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01/12/2022 11:20 PM 


1.) I am very new to rping as Batman, please know that lots of years experience in the DC universe as Jason Todd, Joker, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, beast boy and a few others OC's . So give me a chance, I may not portray him perfectly since this is the first time I've ever Rped as him  On Role-player.me.  I will be using Michael Keaton for my Bruce Wayne even if Use other Batman Images from different Movies!

2.) My length I type is Semi to Multi para, depending on how much I am in enjoying the storyline.

3.) I know that some people won't like this rule, but it needs to be said. I'm not a big fan of Damien Wayne. I'm more old school anyway, so sorry to any Damien wayne rpers, you won't be added. In my family, there is D*ck Grayson, Jason Todd,Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon. Stephanie Brown and Helena Wayne will also be added.

4.) My Bruce Wayne is currently single and looking, I know that in this series that is engaged to Selena Kyle. But I also ship Bruce and Diana/Batman and Wonder Woman together! However this is rp, so anything can happen!

5.) I shouldn't have to say this but I will. My Bruce Wayne is Straight, after all he is known as Gothem's Billionaire Playboy! Who has girls always with him at parties. XD 

6.) I do not mind crossovers at all and matter fact I welcome it, just as long as it makes sense. Batman could not be in a world like Pokémon, as a matter fact there would be dead Pokémon everywhere! XD

7.) This is a mature account, and violence, drugs, crime, romance, even sexual situations. However everything must have a storyline built up, it's more fun that way.


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