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Sisters Reunited

Sisters Reunited

Gotham City, New York
19:45 P.M.

It’s been a week since Hank’s passing and Dawn was a complete mess both emotionally and mentally. She’s come to grips that it was her fault for ending the Love of her life, she killed him. The moment at the Warehouse where the blonde held the gun aiming at Jason with her trigger finger grasping; didn’t do anything to the former Robin but killing Dove’s partner.

The former ballerina has spoken to both Kory and D ick as a therapist on talking about her emotions and on how she will handle this. She expressed regret about how she could have just listened to him not putting on the suit/answering the call. At first, Dawn didn’t understand why Hank hanged up his Hawk suit or why he didn’t want to be a hero. The drive of being a hero for her was everything for her. After Donna’s death, in a way, it did change Hank’s point of view to not being a hero anymore and just trying to live life.

‘We have no future outside of Hawk & Dove. No Marriage. No kids. Nothing. We got lucky for a while and when that stopped, we stopped.’ His words echo through her head and the way he spoke sent chills down her spine. Dawn was a complete idiot for not understanding what Hank meant. But the moment, they had in the bedroom where he stayed out. It was the last time they had their last kiss and words together. Tears start welling from her eyes with her head falling into her hands.

She was a complete wreck when her mother, Marie was killed in an accident that took her life along with Don, Hank’s little brother. Now losing Hank is what broke both her heart and spirit. Dawn has called and texted her little sister, Holly about how she’s been doing in D.C. being single to being in mourning because Hank was killed. 

The Granger Sisters have stayed in touch since their mother was killed eleven years ago. The two had always had each other’s back and best friends even though they lived across the country. Dawn has been the protector of the family ever since her “father” if she can even call him that had abuse all three of the Granger women when Dawn was growing up. Even though their mother has told Dawn about Holly stealing from a shop back home in London. The former ballerina never saw her little sister any differently. They were there for each other via communication.

The whole Titans have respected and understood Dawn being in mourning and being m.i.a. when it comes to either patrols or missions. Connor, D*ck, Garfield, and Kory are dealing with their way of mourning Hank. They were all careful about what to say around Dawn and afraid to see what her reaction would be. The partnerless blonde assured her friends that she was okay and had to accept what she did.

Dawn was in the Batcave with the former first boy wonder. She sat on a chair behind him being quiet as she tries to adjust back to things somewhat back to normal and holding her anger of not going after Jason since he was the one that murdered the Love of her Life. 

Warning signals sound the Batcave with D*ck typing into the keyboard to the Bat Computer.

“Someone’s here,” The tall brunette man reported pulling up a security video and getting more of a clear picture of who the intruder was. “It looks like a female blonde, young-“ D*ck started to get a description of the young blonde woman.

Dawn’s eyes lighten up as if it was Christmas. She got up from her seat and smiles, “It’s my little sister, Holly.” The former ballerina answered then starts running up the stairs to upstairs going to the main floor of the Wayne Manor.

A few minutes later, Dawn runs towards the front door and unlocking the front door showing to see her sister with two suitcases in her hands, wearing a dark maroon trench coat, and her hair slightly pulled up. “Holly! Oh my god!” The former ballerina took her suitcases to the ground and wrapped her arms around her little sister. Dawn was crying tears in joy and being reunited with the only blood relative she loved the most. “You’re here, you have no idea how happy I am to see you.” She replied in a broken down voice and a smile rosing to her lips. 

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Back In My Arms Again Drabble

Paris, France
01:13 A.M.

Granger Household

Dawn just got done clubbing with her sister Holly and a couple of friends she got to know while living in the city of lights. The blonde walked or wobbled to her room being drunk and couldn’t remember the last time she had a drink. It was the time when she was singing Karaoke with Hank singing a song, their song ‘Ain’t No Mountain Higher.’ Every time she would hear the opening to that song; it broke her heart. The former ballerina opens the door to her room closing it behind her. Dawn takes off her earrings, grabs a makeup remover wipe going all over her face, and tossing it into the trash bin. She crawls onto the bed and passes out in her party clothes going into dreamland.


