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11/25/2022 10:25 PM 

Thankful For What?

Thanks For What?
Featuring Smart Ass Kid

On most nights, the Sanctum Sanctorum was empty. Stephen Strange would find himself floating through the halls with Cloaky billowing around him. He'd land with the lightest step as Cloaky would deflate like a balloon. Oh he was always aware that the Cloak of Levitation was sentient. Even when he wanted to walk on his own two feet, the Cloak would wiggle and pull at him, snapping him from the lowest doldrums. Wong had warned him that these mystical items were bonded to the ones that they chose. This described Cloaky too well.

It was Thanksgiving again and he was alone…again. He could recall a time when Christine had spent Thanksgiving with him. That pang of wistful regret struck him again. It had been his own arrogance that had driven away the woman that was in fact his soul mate. He was alone and he deserved it.

He descended the front staircase like a normal man would despite the fact Cloaky wanted to make a grand entrance. Stephen wasn't in the mood for it. He reached the main hall when he heard voices. There was a distinct smell of something burning that assaulted his nostrils. He picked up the pace. If something was wrong, he was ready to right it in an instant.

"Are you sure it's done like this?"
"Of course it is. I'm the Sorcerer Supreme. I know these things."
"I don't know. This seems awfully weird."
"It's because you're from a different Earth."

Stephen followed the sounds of the voices into what was a kitchen. When he opened the door, a puff of smoke billowed out that carried the smell of something foul within it. Stephen used a simple spell to clear the air and get his bearings. His fingertips were still glowing as he stood there a moment longer.

It was a rudimentary kitchen by some standards but the masters of the Mystic Arts were still quite human and required sustenance. When the air cleared, he could see Wong along with America Chavez trying to cook what looked like a Thanksgiving dinner. "What in the world?" He muttered trying to take in the scene before him. "What are you two doing?" He asked.

Both Wong and America grinned bashfully. The two exchanged glances for a brief moment before the girl spoke. "Happy Thanksgiving, Stephen." America answered, stepping up to hug the befuddled Strange. Wong nodded in agreement with that statement before he took a rather large metal pot to snuff out a turkey that was rather badly charred on the outside.

In that moment of confusion, all was made clear. He may have lost much, but he'd also gained much. Wong was his best friend and brother while America was the daughter he never had. Stephen Strange had a lot to be thankful for after all. His scarred hands wrapped around the girl because he too had great affection for her. Stephen wasn't alone or without a family anymore.

10/13/2022 07:17 PM 

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

It wasn't often that a message that broke the multiversal barrier would appear at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Ever since Stephen Strange took that trip with America Chavez not that long ago. He'd wound up on a similar Earth that the inhabitants dubbed Earth 828. It was on this Earth that he encountered another version of Christine Palmer.

This world's Christine reminded him so much of his Christine but the one real difference was that he felt a tangible connection to this other Christine that gave him hope. That hope was that Stephen himself was not too far gone. He did indeed have a heart. So when this message arrived from Earth 828, he felt that heart of his skip a beat.

It was from her which made him feel giddy again like a schoolboy with a crush. The message was clear. Christine Palmer from Earth 828 was somehow here and she wanted to see him. Stephen Strange scratched his beard in contemplation. As much as he wanted to see her again, she'd been so adamant that coming here would cause an incursion. To find her here would be troubling to say the least. Although Stephen's lonely heart found the thought compelling. He swallowed hard and set about finding this woman he'd been so drawn to in the first place.

The message that he'd received ostensibly from Christine stated that she'd meet him on the roof of the Baxter Building in his world. A version of Reed Richards owned this building in his world as well. Stephen had not officially met this world's Richards as of yet and after what had happened, the notion was met with a great deal of reticence. He wasn't going to go, but this was Christine. Naturally Strange would go as the note directed.

In the hall at the Sanctum, he opened up a portal that would take him exactly where he wanted to go. The Baxter Building was a monument to the genius of one man. He'd read plenty of Science journals when he was a simple neurosurgeon. He'd actually had an article appear in the same publication as Richards but that had been so long ago, he'd nearly forgotten about it. Stephen passed through the portal and was now hovering over the Baxter Building. "Christine?" He called to her.

