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September 18th, 2021

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September 01, 2021


09/14/2021 09:42 PM 


I know not many read this. But I'm gonna keep them around so I can tap the sign if someone starts acting up.

1) Multi-para and para are welcome, I will write novella ocassionally. Only if I'm in the mindset and have enough story to work with.

2) I do romance, will be a multi love-interest BUT give me a story. Give me the angst, the drama, the tension, etc. Rose tinted romance where the characters just hold hands and kiss (or f*ck and nothing else) is not my thing.

3) I'm allergic to playing "happy family". No marriage, NO CHILDREN, NO BABIES, Loki is staying single.

4)  I'm a bit shy when it comes approaching people out of the blue in character. So my apologies if you think I'm just collecting followers. I just don't know how to say "hello there!" lmao

5) Smut accounts get out. You'll be deleted and blocked in sight.

6) Don't bring your drama to me. I don't care who was a meany or who wasn't, who did that or what.It drains all energy and kills my muse when people can't stop talking about other writers. 

7) This is the chill zone. Just chill.

8) Said that, people who try to bully, stalk, gossip and try to cancel me will be blocked and ignored. I'm too old to be dealing with teenager sh*t.

9) The writer is a queer genderfluid person. Please take note that my account is LGBTQ+ friendly and safe space for the community.

10) Go, and be happy. It's an order!

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