The former ballerina is dressed in a light blue mermaid-style dress with matching high heels. Dawn sighs as she sees three couples dancing with each other being happy and in love. She and the couples were at the highest part of the Eiffel Tower. The blonde wipes small tears in her eyes knowing she’s the only single woman out there and sitting at a table alone. She turns her head away wiping her tears.

“A beautiful woman like you should never be in a corner or crying. You’re too beautiful to cry, babe.” A familiar male voice stated showing it to be Hank in a black tuxedo, red tie that matched his Hawk suit, and black tennis shoes.

Her heart dropped as she quickly turns around and getting up to see Hank standing in front of her. Dawn jumped onto him with her arms around him crying more into his shoulders. God, she’s missed his touch, voice, and him so very much.

The Former Hero held her tightly in his arm around her small frame and kissed her crown. He misses seeing his angel, his Dove, and the love of his life. Hank lifted his head then gently puts a hand onto Dawn’s face so he can face her, “You’re still beautiful Dawn, as always.” He complimented her.

She was taking every moment even though it was a dream and wanted to stay in his embrace until who knows when. The former ballerina felt her head being lifted up to see those dark brown eyes she fell in love with. “I’ve missed you so much handsome, you have no idea,” Dawn told the truth as she tiptoes to kiss him.

Hank bows his head so he could feel her lips to his. He missed her soft lips and her warmth.

They had a moment then he pulls away.

“Want to have this dance? Even though I’m horrible at it,” The tall brunette asked.

Dawn smiled brightly and her eyes lighten with joy. Her brown eyes see him holding her right hand in his hand and her left arm cover his shoulder blades. The blonde views her beloved taking the lead as they danced more swaying with each other.

Hank was leading her in their dance and wished he could have had more time with her to dance. He looked into those chocolate brown eyes he fell in love with and smiles at his love.

“You have no idea how good it is to have you back in my arms again, even if it’s a dream,” Dawn stated the truth keeping her eyes at him.

“I know the feeling babe, I wish I was with you. To be in Paris with you.” The deceased hero commented as he pulled her closer to their dance.

The former ballerina felt being closer to him and doesn’t move as they danced, “It’s beautiful out here and I only wish you could have been here to experience with me.” She replied then starts crying again, “It’s my fault that you’re not here, alive with me. I killed you. I pulled the trigger. Hank, I’m so beyond sorry.” Dawn apologizes for her actions knowing that moment haunts her.

The tall brunette man stopped their dance and uses his hand to lift her chin to face him, “Dawn, you did NOT kill me. Jason was the one who KILLED me. You did nothing wrong, remember that.” He stated being sincere wiping her tears away with his thumbs.

She shakes her head not knowing what to believe or do. Dawn felt somewhat of relief hearing him say those words, “I couldn’t stay with the Titans after that. I wanted to go out and kill Jason myself; I wish it was a real gun so I could have shot and killed that little a**hole.” The blonde angrily stated a fact.

Hank shakes his head, “You’re not a killer Dawn. You’re not. You have the purest heart I know. Your whole aura is white; innocence, true, strength, and a heart of a hero.” He stated with honesty and a matter of fact to her. “You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me; always remember that.” The brunette man said with a smile and holds her in his arms.

Dawn couldn’t believe the words he was saying, ‘A heart of a hero’ and ‘Purest heart’ she didn’t see herself as that but for him to say those to her was both heartfelt and haunting. The blonde placed her head on his chest feeling his sway again in their dance.

The two of them are enjoying their time together with everything else not matter in their element.

“I will always love you, Hank.” She said.

“And I will love you forever until we meet again in heaven with you in my arms,” He answered back.

The two danced, swayed until the lights go down.


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Drabbles ideas from Alazul & Alexithymia

Angst – Indulge

From Alazul

It’s been a couple of days since Hank’s passing since Dawn pulled the trigger, killing him. That guilt has been eating her on the inside and has no idea how to cope with her ex-boyfriend’s passing. She did the one thing she turned turn that would have been once in a blue moon into now drinking a bottle every night: Red Moscato. There were days she had to pull herself together for herself and the Team. But there were some days the blonde woman had wish she had the bomb on her, not Hank. When it came to fighting, Dove channels her anger to which she has never done before until Hawk’s passing.