Something felt all wrong almost immediately. The very hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as the air around him started to swirl. He moved his hands into a defensive position complete with crackling magical energy around them. "Show yourself!" The voice of Stephen Strange took on a gruff exterior as he realized he'd walked right into a trap.

At his demand for a reveal, Christine from Eartn 828 was revealed. She was suspended in the air surrounded by a series of magical energy rings that were holding her in stasis. He started to fly toward her with Cloaky billowing behind him. He was just about to reach her when a magical concussion blast struck him sending him flying backward through the air. He was surrounded by a sinister laugh that sounded not unlike his own. "You simply don't realize how long it took for me to find the two of you."

Dousing his cloaking spell, the Strange that had fallen prey to the Darkhold was smiling in malevolent glory. Stephen soon righted himself and tried to fly back toward Christine. "How? How did you survive? Christine saw you die?" He ground his teeth in anger as his own third eye opened.

"Did she? Or did she see what I wanted her to see?" He quipped back at his counterpart with an oily smile. Stephen thought for a moment about how this version of him resembled a crocodile with that expression. He fired his own magical concussion blast that sent his doppelganger tumbling end over end through the air.

The two Stranges had been sent multiple places in the opening forays of the battle that had no barriers while they were in the sky. Stephen didn't recognize the city that they were currently hovering over. He just knew he had to get back to Christine. He turned his back on his doppelganger who sent a stream of snakes at him wrapping him in unbreakable bonds pulling him closer to what he felt was certain death. "I won't let you destroy my world like you did yours!" He growled struggling against these powerful magical serpentine cords.

"You see that's where you're going to have a problem Stephen. I knew I needed to come here to put you down first but in order to do that I had to have leverage. This Christine was tainted by you so she was only one use to me. Bait. Now this world's Christine is fair game and one I intend to win!"

While his doppelganger was pontificating, he managed to work himself free of his bondage with a well placed magical hornet that chipped away at the snakes. Stephen immediately sent the two of them into the mirror dimension so no bystander would be harmed. "Now where were we?" Stephen fashioned a giant magical fist using it to strike his doppelganger in the stomach.

His blow landed against his doppelganger causing him to fall out of the sky and toward the ground below. Stephen followed him in a power dive believing his doppelganger defeated.

Just before his doppelganger reached the top of another building, his eyes thrust open glowing a vibrant orange, the color of fire. His hand clamped down like a vice upon the neck of the good Strange squeezing the wind out of him. "You see, I studied the Darkhold for years. I know all its secrets, while you held it for an afternoon. This is where I win and you lose like so many other Stranges across the multiverse."

Stephen could feel his consciousness fading. It wasn't his life force, he was sure of it. His doppelganger continued to gloat. "Oh you'll be alive. I need you alive until my conquest is complete, then you can watch your world crumble around you." The spell he was weaving was one that would bind their life forces together. If he was killed then this world's good Strange would die too. "There you go Stephen. Nighty night…"

Stephen could feel his body go limp as the same magical rings surrounded him that did 828 Christine at the Baxter Building. What his doppelganger didn't realize was that in this world, he'd tied the mirror dimension to the Speed Force that granted all super speedsters their powers. This incursion into the Speed Force dimension would cause ripples that every speedster would feel as a temporary interruption of their powers. Stephen lost consciousness taking in the sign that proudly bore the words:

Welcome to Keystone City

He soon fell completely asleep and paralyzed by his doppelganger. His subtle calls for help should hopefully be answered soon. Right now, he had to take a knee.

Damn it all to hell!


08/21/2022 03:44 PM 

Magic Thunder

Magic Thunder
1x1 with Thunder

The steady staccato of the rain on the walls of the Sanctum Sanctorum were like a drum that never stopped. The soothing nature of rain was something that most people relished. The rhythmic patterns of the rain often would drown out the sounds of the anxiety of any given moment and put most right to sleep with their soothing nature. Even before his accident and the subsequent loss of function in his hands, Stephen Strange didn’t really care for the rain. He was always one to keep busy. He had to keep moving. He had to do something. The vegetative aspect to the sound of the rain never suited him.

