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Welcome to THE ENDLINGS, we are an 18+ RPG based on The Walking Dead and its spin-offs. We only allow CANON characters, but trust us! It's fun! Should you have any questions about a particular character and whether they are allowed, please see:

ADMINS: Jennifer Malick & Dennis Graham.


~ We would like this to be a fun, carefree server! 

That being said, the #out-of-character channel is NOT for venting, random public messages, or pinging using the EVERYONE feature. We would like to keep things airy and fun! After all, why cause problems OOC when you can cause infinite chaos IC?


We sadly do **NOT** allow **ORIGINAL CHARACTERS** This will NOT change.


You **CAN NOT KILL** another character without their and the admin's permissions. It's no fun to play if you die, right?!

**DEAD CHARACTERS** are loved and allowed on a case-by-case basis! Please check with an admin or the banned list before inquiring!


The only immune character is Elton Ortiz from World Beyond. It makes the most sense and it gives the kids hope, ironically. 


While we are canons only and do like people to play their characters like they are on their respective shows, there are no cliques or hoops to jump through. Save that sh*t for preschool.


**REAL LIFE COMES FIRST** but you must post a min of **TWO POSTS A WEEK** if you would like to do more? That is wonderful!




Do **MUTE** proper channels, such as the **OOC** to keep your sanity from beeps and buzzing. But do un-mute to post and such, don't forget!


When making a thread, don't forget to use the template for the **FIRST POST** only to set up the scene!


**WHERE**: The camp where Rick and Lori are doing laundry.
**WHEN**: Season 1. 
**WHO**: Rick and Lori.
**NOTES**: Anything you have of note. 



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