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December 5th, 2021

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11/24/2021 08:50 PM 

"Thanks to Killing"

Having just fed, Nadja was in the greatest of moods. Was it the act of killing? Was it the feel of the blood as it energized her and revitalized her? It was probably all of these things. She didn’t really question it. The hunt, the kill, the bliss of a good feeding was just enough to put a smile on the vampire’s face. She nearly skipped down the quiet streets of the surrounding neighborhoods in Staten Island, the usual documentary humans following her at a distance to observe but not disturb. It was strange, really. Usually, there was someone walking around outside. A sprinkling of people here and there. Not tonight, though. Tonight, it was almost like the whole world stood still. Her brows knitted together, as a scent caught her nostrils, the sounds of laughter meeting her ears. 

Her green eyes shifted to a house to her left, into the big window that was at a dining room. Inside this window, she saw a group of humans together, sitting at a table with all sorts of foods and drinks in front of them. They were laughing, they were talking, they were eating and drinking. She passed that house, to the next, where again, humans sat at a table of food and drink. This group of humans had their hands clasped together, their heads bowed, and she could swear she heard the word ‘god’ which made her insides burn and an uncontrollable hiss escaped her. 

It seemed that every single year, as the weather grew cold, the humans did this sort of feast thing. They called it a ‘holiday’. Something called….. Oh, now what was it called again? She had heard it called Turkey Day. She had thought that was a very silly name for a day of celebrating. Why would anyone celebrate a turkey? Perhaps it was the equivalent of the Superb Owl party? Though, she couldn’t think of why such a silly bird would be celebrated, if not for the fact that it was killed and eaten. This kind of gathering she was witnessing didn’t seem centered around any bird. Although, every house she passed seemed to have a bird to eat on their table.

She didn’t know what it was or why they were doing it. Though she had overheard other humans sharply mention that they didn’t understand celebrating a group of people betraying and stealing from some other group and murdering them. If that were why they were celebrating, she could probably find herself enjoying festivities herself. What did that have to do with the turkey? 

However, the gathering of family she didn’t really relate to. Perhaps this was because her upbringing consisted of her and her family members having to battle and betray one another for survival, and so her sense of family had been distorted most of her days. This wasn’t to say she hadn’t loved her family, but it was definitely a warped affection, not a warm one. Hell, even the relationship she had with her husband was warped in it’s own ways as well. Blame it on their nature, or their pasts, or even because of the number of centuries they had been married. It was definitely wonky at best. She found that something was swelling inside of her. Her brows furrowed and her hand met her stomach. Had that human’s blood upset her system?

Her lips twitched to the side in thought, and her eyes shifted to her right, finally seeing a group of four human people walking on the sidewalk opposite of the side of the street she was on. Her eyes narrowed as a thought hit her. If this holiday was about betraying and stealing and killing, then why the hell did they not celebrate as well? Was Nandor not always yelling the ‘family’ word around in regards to them? Were they not hunters? Predators? They killed. They ate. They tricked and betrayed. They stole. Right? So why was this festivity exclusive only to the human people, and no vampires had even been included? Honestly, why had no vampires thought of this before? She fancied herself a genius, and she giggled in joy to herself. 

She moved so fast to the other side of the street, that human eyes would see her disappearing, only to reappear in front of the four humans she had seen on the other side of the street. “Hello there, you lovely bunch of human people!” She was so cheery, and the faces of the humans showed different expressions chasing each other. There was confusion, but also happiness and welcoming warmth. “Oh….H--Hello there! My goodness you gave us a fright. You just POPPED Out of nowhere!” Said the older woman of the group. None of them were young and fresh, but also, none of them were old and worn. The energy she sensed from them was really actually just right. Nadja smiled so sweetly, her hands clasping together. “So sorry. Uh, where are you heading at this time of night in the cold? I see so many other gatherings with turkey birds and foods stuffed in all kinds of faces, and yet, here you all are. Alone in the dark and walking.”

“Listen, lady,” said the only male in the group. He was at the back left. The vampire’s eyes snapped at him immediately, and they hardened as she anticipated his sh*tty attitude. “You’re a little creepy. And we don’t know you. We’ve never seen you before. So if you’d just get out of here and let us--”

“Ohhhh, Nathan, you stop being like that!” Another of the females chimed in, and the Nathan human rolled his eyes and sighed. 