Becoming Sorcerer Supreme had opened his eyes to the existence of worlds all beyond what he’d known as a child. He was never one for religion or worship of any sort of god. He considered himself a man of science. It was the Ancient One who finally taught him to forgo science and become more intune with the Spiritual. The business with Thanos and the elimination of half the universe’s population changed everything. It rewrote the book in a manner of speaking. Stephen had been among those that turned to dust in the wind (he had to hum a few bars of the old Kansas tune every time he considered the notion). Wong was now the Sorcerer Supreme. He was just Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts and part time Avenger. That didn’t stop him from helping anyone in need or stopping anyone that needed to be stopped. Before the accident, he didn’t do anything unless it brought him glory, fame and fortune. Now Stephen didn’t give two shakes about what happened to him. It was about helping the little person. He had a lot to make up for. After vanishing for five years, Stephen realized that time is precious and he had a lot of work to do.

Stephen had been frequently called upon by various pantheons for assistance since his return. While Wong tended to most affairs, especially since America Chavez became a student at Kamar-Taj, Stephen held down the fort at the Sanctum Sanctorum most of the time. He was floating in the window of the second floor of the Sanctum with Cloaky billowing around him watching as each raindrop struck the panes of glass and the woodwork surrounding them. The rain always brought one particular god to mind and that was Thor. Stephen allowed a golden gloved digit to gently press against the glass. It had been a while since that last battle with Thanos where they saved the world along with the largest conglomeration of heroes that had ever been seen in his life. If this wasn’t the Battle of Armageddon, Stephen wasn’t sure what else could be. The next crack of thunder and lightning tore through the sky causing the Sorcerer to look toward the gray clouds that hung overhead. The scribblings of black on the outsides turned a softer gray as his eyes traced the colors.

You know you need his help. The voice in his head was that of the Egyptian God Hekka. The god of Magic and Medicine had desperately petitioned Stephen more than once to become his avatar much the same way the other Egyptian Gods had chosen avatars among the human race. Stephen furrowed his brow and clenched his jaw. He hated it when Hekka started up like this. He could be insistent to the point of aggravation. Cloaky could sense Stephen’s agitation and took him to the ground itself of the first floor of the Sanctum. Stephen landed with a light step and continued walking. This was his hint to stop and open up a portal.

Stephen extended his arms and began to move them in a circular motion. He concentrated on the son of Odin and where his location was at this particular moment in time. The portal opened and Stephen stepped through.


The patterns of the rain were more visibly felt now. He could feel Cloaky’s recoil at the rain and the fact that they were getting wet. “It’s your fault you know.” He muttered to the Magical relic who started to pout like a petulant child. That was when Stephen observed Thor walking in this rain. “Thor?” He called out to the Norse god. “Thor, it’s Stephen Strange.” He floated up closer to the god hoping to gain his full attention. “I could use your help with something. How familiar are you with the Egyptian Pantheon?” He asked. He was hoping that Thor wouldn’t just brush him off. Honestly he couldn’t blame him if he did.

07/11/2022 11:18 PM 

Strange Vibrations

Strange Vibrations

The last thing he expected was what he got. She was seething with rage by the way she was acting, along with a strong helping of disgust. The closer he'd gotten to her, the more he'd felt the depth of her power. She was just as powerful as the other Earth's Xavier. Xavier had to exist in this world. There was no doubt about it.

Judging by her reaction and the waves of empathic energy Stephen felt, she knew him alright here on this Earth. The contents of the room were starting to quiver in unison with her mood. The longer he stood there, it appeared her anger was more volatile. Stephen was quickly going to have to diffuse this situation he had created. His index and middle finger rose on his right hand along with his thumb. She WAS his daughter. That meant progress. "Okay, poor choice of words on my part. I don't know much about Professor Xavier, the way I met him was quite unusual. I'd be glad to tell you, although I really don't want to upset you more than I already have."

