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09/17/2023 06:58 PM 

Fall Bucket List

  1. Pumpkin Patch: Carleigh would like to visit a Pumpkin Patch. She never got to go as a child.
  2. Carve Pumpkins: Another thing she never got to do, was to carve a pumpkin. With her parents being deaf, they hardly did anything where a lot of hearing people would be in attendance.
  3. Halloween Party: She never got to go to a Halloween party in school. She wasn’t popular and didn’t get invited.
  4. Visit a Haunted House: Carleigh has always wanted to visit a haunted house, however, there weren’t any in Boston.
  5. Watch Fall Hallmark movies with a friend: Watching Hallmark movies had been her safe haven, and she would now like to enjoy them with a friend or two.
  6. Decorate for Fall: Growing up, she had a wreath, but always wanted to get the fake spider webs, fake “Caution” tape, blow up outside balloons, and decorate.
  7. Visit a Fall Market: There weren’t fall markets in Boston, for some reason, so she wants to go to one in Seattle.

08/30/2023 01:08 PM 

Bi-Weekly Task August 17-31

  1. Imogen Moreno from Degrassi: The Next Generation- Imogen went to such measures to make sure to stand out, like Carleigh did when she was back in Boston. She also became edgy, like Carleigh did to act out.
  1. Abigail Stanton from When Calls the Heart- Like Carleigh, Abigail loved to bake and cook, but she mostly baked. Baking for other people is what Abigail loved the most, that she opened Abigail’s Café. Carleigh loves to bake for other people.
  1. Kayla MacBentley from Zero Chill- The MacBentley family move from Canada to the UK for her brother’s hockey dreams. Her life and her dreams get put on hold all because her parents were too focused on her brother and his hockey. This is all Carleigh’s life almost to the T.

08/10/2023 02:04 PM 

August 7th Bi-Weekly Task

  1. Coffee (cold or hot): Being up early for work and up late for games, Carli needs her coffee. She doesn’t get a ton of sleep, so she runs on coffee. Depending on the weather, she gets hot or cold coffee drinks.
  1. Cell Phone: Her phone is her communication. Not only for work, but for friends and family. Even though she gets updates straight from the Kraken, she still needs it to keep up with Away games.

  1. Music: When Carli gets overwhelmed, she needs to take a step back and center herself. She focuses on everyone and making her friends and family happy to the point where she stresses herself out.
  1. Friends: While Carli doesn’t have a lot of friends, she cherishes those she does have. They have helped her when she needed it the most, even when she was determined that she was fine and didn’t need them.

  1. Cooper: Her family drives her crazy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Carli has had her heart broken in the past, and she wouldn’t have gotten through it without Cooper. Yes, her parents were there but Coop was there to pick up the piece’s, every time.

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