“Yes, Nathan. Very rude! My, a stranger only wants to say hello and is immediately attacked! How awful of you…” Her hand raised, fingertips gently wiggling in his direction as her hand moved in the slightest circular motion, her eyes intensely focused on him. “You just hush now and relax. I am only a friend.” No she wasn’t. But she had manipulated his thoughts, and she could see it was effective, because his stare had gone blank for that moment and returned to normal. “Hey, do you live around here? Maybe we can hang out?” A total change in Nathan’s behavior caused the women of the party to furrow their brows and look at him. Nadja’s hands turned, palms facing out as she stretched her arms slightly as she smiled in victory. “I do happen to live around here! In fact, I live just a few houses that way!” She pointed behind her. “You are all more than welcome to come with me for the festivities!” Might as well capitalize on the human holiday right?

“I’m not sure. Isn’t Uncle Jay coming from Jersey tomorrow? We might wanna get home an--” Nadja’s hand raised again, this time her focus on the younger female of the group. “Do not worry about Uncle Jay,” she encouraged. And suddenly, the female smiled a bit. “Then again, I think we have just enough time to get to know a neighbor. What do you all say?” The humans all looked at each other and shrugged, nodding. “Lead the way! Um….What was your name, dear?” Asked the older woman of the group. “...Nadja….” the vampire answered sweetly. “Right this way!” And she led them down the street. They followed her like baby ducks following a mother duck. They spoke amongst themselves, the humans who’d had their minds manipulated did all of the work for her when it came to encouraging and hyping up the visit to Nadja’s house, for the ‘festivities’ she had mentioned. She smirked to herself. She hadn’t mentioned what kind of festivities. She had given no information. But it didn’t matter. They were in the palm of her hand. 

Now, they were walking up the sidewalk that led to the vampire residence, and she heard gasps behind her. “I have never noticed this house before...Is that a bunny bush? How perfect it is!” Nadja glanced behind her and smiled. “Oh yes, yes. My husband loves his bush manipulation. You should see the vulvas in the back!” Giggling followed from the woman behind her, and Nadja swung the front door open, leading the humans inside. “Helll-ooooooooh!” She called out melodically. The first being to find her was Guillermo. “Oh, hello Guillermo. Tell the others I have come home with a gift for the holiday.”

“Holiday?” Guillermo was confused as to why Nadja would care about Thanksgiving at all. “Yes, yes, you stupid boy! The feast and the killing and the betrayal and all of that sort of thing. Since you did not fetch us anything to eat, I had to do the work. You can fetch our housemates.”

Guillermo’s eyes found the camera that was behind the humans, who were behind Nadja. His expression showed that he was not at all surprised at this, and also, very irritable with being spoken to the way Nadja spoke to him. 

“This looks like such an old house!” One of the human women extended a hand to touch a lamp. “Do not touch!” Nadja’s voice became firm and raised, scaring the group of humans, but no one really got to say anything further about it, before the vampiric housemates arrived. “I say. What the f*** is this?” Laszlo immediately rang out as he came down the stairs. Nandor was making his way to them as well, his eyes examining the humans behind Nadja as she gave a proud smile. “We are going to celebrate Th---Thannnnnssss-- Thanks----Mn…” None of that sounded right or familiar.

“Thanksgiving…?” One of the humans in the group rang out behind her. She pivoted slightly towards them and raised a hand towards the group. “Thanks to killing!”

“No...It’s Thanksgiv--” And again, she used her mind manipulation to render the human convinced that the proper term was the tem she herself had used. “What is a Thanks….Killing….?” Nandor asked, and the confusion was obvious in his features. 

“Every year the human people gather and celebrate a group of humans betraying and stealing and killing from another group of humans. They sit around this turkey bird on a plate that is dead and cooked, and they seem to enjoy their time together and eat like pigs. So why not us too?”

“That-- That’s not actually….”

SHUT UP GUILLERMO. Are you a**holes going to eat these or not? I swear I try to do something nice for this house and you just all argue and stare and act like stupid selfish little donkeys!”

She could hear the front door creaking open, and her eyes shot back. “Hey! Wait!” Nandor called out, and disappeared past Nadja. Laszlo followed suit. “I’ll take the chap!”

Nadja’s eyes closed, and a smile slowly crept onto her lips. “Happy Thanks to Killing,” she said mostly to herself as she heard the shouts and screams and scuffling behind her. Yet again, she felt some sort of joy in the deep darkness inside of her. She turned around, and she saw trails of blood on the floor, one of the human ladies on the floor, heaving. A scream was heard from another room followed by a thud. 