It was quite apparent Xavier did exist on this Earth or at least he had at one time. Given the infinite number of possibilities that existed and the fact he'd faced his own variants, this world's Xavier was a wild card he knew he'd better be prepared to encounter. Was he villain or hero? That remained to be seen on his part. "We're getting a bit of an audience. Why don't we go elsewhere for that drink. Since you know who I am, you know where to find me if I've piqued your curiosity. " Strange allowed Cloaky to lift him off his feet and floated backwards out of the shop.

A crowd of onlookers had gathered outside the shop. It went viral in a matter of moments. Dr. Strange of the Avengers was involved in some sort of altercation. What did this mean? What sort of evil was being set free in the world now? Strange was floating outside of the shop, where he opened up yet another portal. He floated through it making sure it closed behind him avoiding any curious onlookers and any mischief they might cause. Strange himself had already caused plenty.


Arriving at the Sanctum, Stephen was mentally berating himself for how he approached the young woman. Her reaction had not been anticipated. Cloaky unfastened himself and floated over in front of Stephen. The Magical Artifact appeared to be scolding the Sorcerer for his appearance and how it was handled. "Yes Yes! I know!" It was a rookie mistake, but until recently he had not been all that knowledgeable on the multiverse as a whole. He couldn’t be faulted for making too much of a mistake, right?

From the brief time he spent on Earth 838, he experienced the power of Charles Xavier first hand. If their world's Xavier was on those same power levels, this was a whole new ballgame so to speak. While in the little shop, he could feel that power as well from the shop owner. The reaction she had was definitely something that a child would do that had issues with a parent.

He found his way to his library where he began to read more about the powers that were non Magical in origin. Mutants or metahumans were believed to be the next level in human evolution according to some. Magical tomes had documented the evolution of the human race over the centuries including the homo magi. Mutants and meta humans were called homo superior. Stephen was actually considered homo magi by the standards set forth in the tomes. This did not surprise him one bit.

Stephen had a lot to learn. Time was unfortunately not on his side. If this young lady he met wasn't going to help him, he was going to have to find another way to get to Xavier. This didn't promise to be easy no matter what happened.

06/26/2022 06:40 PM 

The Magic Beekeeper [I/IV]

The Magic Beekeeper [I/IV]

What was the last thing he remembered? He felt like he'd been hit by a mountain and left for dead. There was some sort of explosion. Stephen Strange had spells go wrong before but this was different. What happened? Where was he?

He narrowed his eyes and tried to focus more on what was around him. It wasn't the Sanctum. It wasn't Kamar-Taj either. Nostrils flared slightly taking in the fragrance of azaleas and honeysuckle as he wished his head would stop throbbing. Slowly he rose from a prone position. What surprised him was that Cloaky was nowhere to be seen. His stomach started churning. This couldn't be good.

He was still wearing his robes and such like always. His right foot hit the ground then his left. Both hands rested on either side of his rear in order to help him push up. It was never easy to use his hands for much of anything because of the accident. The scars reminded him just how broken he was. His hands trembled often. Stephen Strange sighed when he finally made it to a standing position.

He extended those damaged appendages in front of him. He clapped his fists together to try and show some outward sign of his magic being active. The glow along with his magical runes was present. That encouraged him. The next logical step was to open a portal using his sling ring. Arms extended once more and palm flat, he tried to open a portal back to the Sanctum. Nothing. That galled him especially since Parker's little friend opened up portals to other universes. He should have been able to open a portal himself. What's wrong? He insisted on an argument with himself trying to figure out what the hell was happening.

"It's about bloody time." The voice from behind him was most assuredly British and sounded oddly familiar. "You've been taking up space for three days." The man moved from behind where Stephen stood to take up a position in front of him. "I'm not sure what sort of chicanery is transpiring here but I won't stand for it!" The man was wearing the garb associated with beekeeping right down to the veil in front of his face attached to a hat. This was not out of the ordinary but what made Stephen's brow arch was Cloaky, who had attached himself to this Beekeeper.

