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06/26/2022 06:40 PM 

The Magic Beekeeper [I/IV]

The Magic Beekeeper [I/IV]

What was the last thing he remembered? He felt like he'd been hit by a mountain and left for dead. There was some sort of explosion. Stephen Strange had spells go wrong before but this was different. What happened? Where was he?

He narrowed his eyes and tried to focus more on what was around him. It wasn't the Sanctum. It wasn't Kamar-Taj either. Nostrils flared slightly taking in the fragrance of azaleas and honeysuckle as he wished his head would stop throbbing. Slowly he rose from a prone position. What surprised him was that Cloaky was nowhere to be seen. His stomach started churning. This couldn't be good.

He was still wearing his robes and such like always. His right foot hit the ground then his left. Both hands rested on either side of his rear in order to help him push up. It was never easy to use his hands for much of anything because of the accident. The scars reminded him just how broken he was. His hands trembled often. Stephen Strange sighed when he finally made it to a standing position.

He extended those damaged appendages in front of him. He clapped his fists together to try and show some outward sign of his magic being active. The glow along with his magical runes was present. That encouraged him. The next logical step was to open a portal using his sling ring. Arms extended once more and palm flat, he tried to open a portal back to the Sanctum. Nothing. That galled him especially since Parker's little friend opened up portals to other universes. He should have been able to open a portal himself. What's wrong? He insisted on an argument with himself trying to figure out what the hell was happening.

"It's about bloody time." The voice from behind him was most assuredly British and sounded oddly familiar. "You've been taking up space for three days." The man moved from behind where Stephen stood to take up a position in front of him. "I'm not sure what sort of chicanery is transpiring here but I won't stand for it!" The man was wearing the garb associated with beekeeping right down to the veil in front of his face attached to a hat. This was not out of the ordinary but what made Stephen's brow arch was Cloaky, who had attached himself to this Beekeeper.

"Where the hell am I?" Stephen demanded. When he spoke, Cloaky detached himself from the other man and tackled Stephen much like a dog did who hadn't seen its owner in days. He grunted when he hit the ground. He wasn't exactly happy either as he made his way back to his feet again.

"Coventry, England. Surely you know where England is even if you are American . Did my brother send you? Moriarty?" The Beekeeper kept his veil hiding his face. "You are some sort of Buddhist devotee by your garb, which is of no importance to me. There are other questions I want answered."

"You and me both." Cloaky finally overcame his emotions and allowed Stephen to adjust him properly along with a modicum of his own dignity. "Yeah, I'm American. I spent time learning the Mystic Arts in Kamar-Taj. I don't know your brother." Stephen stopped a moment as the realization hit him who this man was. "Wait did you mention Moriarty? As in James Moriarty?"

"Of course I did. Don't act like an imbecile. What is it man?" The Beekeeper moved to take his hat and veil in hand. He freed them from his head and sat them on a nearby table. He shook his head letting ebony curls fall free. "I find it rather odd that in my retirement a man I've never seen before winds up on the grounds of my cottage with a trick cloth dragging me out to find him among my honeysuckle bushes."

Stephen shouldn't have been surprised that the man looked exactly like him. He'd already seen plenty of multiversal variants to last a lifetime. What caught his attention was the name that was dropped. Moriarty was connected to only one man in all literature. "You're Sherlock Holmes."

Holmes wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Bravo. A fan. I'll have to get on John for those damned blogs." He turned back to Stephen. "Are you going to tell me what in the blue blazes is happening?" Holmes looked him over. "Statistically speaking, I was bound to face someone who looked exactly like me eventually." He muttered. "How absolutely revolting this is…"

Strange heard the mutterings and watched the mannerisms of the man. He knew how this was going to go. "My name is Dr. Stephen Strange, Mr. Holmes. As for an explanation, you're going to need a seat for this. It's going to take a while." Stephen inhaled sharply. He knew this was going to be difficult. Suddenly he had great empathy for everyone he ever spoke to in the past. Holmes certainly reminded him of how he was before the accident. That meant this was going to get ugly.


There was darkness everywhere. What appeared before him was a tear in the fabric of reality. The images of Stephen Strange and his variant Sherlock Holmes appeared before him. A low laugh left the lips of the villain responsible for Dr. Strange's predicament. He studied the befuddled Sorcerer. "You have meddled in my affairs too much Strange. Now enjoy the punishment for your insolence. I know I will."