Guillermo moved beside her. “You do know, this is not what the holiday is, don’t you?” Nadja waved him off. “Shut the f*** up Guillermo, you’re ruining my moment.” She then disappeared to find her fellow vampires, so that she could ‘celebrate’ with them. 


11/20/2021 03:04 PM 

Mother Nadja

The following is not the merciless or hysterical side of Nadja, but instead, the deeper more caring side of her that gets touched upon. My goal with these writings is to create more depth to her character that set up her behaviors and decisions that we don’t really get in the show. As well, to perhaps encourage those unfamiliar with her, to give her a try. Thank you, hope you enjoy.]


Nadja was sitting on the couch within the library of the vampire residence, if for nothing else, for peace and quiet, even just for a minute. Sometimes she hid away in here to think, to reflect on the many years she had already lived. Oftentimes, she enjoyed re-living the older days in her mind. She was reading an old letter, from one of her many lovers she’d had in her earlier vampiric years named Atticus. Her brows knitted tightly together, as she looked up with a bit of a sneer. She hadn’t realized that Nandor’s ‘formality’ about reading letters in the library had embedded in her, even to read a letter silently. She rolled her eyes and sighed, vowing next time to read to herself in a different room of the house. Just for good measure. She then continued to read, shaking off that annoying self-discovery. 

The slightest huff of humor escaped her nostrils, a tiny smile curving along her red lips, reading the words of intense fondness. “What a ridiculous sh*t face…” she muttered to herself, getting to the part of him explaining he had figured out what she was. She’d held no real attachment to him, so when this letter had first, originally made its way into her grasp, she’d had no qualms about putting him out of his love sick misery just a few short nights later. He had grown way too attached, and expected things of her that she wasn’t interested in delivering, nor had she ever intended to. Such was the story of her life back then. She really had been a rambunctious little fledgling, always out and about, flinging her parts here and there. The unfortunate thing was, when her nature was discovered, the begging took place. Not begging to survive, but begging to be turned, to be with her forever. It was sad, pathetic and disgusting to her, really. And if it wasn’t someone attaching to her because of her fangs, it was because of her bed skills. No, thank you. 

The words of request to be turned and live an eternal life with her got her mind to wander someplace else, now. When her spirit had so sweetly informed her of having done nothing with her life. She remembered the argument with her spirit self about the situation. Nadja knew that her past self wasn’t wrong, but it hadn’t mattered to her before it was pointed out. Sometimes that little comment still arose in the back of her mind. 

Re-reading this letter set off a few thoughts that she surely could have used this man’s love sick obsession with her. She did enjoy power, as well as killing, let’s be honest. She could have, and maybe even should have turned him and-- 

Her nose immediately crinkled in disgust. “Uck….” she scoffed to herself. She hadn’t really held any fondness of Atticus to begin with. He’d had nothing to offer. Had been a mere play thing. 

She shivered in disgust at herself for having even gone there. Having to deal with him for centuries upon centuries, listening to him whining and pining… It made her gag and shake her head. She released a deep sigh before hearing footsteps closeby beyond the closed door. 

Annoyingly, and thankfully, the door flung open, and she was met with the blank yes always slightly smiling and shining face of Guillermo. Her thoughtful and pensive features immediately hardened as her eyes rested on him, her body becoming rigid and tense. Guillermo had, even if for a split second, caught her former features. He caught a lot of things that the vampires he lived with didn’t know he saw or heard or witnessed in any sort of way. Of course, he never let on that this was a fact. Instead, he pretended like he was ignorant to the fact that all of these vampires had ‘feelings’, whether they wanted to or not. It kept him in some sort of control of his own life.

Of course, the camera crew was right behind the bumbling familiar of Nandor’s. Nadja’s chin lifted ever so slightly as she posed as regal as she could, not allowing it to be known that she had been in such a deep and thoughtful state. “What do you want, Gizmo? Can’t you see? I’m busy!” Guillermo blinked, and side-eyed the camera that was next to him before taking a quick inhale, hooking his fingers together at his sternum. Busy? Yeah, she looked real busy. “Jenna’s here…?” he said simply. “She’s in the foyer.” And yet again, a change in her demeanor took shape. A smile spread across her lips as she came to an immediate stand. “Why didn’t you just say so!” Her tone was higher pitched, almost melodic, indicating excitement, possibly even happiness. Having turned Jenna had felt completely different from siring Laszlo. It brought about some sort of warm and fuzzy feelings from the depths of her darkness that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, nor figure out. She had certainly never felt these types of things before. At least, not that she could remember. It was kind of….nice. That aside, however, “Honestly, I don’t know how Nandor puts up with your neglect. I would have had you in a ditch years ago!” She scoffed at him, which had caused him to give a very careful glare in her direction, hoping she wouldn’t catch it. Nadja wasn’t even paying attention to him, though. More important things were in need of her attention. 