"Where the hell am I?" Stephen demanded. When he spoke, Cloaky detached himself from the other man and tackled Stephen much like a dog did who hadn't seen its owner in days. He grunted when he hit the ground. He wasn't exactly happy either as he made his way back to his feet again.

"Coventry, England. Surely you know where England is even if you are American . Did my brother send you? Moriarty?" The Beekeeper kept his veil hiding his face. "You are some sort of Buddhist devotee by your garb, which is of no importance to me. There are other questions I want answered."

"You and me both." Cloaky finally overcame his emotions and allowed Stephen to adjust him properly along with a modicum of his own dignity. "Yeah, I'm American. I spent time learning the Mystic Arts in Kamar-Taj. I don't know your brother." Stephen stopped a moment as the realization hit him who this man was. "Wait did you mention Moriarty? As in James Moriarty?"

"Of course I did. Don't act like an imbecile. What is it man?" The Beekeeper moved to take his hat and veil in hand. He freed them from his head and sat them on a nearby table. He shook his head letting ebony curls fall free. "I find it rather odd that in my retirement a man I've never seen before winds up on the grounds of my cottage with a trick cloth dragging me out to find him among my honeysuckle bushes."

Stephen shouldn't have been surprised that the man looked exactly like him. He'd already seen plenty of multiversal variants to last a lifetime. What caught his attention was the name that was dropped. Moriarty was connected to only one man in all literature. "You're Sherlock Holmes."

Holmes wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Bravo. A fan. I'll have to get on John for those damned blogs." He turned back to Stephen. "Are you going to tell me what in the blue blazes is happening?" Holmes looked him over. "Statistically speaking, I was bound to face someone who looked exactly like me eventually." He muttered. "How absolutely revolting this is…"

Strange heard the mutterings and watched the mannerisms of the man. He knew how this was going to go. "My name is Dr. Stephen Strange, Mr. Holmes. As for an explanation, you're going to need a seat for this. It's going to take a while." Stephen inhaled sharply. He knew this was going to be difficult. Suddenly he had great empathy for everyone he ever spoke to in the past. Holmes certainly reminded him of how he was before the accident. That meant this was going to get ugly.


There was darkness everywhere. What appeared before him was a tear in the fabric of reality. The images of Stephen Strange and his variant Sherlock Holmes appeared before him. A low laugh left the lips of the villain responsible for Dr. Strange's predicament. He studied the befuddled Sorcerer. "You have meddled in my affairs too much Strange. Now enjoy the punishment for your insolence. I know I will."

The smell of brimstone surrounded the monster with the face of a man as he sat upon a throne made of multiple human skeletons. The skull rings on his digits weren't metal. They were human. He was the epitome of evil. He had brought men to their knees. What was one former Sorcerer Supreme to him?

Absolutely nothing.


06/08/2022 02:10 PM 

prompt for Lady Susan

Prompt for Lady Susan

Losing the Time Stone was devastating the first go around. Stephen Strange knew the Time Stone as the Eye of Agamotto. The Sorcerer Supreme had been given the charge to protect the very fragile fabric of time itself using the Eye for more years than mankind would care to comprehend. Surrender of the Eye to save Tony Stark did not come without consequences. Half of all in existence had been simply snapped away. Had he failed in his duties?

The return of those snapped away meant that all the Infinity Stones had been gathered somehow so that the Avengers could use them again to defeat this evil. Before the surrender of the Time Stone or the Eye of Agamotto, he had used it to travel in time to see what it would take to defeat Thanos. He knew this would happen and he knew how they'd win. The heartbreaking truth of his decision was something he suffered in silence with even after it was all over. With Wong as Sorcerer Supreme and Stephen a resident of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum, the consequences were now felt even more profoundly than before.

Stephen had created his own time loop before that he locked himself into with Dormammu of the Dark Dimension. He knew how fragile time truly was even before the loss of the Time Stone. It was a gem of deep power that Masters of the Mystic Arts knew all too well. Stephen still had his talent in the Mystic Arts that he'd not lost. It was the Stone around his neck that was essentially now gone.