The smell of brimstone surrounded the monster with the face of a man as he sat upon a throne made of multiple human skeletons. The skull rings on his digits weren't metal. They were human. He was the epitome of evil. He had brought men to their knees. What was one former Sorcerer Supreme to him?

Absolutely nothing.


06/08/2022 02:10 PM 

prompt for Lady Susan

Prompt for Lady Susan

Losing the Time Stone was devastating the first go around. Stephen Strange knew the Time Stone as the Eye of Agamotto. The Sorcerer Supreme had been given the charge to protect the very fragile fabric of time itself using the Eye for more years than mankind would care to comprehend. Surrender of the Eye to save Tony Stark did not come without consequences. Half of all in existence had been simply snapped away. Had he failed in his duties?

The return of those snapped away meant that all the Infinity Stones had been gathered somehow so that the Avengers could use them again to defeat this evil. Before the surrender of the Time Stone or the Eye of Agamotto, he had used it to travel in time to see what it would take to defeat Thanos. He knew this would happen and he knew how they'd win. The heartbreaking truth of his decision was something he suffered in silence with even after it was all over. With Wong as Sorcerer Supreme and Stephen a resident of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum, the consequences were now felt even more profoundly than before.

Stephen had created his own time loop before that he locked himself into with Dormammu of the Dark Dimension. He knew how fragile time truly was even before the loss of the Time Stone. It was a gem of deep power that Masters of the Mystic Arts knew all too well. Stephen still had his talent in the Mystic Arts that he'd not lost. It was the Stone around his neck that was essentially now gone.

It was no secret among the Avengers that Steve Rogers was going to return the Infinity Stones from the points in time that they'd been removed. Banner told Strange that it was a promise made to The Ancient One that this would be done. This was the first step in which Stephen knew there would be a method in which The Eye could be returned but this was going to be a complicated task to accomplish.

The existence of the Time Lords of Gallifrey had been a secret bit of knowledge bestowed on him by The Ancient One. They had been given a charge to preserve the flow of time using science while the Sorcerer Supreme used magic to do virtually the same thing. The absence of The Time Stone would be something noticed by the Time Lords although Stephen wasn't sure how.

Stephen had not met any of these Time Lords before now. He was essentially bracing for it even more after he'd been hopping around in the multiverse. He'd been back in New York attempting to recover when the breach of the Sanctum had occurred. Cloaky had immediately wrapped himself around Stephen carrying him directly to the main hall of the Sanctum. He billowed around Stephen making himself look rather impressive in the process.

Stephen was met by a young lady who didn't look much older than America had been. He started to brace himself for a fight complete with fists glowing with magical runes and mystic energy. "Who are you and how did you get in here?"

The girl smiled gently at Stephen. "I am Susan Foreman. I'm a Time Lord. You don't know what this means to me to be able to help you retrieve the Time Stone. My grandfather sent me to help you."

She spoke all the right things and Stephen could glean no deception from her. He lowered his fists and assume his normal posture. "Alright Ms. Foreman, I think it's appropriate for us to have a conversation in that case. Tell me, do you drink tea?"

06/08/2022 10:57 AM 

prompt for Afterlife

Prompt for Afterlife

The world of a Master of Mystic Arts never made sense in the traditional sense of the world. When Stephen Strange first came to Kamar-Taj, he was too analytical and focused on technicalities. Everything had to have a rational explanation or a defined procedure for doing everything. It wasn't until the Ancient One pushed his Astral Form outside of his body did Stephen start to consider that maybe faith had a bit more to do with things than he'd originally imagined.

By studying the library at Kamar-Taj Stephen Strange found that the world wasn't quite the same in absolutes that he'd always imagined. He also began to learn more about reincarnation. One of those infamous reincarnation stories was that of Chay-Ara and the Pharaoh Khufu. There was a whole series of books in the secret libraries at Kamar-Taj. The whole notion intrigued Stephen to no end, so he read all the information he could about them. It was through Chay-Ara and Khufu's story that Stephen became utterly fascinated by the Egyptian pantheon.

It was still as a student at Kamar-Taj that he first invoked the god Heka. Heka did teach him a few things about Egyptian gods, reincarnation and human avatars. Heka being the god of magic and medicine was drawn to Strange with his great gifts and his destiny as Sorcerer Supreme that lay ahead. Thus came the first of Heka's attempts to persuade Strange to be his avatar. Of course, it was to no avail. Stephen was just too stubborn.

