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It had seemed like a life time ago since the games had taken place and yet in reality it had been merely months or so he was told, if it wasn’t for Haymitch to fill in some details he would have been completely lost. Though there were still a lot he had forgotten Haymitch told him several times that things between Katniss and him got physical.. was it really that case? He was drawing a blank his mind only could make out bits and pieces. Yes he had entered the games…yes he had gonna through both and survived..he could remember friends were killed but their names once again went blank. The months really had helped but in away didn’t with his complete reset. the arrival back to district 13 was strange, for starters he was completely unaware that the place even existed and if it wasn’t for once again Haymitch explaining to him that district 13 had been hidden for years he would have never believed it. Than there was the fact of spending two months trying to recover from the torture and brainwashing the capitol bestowed upon him, every time Katniss was in the facinity or the mention of her name he would snap. He could remember clearly the first encounter with her he tried to literally kill her, in the back of his mind he knew he shouldn’t that he was still in love with her but it was like having someone else remotely control him. 

Now he was walking around eggshells with her the first month of finally leaving the medic wing he avoided her like she was the plaque he spent hours outside of the district with a chaperone more like a soldier watching over him and his every move. The soldier was ordered to shoot him if he snapped and the guy really didn’t have a reason not too. He pretty much was considered a traitor to everyone, it was obvious with the looks and glares he received daily it made him so uncomfortable that he avoided the cafeteria area completely and spent most day eating with Effie in her room. She was a huge help in keeping him calm and distracted, she was like an older sister of sorts despite her rants of not having her luxury attire and hair she was delightful to be around. There was the secret however she had a thing for Haymitch, it was so obvious to the naked eye how they flirted and would often sneak off like teenagers who were too afraid to get into trouble. He was happy for them they deserved some normalcy despite the war that was coming and yet he wished things weren’t so bad.

There was a lot of self thinking as he found himself finally able to be outside again it was nice out for a change the sign of spring was there and he took the opportunity to go outside. Being outside had so many benefits…One he could be alone and not have Haymitch jumping down his throat to make amends with Katniss, two Effie was secretly trying to repair the romance and three he was tempting to leave when the guard wasn’t leaving. Finally his feet hit the soft soil and with in seconds he was off he followed the dirt trail that led to the ruins of an old brick building covered in vines. It was his go to spot…walking up to it his eyes glanced around it was nice not seeing snow for a change yet it was still cool. “ finally..” walking over to wall of the building he stood there looking out what used to have a window down at the woods below. The woods he spent a good time in them that he remembered clearly it was like a movie running in his mind but all he could make out was figured running and screaming someone calling his name and yet the voice was recognizable. Sighing he rubbed the back of his head boy did he hate being him right now only if he could rewind time and fix what happened in the first place he wouldn’t be having to fix his memory.

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