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02/14/2023 05:50 PM 

Shattered (Oliver Queen drabble)

“Hey! You’re early! I haven’t even gotten dressed yet!” Smiling, Lois tip-toed to give Oliver a quick kiss on the cheek before striding across the room to pick up the garment bag that was draped over the oversized arm chair.  “I’ll only be a minute…” Ollie pulled her hand away from the bag and turned her around to face him.

“Lo, we have to talk.”  His tone gave her pause, her bright hazel hues taking him in for the first time. He wasn’t dressed in a suit either.  The two of them had reservations at ‘Per Se’ - the most extravagant restaurant in Metropolis. It was Valentine’s Day.  Ollie said he had gone all out for this one, making a naturally suspicious Lois Lane wonder if maybe…just maybe, a certain question might be asked.  She was ready for it.  They had been together for almost 2 years.  Ollie was the first guy she had truly fallen in love with…someone it was safe to give her heart to. There had been many near misses in her past; guys ultimately looking for one thing or another - sex, information, leverage in their own ambition, to get in her father’s good graces… Never had she found a guy who had ever made her a priority, until Oliver Queen.

He wasn’t the billionaire playboy the press had made him out to be.  The owner and operator of Queen Industries and the Daily Planet’s star reporter had met at a costume party, introduced by a mutual friend.  Oliver was dressed as Robin Hood, and Lois as Maid Marion at the friend’s suggestion.  Later, Lois would find out Oliver had orchestrated the whole meeting, to her amusement.  Something had just clicked, right away, and the two of them ended up spending the night talking and joking around as if they had been friends their entire lives. He was smart, charming, handsome, and far more down to earth than Lois had imagined him to be.  Oliver had had tragedy in his life that few could understand, and on more than one occasion he still woke in terror from his recurring nightmare, with Lois whispering reassurance as she held him and wiped the sweat from his brow.
Right now Ollie’s face had the same expression of seriousness, but instead of terror, it was consumed by sadness.

“What happened? Ollie, what’s going on? Are you okay?” The brunette’s head tilted in confusion as her hands reached up to hold his face.  Were those tears in his eyes?
“Lois, I have to go.” His voice was barely above a whisper.

"Go where?” Her brows furrowed. She didn’t understand.

“I can’t tell you that.” His hands grabbed hers, taking them from his face and holding them. He ran his thumbs over the pale skin, eyes cast downward, as if unable to look Lois in the eye.

“What do you mean you can’t tell me. Ollie, what the hell is going on. You’re scaring me.”  She pulled her hands away and grabbed his face again, this time forcing him to look into her eyes. The pain etched in his features softened her tone. “Hey, it’s me. You can tell me anything, you know that.  I love you.  If there is some kind of trouble….we’ll figure it out, together.”

“No Lois, it isn’t like that.”  He pulled her hands away once again and walked away to the nearest window, the twinkling lights of the city framing his strong silhouette. He ran his fingers through the top of his light blonde fringe, the way he did if he was uncertain about a merger, or some other important decision he had to make.  “I have something I need to tell you.  Something I’ve been keeping from you.”

Lois braced herself for it.
There was someone else.  Looking back, it made sense.  He disappeared at all hours, citing business, emergency meetings, late night video conferences due to time zone differences.  But Lois had always trusted him.  He’d never given her a reason not to.  But there was nothing else it could be other than another woman.  Women threw themselves at him all the time, to the point it had become a running joke between them.  But he’d always said he only had eyes for her.  Lois was a strong woman, but a hand still went to the arm of the chair to steady herself for the words she thought were to come.
They weren’t what she thought they were going to be.

He turned around. “The um….the story that you’ve been chasing on and off, about the Green Arrow.”

“What?” Lois questioned, shaking her head. “What does that have to do with...”

“It’s me.  He…is me.”

An incredulous chuckle filled the room.  “Ollie, if you’ve been cheating on me, at least be a man and own up to it.  Saying you are Star City’s and Metropolis’ vigilante archer…that’s just a ridiculous insult.  I think I’m worth more than that.”   Lois shook her head, not sure if she was more angry than hurt, or hurt than angry.

“What?  Cheating?  Lo, I have never cheated on you.  I’d never cheat on you.  That’s not even in the realm of possibility.”

"Oh, and this is?”

“Yes…it is.  Listen to me.” He came over and turned her towards him. "If you really think about it….from the first night we met, when I made you that bet for a kiss? That was my bow, not a prop.  I missed on purpose.  I couldn’t let you get suspicious.  And all the times I had to leave…if you check, they’d be the same nights he…I…was out.  Getting justice.  Saving people.”

“This is stupid…” Lois began, but she thought back.  Dates of her published stories.  How comfortable he seemed with the bow.  Little bruises and scrapes from time to time.
The arm of the chair had indeed been needed as her knees felt like they were going to give out. A heated blush crept into her cheeks. “Oh my God.” her free hand flew to her mouth. “How could I….” How could she have not seen it.  Was she that stupid?  She was an investigative reporter for sh*ts sake. Ollie felt her body falter under his hands.