Time would eventually pass and Stephen returned from being Blipped by Thanos to reside once more at the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. Wong was now Sorcerer Supreme since it was assumed Stephen was dead. He was overseeing new students in training at Kamar-Taj as part of his duties as Sorcerer Supreme. Stephen was still at the New York Sanctum. He was quietly spending time in meditation when there came a knock to the door. It wasn't just an ordinary knock. Someone was banging on the door.

Stephen appeared at the front door to open it just as a man fell at his feet. Stephen cradled the man in his arms as life left him. Sticking out of his abdomen was a blood soaked dagger. After the man had fallen limp in his arms, Stephen removed the dagger. He held the bloody object in his hand. On the dagger was the cartouche of Hath-Set. This meant trouble.


Several hours later, dressed in street clothes with Cloaky as an ascot, Stephen found his way into an antiques shop. The woman who greeted him was a striking red head that looked very familiar to him. His mind immediately went to his studies at Kamar-Taj. She was the image of Chay-Ara in the ancient texts. He found himself staring a bit too long before he caught himself. She spoke to him. "Is there something the matter?"

Stephen answered as though he'd seen a ghost. "I know it doesn't make any sense, but I recently came into possession of this dagger. I have reason to believe YOU can help me with its origins." He pulled the dagger out of his jacket pocket. It was wrapped in a piece of dark cloth. He unfolded it for her to see for herself.

06/05/2022 02:38 PM 

prompt for Night Scene

Prompt for Night Scene

After the near defeat at the hands of Wanda Maximoff because of the loss of her boys, Stephen Strange was not one to let a lesson go to waste. He decided to reach out on the dimensional plane. After his experiences on Earth 838, Stephen had his mind set to be more careful with the incursions into these other Earths. The balance between the worlds was definitely something that was fragile at best.

This could theoretically get him into a lot of trouble and he knew it. It would also be dangerous should Wanda in her fragile mindset find out she had other children elsewhere. He went into his study and assumed the lotus position. He started to float upward again as he sent his astral form into these other dimensions. He happened to find someone traveling in the astral plane that stopped him in his search. Stephen was slightly taken aback by someone being there, not to mention that he looked like a blue devil complete with fangs and a tail. “Please help me.” The demon spoke to him in German tinted English.

“Of course I will help you. What’s going on?” Stephen was floating toward the other male landing on his feet after speaking. “I’m Dr. Stephen Strange. I’m from another Earth.” By the sounds of what this man was speaking to him, he was obviously from another Earth himself.

“It’s my daughter. She needs to find safe passage to another world. Mine is in the midst of utter destruction.” He bowed his head. “Forgive me Herr Doktor. I am Kurt Wagner. My daughter’s name is Talia. She’s a young teenager. ” Upon further inspection of the man, Stephen could see that the devil man had seen the better days. He was about to say something to Kurt, but a blue hand went up with two fingers instead of five stopped him. “Don’t. This is something I must do, mein freund. My world is far too gone. I must ensure that my daughter will carry on in my place.”

Stephen nodded. “Of course Herr Wagner. I will agree to your wishes. What of her mother?” He asked curiously. Surely the child’s mother would have input in such a vital manner. He wanted to help this brave man fight his battle to save his world, but that was a line he couldn’t cross.

“Her mother is Wanda Maximoff. Unfortunately she died in the fighting against the plague on our world. The Phoenix Force has been set free in the body of a former friend and brother to me. It’s turned him mad. He will kill himself and all of us as well. This is a sacrifice I must make, but I will not allow it off my daughter.” Wagner answered. The look of worry was increasing.

Stephen was about to speak more when the whole plane they were in started to crumble. It was because of this even minor incursion. Strange’s footing was soon lost and the conversation was stopped. He tumbled back to earth and into his body with a thud. Stephen crashed to the ground striking his head knocking him unconscious.


When he woke, Stephen was unsure of how long he’d been unconscious. It wasn’t just casually waking up either. Cloaky had knocked over a pitcher of water on Stephen, nearly drowning him. “NOT FUNNY!” Stephen sputtered. He had to try and find Wagner’s daughter. This was a dire emergency now especially since her mother was Wanda Maximoff.

Stephen decided to try at possibly a local school or somewhere nearby. He used a spell that would allow him to see a person’s true form. It was only logical to assume Wagner would want his daughter to blend in with the others in this new world. Maybe she’d made contact with Wanda? That made his search all the more imperative.