It was no secret among the Avengers that Steve Rogers was going to return the Infinity Stones from the points in time that they'd been removed. Banner told Strange that it was a promise made to The Ancient One that this would be done. This was the first step in which Stephen knew there would be a method in which The Eye could be returned but this was going to be a complicated task to accomplish.

The existence of the Time Lords of Gallifrey had been a secret bit of knowledge bestowed on him by The Ancient One. They had been given a charge to preserve the flow of time using science while the Sorcerer Supreme used magic to do virtually the same thing. The absence of The Time Stone would be something noticed by the Time Lords although Stephen wasn't sure how.

Stephen had not met any of these Time Lords before now. He was essentially bracing for it even more after he'd been hopping around in the multiverse. He'd been back in New York attempting to recover when the breach of the Sanctum had occurred. Cloaky had immediately wrapped himself around Stephen carrying him directly to the main hall of the Sanctum. He billowed around Stephen making himself look rather impressive in the process.

Stephen was met by a young lady who didn't look much older than America had been. He started to brace himself for a fight complete with fists glowing with magical runes and mystic energy. "Who are you and how did you get in here?"

The girl smiled gently at Stephen. "I am Susan Foreman. I'm a Time Lord. You don't know what this means to me to be able to help you retrieve the Time Stone. My grandfather sent me to help you."

She spoke all the right things and Stephen could glean no deception from her. He lowered his fists and assume his normal posture. "Alright Ms. Foreman, I think it's appropriate for us to have a conversation in that case. Tell me, do you drink tea?"

06/08/2022 10:57 AM 

prompt for Afterlife

Prompt for Afterlife

The world of a Master of Mystic Arts never made sense in the traditional sense of the world. When Stephen Strange first came to Kamar-Taj, he was too analytical and focused on technicalities. Everything had to have a rational explanation or a defined procedure for doing everything. It wasn't until the Ancient One pushed his Astral Form outside of his body did Stephen start to consider that maybe faith had a bit more to do with things than he'd originally imagined.

By studying the library at Kamar-Taj Stephen Strange found that the world wasn't quite the same in absolutes that he'd always imagined. He also began to learn more about reincarnation. One of those infamous reincarnation stories was that of Chay-Ara and the Pharaoh Khufu. There was a whole series of books in the secret libraries at Kamar-Taj. The whole notion intrigued Stephen to no end, so he read all the information he could about them. It was through Chay-Ara and Khufu's story that Stephen became utterly fascinated by the Egyptian pantheon.

It was still as a student at Kamar-Taj that he first invoked the god Heka. Heka did teach him a few things about Egyptian gods, reincarnation and human avatars. Heka being the god of magic and medicine was drawn to Strange with his great gifts and his destiny as Sorcerer Supreme that lay ahead. Thus came the first of Heka's attempts to persuade Strange to be his avatar. Of course, it was to no avail. Stephen was just too stubborn.

Time would eventually pass and Stephen returned from being Blipped by Thanos to reside once more at the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. Wong was now Sorcerer Supreme since it was assumed Stephen was dead. He was overseeing new students in training at Kamar-Taj as part of his duties as Sorcerer Supreme. Stephen was still at the New York Sanctum. He was quietly spending time in meditation when there came a knock to the door. It wasn't just an ordinary knock. Someone was banging on the door.

Stephen appeared at the front door to open it just as a man fell at his feet. Stephen cradled the man in his arms as life left him. Sticking out of his abdomen was a blood soaked dagger. After the man had fallen limp in his arms, Stephen removed the dagger. He held the bloody object in his hand. On the dagger was the cartouche of Hath-Set. This meant trouble.


Several hours later, dressed in street clothes with Cloaky as an ascot, Stephen found his way into an antiques shop. The woman who greeted him was a striking red head that looked very familiar to him. His mind immediately went to his studies at Kamar-Taj. She was the image of Chay-Ara in the ancient texts. He found himself staring a bit too long before he caught himself. She spoke to him. "Is there something the matter?"

