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10/16/2021 12:29 PM 

I need help| important.

Since July, brother was friends with this one girl, a girl name Aria. So far everything seems fine between the two until  around July 12 my brother made a mistake and of course anyone can make a mistake and that's alright because mistakes is something that we own up to.

And being the bigger man, my brother apologized more than once and offered her help and kept asking but she treated him like trash, mocks him for trying to help her and even told him that he doesn't know anything about him after spilling his guts and heart out to her and the hurt he's been through. Hearing her say that broke his heart the most, it shattered him. Rp or not, you shouldn't be evil or disgusting to people after what they done for someone. the next day, my brother wasn't on here. He contacted my father aka our father a few months after explaining him everything what happened on the 12th of July. 

Of course our father was furious and not too long ago I confronted them, especially Aria but they both denied it and act as if what they did never happened and even laughed on the thought of someone who almost died due to the mental abuse Aria has given him.

So I need everyone's help to report and blacklist these people, especially Aria aka Sinful Beauty because she is a very disgusting and evil individual. I don't care if it's rp or not you shouldn't verbally hurt someone who's trying to help or laugh at the fact that my brother was close to being dead. Luckily he's still living and back here.

No matter what verse your in, it's very important for me  you guys report them, mainly Aria. I want at least 200 people to report them and if possible, blacklist them before they end up causing harm to somebody else on here. Thank you.   

( This is Aria.  https://www.roleplayer.me/1699049 )

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