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05/13/2022 06:05 PM 

Ivan Michael Hayes

Happy Friday the 13th y'all 😀🔪


So I wanted to make this so people can come and read about my character I have created and how I like to write. 

First off- I'm very open minded and I will work with you with just about anything. 
no incest EVER. No rape EVERRR. 
Other than that I'm open and I do like darker mature writing.
I prefer para or semi-para but I understand if you don't want to. 

Ivan Michael Hayes
Student/ (struggling student) studying criminal justice
Bar tender 
musician (his passion is music and is a lead singer in a band that has become very popular in his home town)

Ivan was in a car accident, which killed his best friend.
Ivan flatlined at the hospital and was almost pronounced dead... but he lived.
Ivan has never been the same since the accident. He struggles from the lost of his friend and the dark entity that has been following him ever since. 

(more to come)


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