Stephen answered as though he'd seen a ghost. "I know it doesn't make any sense, but I recently came into possession of this dagger. I have reason to believe YOU can help me with its origins." He pulled the dagger out of his jacket pocket. It was wrapped in a piece of dark cloth. He unfolded it for her to see for herself.

06/05/2022 02:38 PM 

prompt for Night Scene

Prompt for Night Scene

After the near defeat at the hands of Wanda Maximoff because of the loss of her boys, Stephen Strange was not one to let a lesson go to waste. He decided to reach out on the dimensional plane. After his experiences on Earth 838, Stephen had his mind set to be more careful with the incursions into these other Earths. The balance between the worlds was definitely something that was fragile at best.

This could theoretically get him into a lot of trouble and he knew it. It would also be dangerous should Wanda in her fragile mindset find out she had other children elsewhere. He went into his study and assumed the lotus position. He started to float upward again as he sent his astral form into these other dimensions. He happened to find someone traveling in the astral plane that stopped him in his search. Stephen was slightly taken aback by someone being there, not to mention that he looked like a blue devil complete with fangs and a tail. “Please help me.” The demon spoke to him in German tinted English.

“Of course I will help you. What’s going on?” Stephen was floating toward the other male landing on his feet after speaking. “I’m Dr. Stephen Strange. I’m from another Earth.” By the sounds of what this man was speaking to him, he was obviously from another Earth himself.

“It’s my daughter. She needs to find safe passage to another world. Mine is in the midst of utter destruction.” He bowed his head. “Forgive me Herr Doktor. I am Kurt Wagner. My daughter’s name is Talia. She’s a young teenager. ” Upon further inspection of the man, Stephen could see that the devil man had seen the better days. He was about to say something to Kurt, but a blue hand went up with two fingers instead of five stopped him. “Don’t. This is something I must do, mein freund. My world is far too gone. I must ensure that my daughter will carry on in my place.”

Stephen nodded. “Of course Herr Wagner. I will agree to your wishes. What of her mother?” He asked curiously. Surely the child’s mother would have input in such a vital manner. He wanted to help this brave man fight his battle to save his world, but that was a line he couldn’t cross.

“Her mother is Wanda Maximoff. Unfortunately she died in the fighting against the plague on our world. The Phoenix Force has been set free in the body of a former friend and brother to me. It’s turned him mad. He will kill himself and all of us as well. This is a sacrifice I must make, but I will not allow it off my daughter.” Wagner answered. The look of worry was increasing.

Stephen was about to speak more when the whole plane they were in started to crumble. It was because of this even minor incursion. Strange’s footing was soon lost and the conversation was stopped. He tumbled back to earth and into his body with a thud. Stephen crashed to the ground striking his head knocking him unconscious.


When he woke, Stephen was unsure of how long he’d been unconscious. It wasn’t just casually waking up either. Cloaky had knocked over a pitcher of water on Stephen, nearly drowning him. “NOT FUNNY!” Stephen sputtered. He had to try and find Wagner’s daughter. This was a dire emergency now especially since her mother was Wanda Maximoff.

Stephen decided to try at possibly a local school or somewhere nearby. He used a spell that would allow him to see a person’s true form. It was only logical to assume Wagner would want his daughter to blend in with the others in this new world. Maybe she’d made contact with Wanda? That made his search all the more imperative.

Each of the Earths had a different harmonic frequency that it emitted. Stephen followed the harmonics to a nearby school. What he saw had caused him to stare a little bit more. She was sitting on a picnic table reading a book. The spirit of Wagner was watching over his daughter. He smiled gently as he watched her. He made eye contact with Strange and ushered him closer.

The girl looked up from her book. He could see her true form that looked not too different from her father’s. ”Why do you have that look on your face? Is there something the matter?” The girl asked of this very odd man standing there looking at her.

“Talia?” He asked. “Your father sent me.” It was a deep revelation. It sounded creepy but he hoped beyond all hope that she didn’t turn him away.



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