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Audition Form for A Bitter Wind

Character name:
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Character alignment:

Character bio: (6-8 sentences here)
Base of Operations:

Have you read the rules first? (This will be checked)
Discord SN: 
Audition Piece:

(Must be at least 600 words.  Can be linked to a blog or group where the piece is written.  Must also be in the POV of the character that you wish to be in this RPG)

Send to the group in a message with the headline:  CHARACTER AUDITION 


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Rules for A Bitter Wind

Welcome to A Bitter Wind!

This is an Edwardian era RPG set in the year 1906.  This is the dawn of the Twentieth Century and the world is in transition into a new century.  Political unrest and various forces are working to undermine society as it was known in order to seize power and world dominance.   Will you be Friend or Foe?

There are a few rules to follow.

Everyone here will be at least 18 or over OOC.  

You don't have to have a ship within the group, but if you do keep all romantic roleplaying private.

This group will not tolerate any underage sexual activity among members even if the writers are consenting adults.  Characters under the age of 18 regardless of gender will never be engaged in sexual activity with anyone over the age of 18.   If this is discovered going on, you will be banned immediately from this RPG. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

Created characters, characters from literature and figures from history are welcome.   Vampires are welcome but they cannot be TVD, SPN, or Buffy Style.

There will be a discord server for the group.  There will be NSFW Areas but if it gets out of hand, you will be given a warning.   Three strikes and you are out.  

Hiatuses and LoA will be permitted.  Real life will always come first no matter what.

Activity levels are very tolerable.  You must log into your profile on site at least 2x a week.   You need to reply to the group storyline on site once a month.  You are required to have at least one 1x1 going with someone.   Ideally, it is preferred to have that with a member of the group.  However it is permitted to have that 1x1 with someone outside the group as well.   Both will count equally.  

The profile you use for this group cannot be used for another.  It is a courtesy that I must insist.

This is a LGBTQ+ safe zone. There will also be no discrimination on basis of skin color either.

There will only be a two profile limit per writer.   The rules for the second profile will be determined at a later date.

These rules are subject to updates.  It will be announced when changes are made.

Please sign below with your understanding.   If you intend to audition for a specific character please mention that here.  If you are going to create a character, then mention that here.   

  Proceed to the Audition Form

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A Bitter Wind - premise

A Bitter Wind

The year is 1906.   It is the dawn of the twentieth century.  The landscape of Europe is marked by the rise of The Industrial Revolution.  The English Monarchy, once the bedrock of Europe as well as the British Empire, has been reeling from the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.  Her son Edward has risen to try and bring stability for the past five years.

Across the European continent, various grandchildren of the Queen have ascended to different thrones.   Minor squabbles between the cousins and the peoples of  their regions threaten to upset the balance of power as it is essentially up for grabs to anyone who wants it.

In the United States, it is a time referred to as the Gilded Age.  Having just escaped the carnage of the Civil War, the Americans are moving west.   The Transcontinental Railroad has brought both East and West together now allowing for the Industrial Revolution to take a firm hold in this former British Colony.   

Americans continue to develop their isolationist policies while opening their doors at Ellis Island.   The influx of European immigrants has brought with it a varying degree of social issues including living in squalor in Ethnic neighborhoods.  President Theodore Roosevelt came from New York after having been recognized as a social justice warrior to improve the areas.

This era sees the rise of names like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie and JP Morgan. Monopolies are forming while the gap between rich and poor continues to rise.   Smaller factions like anarchists and unions begin to take root in this land where Europe's problems are their own.  America first is the motto of the day as the rich get richer and the poor just simply die.

Small groups meet in America in secret and network with home bases in Europe.  Names like The Titanic and The Lusitania are set to be markers of the future disaster and hallmarks of the chaos that will erupt into a Great War.


A list of Cities

01/13/2022 09:45 PM 

A Bitter Wind - cities

London - Still reeling from the death of the Queen, Londoners continue their best to march on into this new century.  The champion of the people Sherlock Holmes was last seen at Reichenbach Falls.   Rumors of his return are circulating.  In Britain's time of need, will one of her greatest champions return?

Rome - April 5 – Mount Vesuvius in Campania erupts, killing over 100 people and ejecting the most lava ever recorded from a Vesuvian eruption. Italian authorities were preparing to hold the 1908 Summer Olympics when Mount Vesuvius erupted, devastating the province of Naples. Funds were diverted to the reconstruction of Naples, requiring a new location for the Olympics to be found.

Algeciras - The Algeciras Conference of 1906 took place in Algeciras, Spain, and lasted from 16 January to 7 April. The purpose of the conference was to find a solution to the First Moroccan Crisis of 1905 between France and Germany, which arose as Germany responded to France's effort to establish a protectorate over the independent state of Morocco. Germany was not trying to stop French expansion. Its goal was to enhance its own international prestige, and it failed badly.

The result was a much closer relationship between France and Britain, which strengthened the Entente Cordiale since both London and Paris were increasingly suspicious and distrustful of Berlin. An even more momentous consequence was the heightened sense of frustration and readiness for war in Germany. It spread beyond the political elite to much of the press and most of the political parties except for the Liberals and Social Democrats on the left. The Pan-German element grew in strength and denounced their government's retreat as treason and stepped up chauvinistic support for war. 

St. Petersburg Russia - Large protests by Russian workers against the monarchy led to the Bloody Sunday massacre of 1905. Hundreds of unarmed protesters were killed or wounded by the czar’s troops.

The massacre sparked the Russian revolution of 1905, during which angry workers responded with a series of crippling strikes throughout the country.

After the bloodshed of 1905, Czar Nicholas II promised the formation of a series of representative assemblies, or Dumas, to work toward reform.  His days were numbered as Czar as these efforts would eventually be in vain.


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