As she nonchalantly shoved Guillermo aside to make her way to her newest fledgling, she reflected on the letter she had been reading, and her thoughts prior, about turning Atticus and using him. That disgust she had felt, she hadn’t felt that with Jenna, nor had she felt it with Laszlo when she had sired him.

Siring was a very intricate and intimate process that, for a good portion of vampires, was saved for special occasions or people. For her, this was very much the case, as she had only sired Laszlo and Jenna in all her many years of vampiric life. Laszlo had of course been for companionship, and Jenna’s situation with the other sad virgins she was hanging around hit the vampire in a way that was familiar to when she was young. She wanted to see that young girl rise up against her male bullies and bury them deep beneath bloodied soil. Nadja’s, ‘maternal’ instincts, for lack of a better term, had been inspired for the first time that she could ever remember. Jenna had been the reject of her group, the same as Nadja herself had been in her village as a human girl. It had resonated with her. For Jenna, she wanted to give her the gift of greatness, the gift of strength and independence. She wanted to see that girl crush her bullies and conquer her enemies.

Which was the same thing the Baron had ultimately wanted for her, and even for Laszlo. He just had a sh*tty way of expressing it. He never had been the caring and sharing type. It had been obvious in the way he had bitten her, gave her his blood and left her to figure it all out alone. Or perhaps, he had wanted them to conquer the world for his own satisfaction. She wouldn’t have put that past him either. This was a reflection for another time. 

This had been some of the driving force behind Nadja sticking around to coach and guide Jenna through her unholy transition. Once she had created Jenna’s new being, she had found the drive to be a better vampire parent than the Baron had been for her. Through doing this, it created a little bond, a little bit of a special relationship between she and her little baby vampire. 

Some vampires were able to just sink their fangs into flesh and dole out their blood to just anyone. Not Nadja. No matter how hard she tried to think of some big bad vampire army of her making, it just wasn’t in her nature, somehow. And as she walked into the room where Jenna stood next to Laszlo, and saw them both beam at her presence, it filled her dead heart with…..joy. This was something that a vampiric army couldn’t have given her. She would have felt joy, sure, about vampires at her command, killing big chunks of humans at her very word. Again, she did enjoy having power over things and others. But the idea of just offering her blood to random human beings who truly did mean absolutely nothing to her completely turned her off. It repelled her much like opposite sides of magnets repelled one another. It was more than obvious that path was not for her. 

The gift of eternal life wasn’t for just anyone. And to give that gift, also, wasn’t for just anyone. As chaotic as Nadja seemed, she did have very strategic ways of doing things. So what if she hadn’t accomplished major things in her vampiric life. She would. And it would be soon. She felt it in her bones. It just wasn’t going to be shoving her blood into random strangers. No. She started with this. Her vampire family. Laszlo. Jenna. Even Nandor was something of family, she supposed. But not the same as the two she had created from herself, of course. Perhaps others would follow, if she found the right person, the right time and right mood. Maybe it would take a millenia. She doubted it. Either way, her regrets and wishes of fulfilling some sort of purpose would be tended to all in good time.


11/19/2021 07:47 PM 

Deep City Thoughts

Nadja had felt the need to get out of the house. There was only so much she could take, mentally, of listening to the constant bickering of the males inside of that house, and a break from being constantly plagued with cameras in her face. Not that she minded the attention, being filmed, her story being told, but sometimes it did get annoying to have lost a certain sense of privacy. Especially when it came to the pissing contest that took place between Laszlo and Nandor. She loved Laszlo, deep inside of her dead heart, but they had been married for such a long time that sometimes, that spark they shared was blown out like a candle in a hurricane. Tonight was one of those times. Tonight was one of those times she needed to be alone, to think, to gather her composure, actually being tired of screaming and yelling and throwing insults about. While she had quite a reputation for ‘throwing hissy fits’, it also became so old to her. 


