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JJ Winchester-Kiss My eyes to Sleep Part 4

JJ Winchester-Kiss My Eyes To Sleep - Part 4
The saying is that things happen for a reason but it still doesn’t explain getting bit by vampires and hellhounds for a child. Lots of people are probably wondering how does a child survive such trauma as the same can be said for a child losing it’s family and how search for that long lost family of theirs.Amusement you can say that my captors have that as they didn’t stop the vampires or the hellhounds from biting and tearing me apart. I’m not sure how to explain but lying on this hospital gurney that I know factors are more then just being bitten by a vampire as I was also injected with vampire blood. The moments I laid there on the hospital gurney as the hounds sat there watching me as I bled out from the numerous bites. The blood flowed out as my arms and legs regrew after the hellhounds had torn the flesh from my child bones. I the conflicted chosen winchester was a chew toy for these hounds for how long I didn’t know but I knew death was there watching but I wasn’t dead either. I wasn’t exactly sure as I knew my heart was beating as I could hear it but I knew too my captors were doing something to me….My thoughts as I laid there were about our father and my brothers as we were all still grieving over the lost of our mother Mary Winchester who was also our father’s beloved wife. Family that I always knew was an important trait to have as well as loyalty because that is how our parents brought us up to have family values and morals. The real me as there are times when I am laying here quietly after being tortured that I wonder who I am but in my mind’s eye that I am always reminded that I am forever a Winchester no matter what is done to me. I knew the voice I was hearing was our mother Mary Winchester as I remember her voice and how she sounded. The words that I kept repeating in my head were our father John Winchester though Mama too use to tell us when we were younger to always remember we are part of the Winchester legacy. The IV that was running through my veins contains not just my blood type but also vampire/demon and angel blood. It was quite a given mixture as usually vampire blood would make you undead but no for me the circumstances were much differently. As a child they had to explain this to me as I would not just understand it on my own. As I was alive with a faint heartbeat that I had always had as that is how I described my own heartbeat because I could not pronounce the big words to describe what was a matter with my heart. Yes I was alive but these different bloods were becoming part of my genetic dna as I knew who was behind it mostly as they told me with their own mouths. So no it true that knowledge has to be learned and I would definiatly say that being experimented on is a learning experience. This blood in my veins was both new and old but also mine and not mine. Eternal youth like Peter Pan came to my mind as I laid there on the hospital Gurney with the hounds of hell watching my every move. This place where I was as I could tell with my mind’s eye that it wasn’t your normal, average hospital because normal hospitals didn’t have hellhounds, archangels,demons or vampires watching you……..

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