“Here, maybe you should sit down...”

“Don’t touch me!” She pulled away from him, the realization of his words still sinking in…stinging.

“Lois, I can’t leave you like this.”

“What do you mean, leave? Why do you have to leave? Why are you doing this?” Lois turned back towards him, her eyes filling with confused tears. She was SO angry, but hearing him say he was leaving? He can’t just drop something like this on her and also tell her he was leaving her, all in the same night.

Oliver sighed. “Lo, I can’t tell you anything else. I just…I have to leave. Tonight.  And there’s a good chance I’m not coming back.”  His emotion and concern stare didn’t impact Lois.  She was starting to feel numb.  Flashbacks of them together flitted through her mind’s eye…the night they met…the night he first processed his love for her with a bouquet of flowers and an actual tape deck belting out the classic Elvin Bishop song “Fooled Around and Fell In Love,” his nightmares, their dreams…their future…

His eyes closed for a second, as if he was remembering the same things, and then he sighed. “This is it…the moment, right?  The moment I’m gonna regret for the rest of my life, isn’t it?”
Her hands reached up and cradled his face one more time, eyes pleading.
“Please don’t do this to us.” He shook his head. He knew it was for the best. To keep her safe. To keep everyone safe. Seeing her lack of impact her hands dropped. She turned away, wrapping her arms around the waist his used to be when he’d hold her.

“I’m sorry.”

Lois’s eyes closed as he strode across the room and opened the door. She didn’t see the last look of anguish and tears on Ollie’s face when he turned to look at her one last time before shutting the door behind him.

It was a few moments before Lois opened her eyes again. The numbness was suffocating now. An agonizing sob escaped the trembling woman as she grabbed the first thing beside her…a vase full of the most recent bouquet of flowers Ollie had given her. Water, petals and glass exploded against the door…the vase completely shattered.

Like her heart.

01/23/2023 01:38 PM 

An Armed Meeting

“This is breaking news. An unidentified…”
Like everyone else, Lois was glued to the tv screen in her home where she was sitting cross-legged on her bed with papers, pens, phone and a laptop strewn about her.

‘You are not alone.'
'You are not alone.'
'You are not alone.'
'You are not alone.’

“It's coming in on the RSS feeds.” 

'You are not alone.’

The reporter’s phone began buzzing. She picked it up, glanced at it, and put it back down again. An automated alert bulletin shared with the public. Yeah…way to make everyone /not/ panic, the young woman said aloud in the empty room. Her attention went back to the big screen.

‘My name is General Zod. I come from a world far from yours. I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. For some time, your world has sheltered one of my citizens. I request that you return this individual......to my custody. The fate of the planet rests in your hands.
To Kal-El, I say this: Surrender within 24 hours......or watch this world suffer the consequences.’


“All right. You've got our attention. What is it you want?” General Swanwick addressed the man floating above.

“I would like to speak to Lois Lane.”

Every television in the Planet’s newsroom was tuned into the big event - where Superman - as Lois had dubbed him in her story about his saving her, hovered in the sky above a garrison of the strongest military on earth, calmly, as if he was addressing a Starbucks barista instead of a United States General with the capacity to shoot basically anything he wanted in the caped man’s direction. But, everyone knew this was no ordinary man. All eyes in the Daily Planet fell upon Lois - causing an uncharacteristic red-tinge to her pale features. She shrugged the statement off, unconvincingly.
“What? He caught me from the sky in mid air. It’s not completely crazy that he’s decided to make me a condition of his surrender.”

Perry was about to say something when his phone rang. As he listened to the caller, Lois began gathering up her things. She already knew he’d tell her to get the hell down there, and even if he didn’t, she’d do it anyway.
“Lois?” He yelled as he put the phone down.
“Mhm, I’m going.” She slung her bag over her shoulder.
“You’re right, and you’re getting a military escort. The helicopter will be on the roof in a few minutes.”
‘Another helicopter……just great’, Lois murmured as she grabbed her coat from the back of her chair and headed towards the elevator.

The escort to the interrogation room at the Peterson Air Force Base was as silent as the helicopter ride there. Tensions were so high you could feel it in the air. A uniformed man opened the door and gestured to a metal table with two matching chairs. The room was sterile…barren, with every little sound giving off a slight echo.

As Lois sat down, she noticed the Observa mirror with an amused smile; remembering what General Swanwick had said to her when she arrived. “Don’t worry, Miss Lane.  Myself and a host of armed personnel will be on the other side of the window.”
All of this was ridiculous. The things that this man could do. Did they really think anything they had here was a match for him? And besides, he saved people, he didn’t kill them. Lois knew it as soon as her flailing body was caught in his arms and she looked into his crystal blue eyes. He could be a champion for the people, if they’d let him.

She had barely had a chance to put her recorder on the table before the door opened again. Superman was led to the table by four armed soldiers, who sat him down and double checked his handcuffs before leaving the two of them alone and presumably joining the others behind the window. It was a moment before Lois could breath. Upon seeing him she felt like all of the air had been sucked from the room. The sound of the metal cuffs clinking against the table was what brought her down to earth again….so to speak.