Taking her bat form, she had flown herself to the city, Manhattan. Unfortunately, this was the territory of Simon the Devious, and he had made that abundantly clear to she and her friends. He had been on the same boat as she, Laszlo and Nandor. Nadja and Simon had gotten along very well on the trip. Too well, in fact. Together, they had terrorized just about every crew member of the boat taking them to the ‘new world’, which all of them were apparently supposed to take dominion of. She sneered as she thought of it. The New World. The Baron and his way of delivering commands during intimate and obviously distracting times. 


“Stupid old piece of withered lettuce,” she said under her breath as she glided along the streets of what was called Times Square. The lights from the digital billboards alone shone so brightly, there was really no need for the street lamps that lined the roads. Night time was more like twilight, as one ventured along the city streets. It was densely populated. To the point you could barely move a muscle without bumping into someone, and by the fourth human who had done so, her nose wrinkled as she bared her fangs and hissed. Though, her threat was not at all taken seriously. Instead, she was met with “Chill, sweetheart! It ain’t Halloween yet, so what? No need to be pissy about it!” The man gave her that charming New York, snarky attitude, and it was enough to make her stop walking as she felt all of her body tense. He had been speaking of her fangs and her dress, which was clearly not of this era. In fact, she looked as though she was straight from the 1800s, and it never bothered her. She liked what she liked. She never cared for keeping up with the times, for ‘updating’ the way she dressed or did things. She was a f***ing vampire. She was a predator. And therefore, she could do whatever she wanted, however she wanted to do it. 


As her body was considered dead, her nerve endings were the same, though whenever someone angered her to a certain intensity, it was almost as though her body was shocked back to life. This was one of those moments. She could feel the surge begin at her toes, working it’s way up to her head, and very slowly, she turned around. His scent was within her nostrils, the sounds of his life fluid pump, pump, pumping through his veins loud within her ears. He had made a very grave mistake. She was already in a mood to begin with, and this human had the audacity to speak to her like that? Since when had her kind become a joke to the mortals? Before coming to this new world, she was more of a ferocious hunter. Had she become so laxed that she was now laughable?


She felt her old self returning to her, and the slightest of smirkish smiles met her ruby red lips. This was going to be the perfect way to blow off some steam, she thought. She dematerialized, becoming a black smoke that traveled through the crowds undetected. She blew by the human man that had agitated her, causing him to have to hold on to the hat that was on his head. Her breeze was a very chilly one, for a brief second causing his breath to be seen in the milder, 60 degree weather. His brows had knitted tightly together, thinking perhaps he had just gotten a chill, and he continued onward to the crosswalk, which he would never make it to. Faster than the eye could see, Nadja had materialized just enough to grab him and jerk him upwards from sight. Once she was airborne, she took her full form again. The human man in her grasp was in such a panic he didn’t even see her switching from one form to the next, and once they were to the top of a building, she let him drop to the rooftop. Of course, she hadn’t had him high enough to make him break anything. 


The human man hit the roof with a thud and a groan. He was stunned, on his side, rolling onto his back by the time she came to a slow and graceful land at his feet. “Y-You!!” he said, his blurred vision clearing in time to see her landing. Her hands were on her hips, a sweet smile on her lips as she stared down at him. “Yes! It is me! Did you enjoy your flying through the night?” He blinked. Was she toying with him? Was she truly….nice like this? He was confused, and she knew he was, and she adored it. “I...Well I…” He couldn’t even figure out how to answer her. Flying through the night? Is that what had truly happened? Impossible. He must have been dreaming, or she must have been some sort of street performer with a harness attached to the building. Yeah! That was it! “Yeah! Yeah, that was real fun. We should do it again sometime!” Now that he felt he had the situation figured out, he felt confident. 


“Oh! That makes me so happy my little lemon tart. I wouldn’t have wanted you to sh*t your pants. Messy, messy…” she crinkled her nose and waved her hand in front of her face, moving to the side of him as he finally got to his feet. He dusted himself off. “Little lemon tart, huh? Aint you got nothin’ better to do than to kidnap dudes and fly them up onto buildings? You wanna try to do it with me? Is that it?” Nadja’s tongue glided along her left fang behind her closed lips. “You silly, disgusting, despicable human man. Do you really think you’re so special that I would….Even think of putting my lady parts anywhere near you? HA!” 


