guess I leaned it from my father and that is something you can't unlearn. When I hurt someone it's a rush and the truth is I don't know how to stop. Nate

07/20/2022 11:54 PM 


What does love mean to you ? Not sure I never felt it only with Jules and I f***ed it up Tattoos you want - a skull on my arm or chest something cool like that Piercings you want - my ear and tongue and my lip mabye Love or sex - sex Hate or love - hate Lies or truth - lies Sex or drugs both Car or walking - car Movies or TV - both

07/20/2022 10:27 PM 


Headcanon Nate only wanted to go back to Maddy because she had the disk of Jules and his father and he wanted it back so he can do what has to be done by giving it to Jules again . He had no feelings for Maddy and the truth is all he cared about was that disk and not the love he once had and when things started with Cassie he felt something for her in his own twisted way

07/19/2022 06:25 PM 


I decided to go with for the url name call me Tyler because Nate pretended to be Tyler on a gay dating app for Jules and it was the name of the guy Tyler Clarkson who Nate beat up when Maddy lied about being blacked out and Tyler taking advantage of her Tyler is who the real Nate is sweet and caring and loving to Jules and it fits things now because deep down he's not Nate he's always going to be Tyler

07/19/2022 06:20 PM 


Headcanon When Nate was younger a teenager he wanted to sing and play guitar but he ended up playing sports and having to live like his father and be a man who would get married and have a family and he tried his best to fake it and even in school once he got popular he changed and drank more and partied way too much for his own good the fighting and drinking numbed his pain in the worst possible way


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