“You let them handcuff you?” the slender brunette said softly, shaking her head. Wavy tendrils of her dark hair rested around her oval face when she stopped. “Umm, Supe….I mean, Kal-El.” she corrected herself, using what appeared to be his actual name.
“Why are you surrendering to Zod?”

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06/21/2022 01:02 PM 

Planetary Showdown - Drabble

She had gotten her piece in just in time for it to be put to print, not even having enough time for the Chief to see it and….well….react. The next morning however, it seemed the entire office floor knew what Lois was going to be walking into. Gazes from passersby had either looks of shock or sympathy. For the first time even Jimmy stayed silent as she entered, attempting to avert her gaze by fiddling with some imaginary piece on his camera.
Nope…this was not going to be pretty.

“You’d better watch out, Lois.”

Lois pointedly ignored Steve as she hung up her jacket and dropped her purse on the floor under her desk. She noticed Clark was coming out of the break room with a coffee. Hope he felt he was ready to take on the world without her. She’d be lucky to have a job by the end of this.

“Hey, Perry's gunning for you.” Steve nearly had to run alongside her as she strode her way towards Perry’s office door. “He can’t wait to rip you a new one!”
The derogatory term caused Lois to give Steve a look that quickly stopped him in his tracks. Perry’s voice boomed as soon as she passed through his entryway.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?! What kind of horse manure did you write in MY paper!?"

Lois swallowed hard while leaning back against the silver handles. As if anyone would risk their lives trying to get in. But she didn’t dare come any closer to the Chief right now. Not when it looked like he was going to have a coronary. Or pull a leather strap from his desk.

“Perry, calm down.” She never called him by his first name, but the man was too irate to take notice.

“Calm down? Lois Lane, every other paper in this town, hell, on his planet, has a female reporter....a good looking female reporter, stashed on the roof covering Superman, and you actually have him come to YOU for an interview. The interview of a lifetime! And you, of all people, completely blow it? Writing something that belongs on some obscure editorial page. Not our front page!”

The reporter gritted her teeth and strode to the editor’s desk, picking up the large crumpled page that was spread upon it, shaking off the ash from his cigar. He had actually lit it today.

“If you would let me explain…”

“Explain what? There is no explaining this Lane. I’d fire you if I didn’t think your father would send the department of defence down here.”

“Perry, LISTEN!” She slammed the page back down upon his desk! “This is more complicated than you think it is! Do you not think that I would have dug into his most personal thoughts and feelings if I thought it was good for this paper? I’ve done it before! With our mayor, our governor, hopefully Bruce Wayne himself…. But this was different!”

Perry sat down in his chair, leaning back…seething. “Pray tell Lane, why do I have a simple opinion piece about Superman on the front page of my newspaper and not a Pulitzer prize winning interview telling us what the hell he does in his spare time, where he came from and where he hangs his cape?!” His hand gestured across the title - Why the World Needs Superman.

“He’s…….” Lois leaned her palms on his desk, biting her lower lip as if trying to find the right way to explain that the graying older man would actually understand. But she herself barely understood, and the night had become far more than about an interview. A small blush creeped up her neck into her cheeks. She shook her head and cleared her throat. Now was not the time to think about that.
“He’s different than he seems. Yes, he was open about a lot of things, but the more he told me, the more I realized that what he was saying could be used against him if the wrong people paid attention.”

“Lane, the man can walk through fire and stop speeding bullets. He can lift an airplane, pull an ocean liner, and who knows what else.” The Chief leaned forward, his expression dripping with sarcasm.
“And we don’t know the ‘what else’ because you didn’t bother to tell us!”

“I did mention his other abilities, but what people don’t talk about….what they don’t know, is what he actually stands for, beyond everything he can do. The ‘why’ he does what he does! He….”
She was interrupted.

“Two weeks leave….no pay. That’s your penance.”

Lois gaped. She didn’t actually think she would get put on a literal timeout for this. “Perry, this is ridiculous! I…”

“Three, unless you finally come to your senses and write the actual full interview you were supposed to! And Lois?”
The petite brunette whirled around in the middle of her stride to the doors, now seething herself.

“You pull something like this again, you’re done here.”

The door slammed behind her when she left.

All of a sudden the momentarily quiet office began bustling as if they hadn’t dropped everything in the attempt to hear what was happening between their boss and star reporter. Lois ignored them all as she grabbed her large purse and began shoving random files into it, along with anything else she thought she might need over the next few weeks. She might not work here, but she was sure as hell going to keep working. What Lois hadn’t realized was that her recorder had fallen from her purse when she had set it down upon arriving. When she picked it up to hang it over her shoulder the electronic device stayed under her chair.

“Looks like you’re gonna have some peace and quiet over the next few weeks,” Lois commented to Clark as she grabbed her coat and draped it over her forearm. Without waiting for a reply she strode away…away from him and the flurry of whispers behind her.


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