Each of the Earths had a different harmonic frequency that it emitted. Stephen followed the harmonics to a nearby school. What he saw had caused him to stare a little bit more. She was sitting on a picnic table reading a book. The spirit of Wagner was watching over his daughter. He smiled gently as he watched her. He made eye contact with Strange and ushered him closer.

The girl looked up from her book. He could see her true form that looked not too different from her father’s. ”Why do you have that look on your face? Is there something the matter?” The girl asked of this very odd man standing there looking at her.

“Talia?” He asked. “Your father sent me.” It was a deep revelation. It sounded creepy but he hoped beyond all hope that she didn’t turn him away.


06/05/2022 01:20 PM 

Strange Vibrations

Strange Vibrations [Reply and Prompt for Dark Empathy]

Ever since the discovery of the multiverse, Stephen Strange had his eyes opened to a great many things.   He had no idea of course that the multiverse existed until fairly recently.    His time on Titan with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man had already expanded his mind to alien worlds.  Almost immediately,  the Blip reset everything.   The consciousness of Stephen Strange was reset in the process.   When he came back he understood more and was a great deal more patient. 

He knew about the Dark Dimension before but recent events kept him on this plane of existence now more than ever before.   Variants of himself and others existed in countless universes.   It was enough to boggle his mind.   Fortunately The Ancient One had helped him to open his mind and expand his third eye in a manner of speaking.   The simplest things that crippled him back when he first arrived at Kamar-Taj were just simple facts in his new life that he accepted.   He was a different man.   He was a better man; or so he told himself. 

When he stood before the Illuminati of Earth 838,  the power of the telepath Charles Xavier left him speechless.   The ability to display such images in his mind was an incredible power that Stephen had not encountered before.  Considering that multiversal variants existed,  Stephen grew very curious about the notion Charles might exist in his world.    At the Sanctum Sanctorum, he decided to try to do a locator spell.  It was a long shot, but he had to do it.   Charles had tried to intervene for him on Earth 838 with the Illuminati.   It had cost Charles  his life.    

While in the middle of the concentration for this spell, Stephen had glowing runes about his head and strings of magical energy not unlike strings on a harp flowing around him.    He was starting to focus his energies on the nexus of the psionic signature.    The glowing runes faded in and out just as he was picking up something .   The magical harp strings started to form a circle in front of him.  The source of this energy was right in front of his eyes.  It was time to see exactly where this was headed.   Using his sling ring, Stephen opened a portal that he stepped through.


Stephen found himself at a quaint little shop in Brooklyn.  The psionic signature was not as powerful as Charles,  but it was quite similar.  He moved forward to see what he could discover.    Perhaps Charles had a descendant or a child here on this earth?  Stephen was about to find out.

There she was.  The striking young woman was apparently taking inventory of items in this shop.  She'd stopped for some reason.  Perhaps she was sensitive to the magic at his control.  The spell he used was very powerful.  It had to be in order to try and locate a telepath of that power.   

Most of the others in the shop were dressed in regular  street clothes.  Stephen stood out from the others like a sore thumb.  There were some outside the shop pointing at him while others stared at him in the shop. He was standing there in his robes not to mention Cloaky was getting listless.   "Excuse me Miss.   I was looking for a Charles Xavier.   Would you happen to know him, or know of him?" It was a long shot.  He had already started down this path.  Now all he needed was the result.  "You have no idea what I've been through to try and find him."

06/03/2022 11:53 PM 

Prompt for Smol XS-Presso Bean

Prompt for Smol XS-presso Bean

Stephen Strange found himself drawn to the younger heroes as of late thanks to both Spiderman and America Chavez. These kids needed direction. None of them needed to go down the path he had as a young man. It would avoid a lot of pain should they be stopped soon enough and given enough support to succeed where he failed. While they could give him an attitude from time to time, he could only imagine what it was like for the adults in his life back in the 1980s when he was a teenager.

There were a group of young heroes in Central City all gathered around a young man who called himself The Flash. This young man who possessed the ability to move at speeds inconceivable to the mere human mind had tapped into something called, The Speed Force. The Speed Force an energy that surrounded the Earth that was mystical in origin. No one had been able to tap into it until Barry Allen had succeeded where others had failed. The mystical energy had always been there. The Ancient One had documented the Speed Force and the potential to grant anyone who could tap into it substantial power. Allen had tapped into it right as Stephen became Sorcerer Supreme upon the death of The Ancient One.