The man spread his arms out, defeated. “Then, what? You part of some sort of--” He wouldn’t get to finish his question, because she knew it was going to wind up in an insult, and her mood had swung from one end of the spectrum to the other, as it generally tended to do. She had gone from playful to angered again in a matter of seconds. Her irises had turned white, sclera turning onyx as her mouth snapped open, Nadja gripping the man by his hair as his hat had fallen off in flight, to tug his head to the side, exposing his neck. The man was flailing and fighting, but his speed compared to her superhuman speed was no match. Her fangs sunk in, and the trance immediately set in. She exhaled sharply, the warmth of the blood filling her mouth, slipping down into her throat. She could feel his pulse pushing his life fluid to her, and with each thump of his heart, her body felt it inside as if they shared it. The bliss, the serenity that always came from consuming the blood of the living was something she would never get tired of. It was like a human having a horrible day and eating a bucket of chocolate chip cookies, or a tub of ice cream. It offered comfort, and it comforted her edgy nerves. Of course, the ill itself had played a big part in quelling her as well. Sometimes, she just needed to kill. It was in her genetic make-up. 


Once he was limp and lifeless, she released the bite, sighing in delight, eyeing him as she now found herself in a completely different mood. She dragged his corpse to the edge of the building and she stared down at the busy city streets below. So many people. Too many people. Would it have really been that bad to take dominion over the whole of New York, if not the entire country? “Ehhhhh….” She carelessly plopped the man’s body down, leaving him half hanging over the edge. She sighed, giving him the extra nudge he needed to topple over the edge and down into the streets, turning on her heel to move away from the edge. While her thoughts were deep on the subject of domination, she still didn’t want to show her face to so many human people after murdering one of them and dumping his body for all to see. With a petite bounce upwards, she transformed into a bat, and fluttered back to Staten Island, keeping her deepest thoughts of the night to herself for now. 


10/24/2021 05:30 PM 

Some stuff to know
Current mood:  adventurous


  • My account may be newer, but I am not new to roleplaying. I roleplayed for over 15 years, and took a 3 year break. So as of this blog post, I'm rusty, yes, please exercise patience.
  • My character is from the tv show version of What We Do in the Shadows, however, I'll never decline a crossover. As well, I hold high respect for anyone with an OC, and they are also very welcomed here. I've roleplayed everything from Kingdom Hearts to Supernatural, I've had OCs as well, and everything in between, so throw it at me, give me a good try. If I'm unsure of your genre or character, I will certainly ask questions and do my own research. To me, crossovers help characters to develop and become more personal and keeps things interesting. I find it boring to confine myself to just the world of my character. I like adventures and experiments.  
  • My RP writing length- I can certainly do Novella, but time is not my friend, which is why I promise nothing when it comes to length. However, if we are doing some serious writing I will never give you one bloody line. That, I can promise. On that same note, I can also one-line.
  • Warning about Nadja's personality-  She's quirky, and she's moody (she has swings.) One minute she can be as sweet as pie, and the next minute, she's telling you off and cursing you out. She can be bitchy and can be ruthless. The situation of story will truly dictate which side of her is shown as we roleplay together. Please do not take anything she says to you to heart OOC. If Nadja throws shade at your character, that is not me behind the screen attacking you behind the screen. She can have a viper tongue. She swears like it's her job, and she isn't afraid to call anyone all sorts of insults- Nadja doesn't think about what she says, she just says whatever is on her mind...
  • Regarding reply times- Sometimes, because of my job or life or maybe I'm thinking, I may not be able to reply immediately. Most of the time, I do have at least an hour or so a day to sit and reply. On my days off, I'll be around a bit more, sometimes, if I'm at work or too busy to write, I sign onto mobile and just check messages and reply to OOC stuff or story discussions. Please be patient with me if I take a little longer to reply to you. In return, I will never bother you for a reply or get offended that you didn't reply to me immediately. Roleplay should not be stressful. It is a hobby to help escape stress. Rest assured, I'm not here to hound you.
  • Love Interests- I'm not going to poo-poo the idea. Even if it is not with a Laszlo, I will simply adjust her story to fit. Nadja does dedicate herself to her partner, but also participates in vampire orgies and chases an old boyfriend over many lifetimes, just be prepared for her to do these types of things. As well, good chemistry and good story between why the love interest is happening is a must. 
  • Discord- Yes, I have one. Feel free to ask me for my ID if you want to talk there. 

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