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05/28/2022 10:23 PM 

optional task #13: the senior prank.

Growing up, Pruitt attended private school so she was never part of a senior prank. The school had strict rigid rules and Pruitt knew that if she ever so much as thought of participating in a senior prank, her mother would have her head. She always heard from her friends in public schools about their senior pranks if they ever had one. One of her favorites that she heard of was her friends class listing their principal's house for sale, with an open house at the same time and date as graduation.

05/21/2022 01:10 PM 

optional task #12: what if?

The biggest event in Pruitt's life was when she married Paul when she was 19. Over the years, she has said many times that if she could, she would take it back. Pruitt knows that if she hadn't married him, not much would change. She knows for a fact she would be happier, and certainly wouldn't have come close to dying many times. She knows also she would be on the doctor track as well. She'd probably have a child, maybe not. Though she knows either way, she knows her life would be much better had she been patient and not married Paul.

05/12/2022 03:44 PM 

optional task #11: the mother.

Pruitt is very close to her mom. With her being the youngest, the two always had a very strong bond. The bond between the two grew stronger as she went through everything she did at Paul’s hands. Despite the accident that caused her sister’s death, the relationship between the two never wavered, even when Pruitt’s guilt caused her to try shutting her mother out. They still see each other quite often, Pruitt sometimes choosing to take a trip to see her mom, or mom driving the long distance to see Pruitt. 

04/23/2022 10:16 PM 

optional task #8: the first job.

Pruitt's first job was her absolute favorite. She worked at the original bakery in West Seattle, making $8.55 per hour as a baker. It helped fuel her love for baking and she was always looked forward to going to work after a hard day at school. As a baker, she was baking the various baked goods and boxing them up for customers to take. Sometimes she even found herself working as a cashier too. She left the bakery at 18 when she left for college and always finds herself stopping by whenever she visits home. 

04/16/2022 02:32 PM 

forget me not friday mini task.

Pruitt rarely ever gets hangovers after a rowdy night out. Whenever she has one, she nurses it with gatorade or some water and spending the day in bed. She tries to stay off her phone when she drinks but after a night of drinking, she always needs to check her phone when she wakes up first thing. She tends to find herself confused with a slight case of paranoia on the off chance of finding a risque text message or a random hookup coming through her bedroom door. 

04/13/2022 02:09 PM 

optional task #7: the closet.

When she's feeling exceptionally edgy, Pruitt has tall boots with a thick heel that she loves to wear. She does not wear them often but when she does she feels unstoppable. 
Tennis Shoes:
Any other time, Pruitt usually wears a pair of tennis shoes. She cannot live without a good pair of tennis shoes. 
She doesn't wear heels often as she can be pretty clumsy but she enjoys wearing them when she does. 
Pruitt loves to dress up and wear her dresses when she's going out for a night on the town or some sort of other special ocassion. Normally she wears jeans and shirts. 
Pruitt is rarely ever seen without some sort of jacket on. Throughout her relationship with Paul, they provided some sort of comfort for her and symbolized as a comfort item, which they still reflect to this day. Pruitt wears all kinds of jackets from leather to flannel. 
Pruitt can mostly be seen in scrubs as they are required for work. 

04/13/2022 02:04 PM 

waterlily wednesday mini task.

On her water outings, Pruitt typically enjoys going by herself but she does invite her friends along sometimes. Being near the water gives Pruitt a sense of tranquility and calmness that she doesn't usually get otherwise. She utilizes her own pool and brings with her a floating cooler filled with various alcoholic beverages and sometimes juices as well. If her dogs are feeling playful, they may jump into the pool too.

04/13/2022 01:54 PM 

mimosa monday mini task.

Pruitt loves to go out and drink with friends. But sometimes, especially after a hard day at work, she prefers to snuggle up with a glass of wine and a good book. However, when she's out with friends, she can be seen throwing back shots of tequila or drinking whiskey.

04/09/2022 11:19 PM 

optional task #2: fears.

001: Dying. 
Pruitt's biggest fear is dying. She understands everyone dies and she only hopes it's not a painful way to go for her. She's especially terrified of leaving those that she loves. 

002: Paul. 
She's incredibly scared of her ex husband. She knows what he's capable of and knows that he's perfectly able to follow through on what he threatened her with if she left him. 

003: Spiders. 
Although small compared to the other two, Pruitt absolutely hates spiders and is incredibly terrified of them. 

04/09/2022 11:18 PM 

optional task #6: emotions.


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