With the ability to tap into the Speed Force came the ability to Time Travel. This power in the wrong hands could prove dangerous. By the time that Stephen was able to do something about it, Thanos had interrupted everything. The Eye of Agamotto was the Time Stone. It was given to the Sorcerer Supreme to protect so no one was able to use time travel as a disadvantage. He wasn’t Sorcerer Supreme any longer, but the repeated infractions of Time Travel using The Speed Force was increasing with the nexus being Central City. Stephen stood in the Sanctum Sanctorum opening a portal to STAR Labs. It was time to find out what was happening.


Stephen stepped into an outer hall that led to the main lab. The portal closed behind him. Cloaky billowed around him, eventually floating in front of his face pulling him in a certain direction. Stephen followed the direction that Cloaky insisted he go. He was still floating when from the opposite direction came an electrical sensation and a gust of wind followed with a bright purple energy that followed. Stephen landed on the ground quickly waving his hands that were glowing with magical runes that allowed him to see through the Speed Force. He tossed up a slight gust of magical energy of his own that would cause the Speedster in the center to come to a screeching halt landing on the ground in front of him on her behind. Stephen was certain to make sure it was nothing to hurt the young lady. He wasn’t about to do anything to hurt anyone, He was the one intruding after all

Nora Allen was sitting flat on her behind with a look of utter surprise on her face. “What the hell? Who are you?” The young lady was surprised by the complete stop she’d been forced into by this unseen force. “What did you do to me?”

“I’m Dr. Stephen Strange. The Speed Force had been breached here repeatedly breaking into the flow of time more than once. I am here to find out what’s going on here and who’s in control.” He stood on the ground now and Cloaky added one last flourish before falling at his side. He held out a single hand with his two middle fingers curling down while his index finger and pinky extended. His thumb was out to the side. He cast a minor spell to track the speed force that seemed to be pouring from this girl. “You’re Allen’s daughter aren’t you?”

She stood slowly to her feet. “Yeah, I am. What makes me so special?” She asked him with an uncomfortable look on her face. “Why should I even trust you?”

“You are a product of the Speed Force Miss Allen. That is why you’re special. The Speed Force is very dangerous. You and your family could end up getting lost in it if you don’t know how to handle it.” The Sorcerer offered no attempt to hurt the girl. “Is there some place we can talk?”

06/03/2022 11:06 PM 

*TW Violence* Prompt for Handsome Devil

*TW for violence* Prompt for Handsome Devil

The screeching tires and the screams that accompanied it, immediately gained the attention of Dr. Stephen Strange. He had been deep within the inner bowels of the Sanctum Sanctorum with several of the tomes of Ancient Egypt when his studying was interrupted. Those tomes were said to be written by Heka himself. Stephen actually knew the god all too well. He’d tried constantly to convince him to become Heka’s avatar. His last bit of temptation was giving Stephen access to these tomes that would intrigue the Master of the Mystic Arts to the point of surrendering; or at least that’s what the god had wanted. The sound of someone in trouble was enough to get Strange to put the tomes down for the time being.

The traffic had come to a screeching halt. In the middle of this chaos was a young woman wearing a ballet costume. She was dancing to some unheard music that seemed to be playing in her own head. Each move was graceful and elegant not unlike those of a prima ballerina. It would have been marvelous to watch had it not been in the middle of the street. Standing back from her was a man wearing a purple silk suit. He had dark hair and a strikingly handsome smile. Stephen floated out into the middle of the street landing across from him. His hands immediately went to his side glowing with mystical runes showing that he was a magic wielder of some renown. “Who are you? What have you done to this girl?” Stephen’s muscles were tensed ready to engage in a battle if need be.

The man turned to Strange and smiled malevolently. “My Dear Dr. Strange. My name is Kilgrave. I’ve not done anything to this girl. She’s done it all on her own.” His voice was eerily smooth with an underlying diabolical tone. He watched her again before looking back at Strange. “Isn’t she absolutely astounding?”

Crowds were continuing to gather as the traffic was backing up. The ballerina in the middle was still unharmed for now. She continued on with her dancing and the endless music echoing in her brain. “Release her Kilgrave!” Strange ordered with his fists glowing brighter. “Let her go!”

