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desired roles

**Message if interested.
***None of these are specific LI roles but can become them if desired, depending on chemistry
****any genders for any roles except Anya.

Anya Taylor Joy - She was a starlet on the rise constantly getting snuffed out until she and her best friend Charlie made the next indie cult classic, a movie similar to Cecil B. Demented minus all the NSFW stuff. Almost everything up to taker. 

Sam Claflin/Henry Cavill/Jamie Dornan/Similar fc desired for a complicated and extremely dark role. Charlie sells people's parts. This role was one of his top customers but now decided to join the business with him. This is the role that helps him manage the secrecy but also the popularity of it all. Think of his personality as a very twisted Finnick Odair or Handsome Jack type. Charming, charismatic, calculative, highly intelligent, but also real twisted and f***ed in the head. This role is a potential LI but not for the faint of heart by any means. 

Kiersey Clemons/Zendaya/Ana De Armas/similar fc desired. Similar to Noa in Fresh with whatever twists the writer wants. Always failed at the dating scene but ran into Charlie in a grocery store. After a few dates, he brought her home but things aren't what they seem about the happy sunshine man. Borderline stockholm but not as traumatic. Almost everything up to taker. 

Vanessa Hudgens/Eiza Gonzales/similar fc wanted for a babysitter. Her and Charlie have been neighbors since he moved to the states seven years ago, around the same time his daughter was born and given to him for full custody. This neighbor is one of the first people Charlie met and became close friends with. Vanessa role is constantly offering to help him out and vice versa because she could never have kids of her own. They are often found singing musicals or watching cartoons together, with or without the kid having to be watching with them mind you.

Any gender fc desired for frenemy. Similar to Mollie in Fresh with whatever twists the writer wants. The best friend of ABOVENAME who also gets caught up in mess while trying to rescue her friend. It is very complicated, but she is happy as long as her bestie is happy but she has a close eye on Charlie, watching his every movie. Very enemies to friends trope. Almost everything up to taker. 

Any gender fc desired for bodyguard-ish complicated role. Similar to Ann in Fresh with whatever twists the writer wants. The one that beat the system, so to speak. It would normally be the one who got away, but they didn't want to go anywhere when all was said and done. So now, Charlie has himself a live-in bodyguard of sorts, someone to watch over the people he captures, make sure they don't do anything stupid. Almost everything up to taker. 

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