Kilgrave quirked a brow upward. He stuffed his hands into his pockets. “You really are no fun, Doctor.” He was still looking at the girl and watching her dance. “I’ll release her on one condition. You have to take her place.” He turned to completely face Stephen. He extended a hand to the Sorcerer. ”Take my hand.” He ordered Stephen.

Stephen’s hands immediately dropped to his sides. The glowing runes stopped. The expression on his face started to go utterly blank. He found himself reaching out to take Kilgrave’s hand like he was told taking a few steps closer in the process. “What…?” Stephen muttered.

Kilgrave’s smug smirk was enough to make anyone want to punch his teeth out should they not be under his spell. “Angelique dear, that’s enough. Go home and blow your brains out alright?” The ballerina stopped her dancing immediately walking off into the crowd with an equally blank expression on her face. He turned back to Stephen. “Now Doctor. Why don’t you show us what’s inside of that Sanctum of yours?”

Stephen was helpless. He still held onto Kilgrave’s hand. He released it long enough to open up a portal inside to the Sanctum and Strange’s personal library that he’d been in only moments before all this happened. “This will take you right there.” Stephen spoke unsure of even what he was doing at this point.

Kilgrave walked with confidence past Strange toward the portal. “Don’t keep me waiting. I don’t like to be kept waiting.” He entered the portal first followed by Strange who closed it behind them both.

06/03/2022 10:10 PM 

*HEAVY MOM SPOILERS* Prompt for Flares

*Heavy mom spoilers* Prompt for Flares

The Sanctum Sanctorum was unusually quiet. Wong was off at Kamar-Taj with America and another group of sorcerers in training which left him all alone. The silence was absolutely deafening.

Most of the time he just floated through the Sanctum when he wanted to go from place to place all because Cloaky was feeling restless. It was Stephen's turn to feel restless. Dr. Strange had handled the Darkhold a little TOO much if truth be told. He had no idea how he was going to stop Wanda if he didn't. For now, while this annoyance at the silence was getting to him, he decided to physically walk it off.

The burgeoning power within him was what he'd imagined a volcano was like just before it erupted. The Darkhold was far more damning than he imagined. Wong had tried to warn him, but as usual, Stephen was too stubborn to listen.

Another person who was a voice of reason despite being a pain in the rear was Tony Stark. Ever since Tony had sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos, the world had become a far more dangerous place than anyone could have imagined. Stephen stopped his baseless walking and looked down at his feet.

The Master of the Mystic Arts held up his own hands to look at them. The fingertips were showing signs of the corruption of the Darkhold. His eyes closed and he steadied his breathing. With complete concentration, he focused on a particular spell he'd seen in the Darkhold before he reanimated his own corpse from another dimension. He waved his hands in front of his body with fingers curled and and arms spread apart. A figure was manifesting in front of him. The figure was Tony Stark.

Stark wasn't fully alive again. He was caught between living and the dead. Stark was still wearing the half burned out armor he wore the day he died. "What the hell is going on here Strange?" The image of The Armored Avenger told him. Stark looked at the glowing fingertips of the Sorcerer. "What have you done to yourself?" The acidic tone of Stark was still just as sharp as it was before.

"It's the corruption of Dark Magic. I had to do it…" Stephen spoke knowing that his own mind was questioning his decision. "The multiverse was dependent on it."

Stark's stranded spirit gave Strange a bizarre look. "So you did it. Is everything safe now? Or did you pull me into No Man's Land for sh!ts and giggles?"

"As far as I know, yes." Stephen could feel the sting in the rebuke with each word. He deserved every minute of it.

Stark was still confused by all this. "You opened Pandora's box Strange. Now you have to deal with the consequences. Just look at me. I don't get to see my kid grow up except for being Casper the Friendly Ghost around her. We did what we did and lives were saved because of it. Now put on your big boy pants and put me back where you found me before I start on a spiel that would make Rogers proud."

Stark was right. Stephen nodded as he lifted his chin. He flashed a smirk at the spirit, before he started to reverse the spell. "Take care Tony." He told him before Stark slipped back behind the veil.

Stephen knew Tony was right. He removed Cloaky and wrapped him up almost like an ascot. Doing this brought Strange into wearing street clothes despite the protestations of the sentient Cloak. "At least I'm not leaving you on the closet again." He spoke with rising confidence in his voice.

Stephen walked down the steps and toward the front doors of the Sanctum. The sun was shining. Surely things were about to get better…


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