Dawn was sitting on the kitchen countertop in the dark with a glass of red wine in her hand. Tear marks were stained on her face with fresh tears covering them. The memory of pulling the trigger to the gun kept playing in her mind repeatedly like a broken record. At this point, she wanted to drink herself into a coma and never wanted to wake up so she could join him in heaven. Knowing that Hank would have been so disappointed in her on the actions she caused.

The blonde woman sips her wine slowly in the dark, alone. The taste of the bitter wine took control of both body and mind.

Footsteps echoed towards the kitchen entrance and showing it was D ick Grayson leaning at the door entrance. The former boy wonder noticed how hard the passing of his friend and teammate took a huge toll on Dawn. He understands mourning to lose someone a person loved. D ick can relate to that from losing his parents and Alfred. D ick walks over keeping his mouth shut by walking over getting a glass and pouring himself some Whiskey. He sets on the countertop a few feet from Dawn allowing her to have her space. The brunette man raised his glass gesturing, ‘I’m so sorry, Dawn’ to her.

The blonde was in her own world of being drunk than looking up to see another one of her ex’s and dear friend walking into the kitchen. Her brown eyes see him in the dark walking towards the other side of the countertop pouring himself a glass. Taking a seat on the countertop and raised his glass. She nods to him and slowly slips her wine again.

This was Dawn's way of coping with Hank’s death, drinking.

End Scene

Angst - Patch

From Alexithymia

The Titans got back from a mission with Doctor Light starting hell again in San Francisco. Rachel got injured while taking him out that resulted in a long cut from her right thigh down to her knee. D*ck and Kory carefully carried Rachel into the Infirmary Room setting her on one of the med beds. Dawn took off her gloves and eye goggles from her alter-ego to patch up the Titans sorceress. She had plenty of practice of patching up Hank when she started out as Dove and taking care of her crime-fighting partners' injuries. The former ballerina walks over to the skin to wash her hands and then grabbing the first aid kit. Dawn walks over to the cot to see The Team being at Rachel's bedside, “I need Kory, Gar, and Hank to stay here just in case while keeping Rachel calm.” She reported with everyone else on the Team respected Dove’s wishes leaving the room.

The violet hair teenager cried and hissed in pain.

Hearing Rachel being in pain broke Dawn’s heart and got to work asap. The blonde pulls out a disinfected bottle and getting a rag carefully pouring it on the cloth, “This is going to hurt and Hank you can leave whenever you want; you’ve experienced this yourself too.” She stated a fact as she gently puts the cloth on Rachel’s wound.

Raven jolted a bit with Kory and Garfield telling her that she’s going to be okay.

“You’re going to be fine Rachel, Dawn’s a professional at this. Trust me,” Hank spoke from experience reassuring the young girl.

“I’m sorry Raven,” The former ballerina apologizes for causing her friend’s pain and carefully cleaning up the long cut to where blood wasn’t seeping through the freshly clean wound. She stayed calm and focus while grabbing out a needle and thread that’s used for injuries. Dawn looks up at her friend, “Okay Rachel, I need you to stay absolutely still while I’m doing this. I’m gonna have to sew you up like a ripped-up piece of clothes. If you stay calm and still, I can be done carefully yet quickly but if you move then the healing process will be a nightmare.” The blonde replied in a calm yet informative and serious matter.

Rachel’s eyes widen with fear and breathe out nodding her head.

“It’s okay Rachel, you’re in good hands. I promise,” The former quarterback commented stating a fact.

Dawn breathes in than out as she starts using the needle into her young friend’s wound starting with the knee. The blonde carefully closed each side close together knowing it’ll form together to each within time. She concentrated on her mission. Her hands and eyes were locked on the wound that was being sewed up carefully making her way up to her mid-thigh, “You’re doing great Rach, just keep breathing and be calm.” Dawn spoke the truth with an assuring smile on her face looking at her than looking down at her task.

Minutes have gone by making sure she has enough thread that would cover her to her mid-mid-thigh There’s a small pattern on small little x’s that was on the cut. Dawn finishes up the final touches then carefully closing the end of the cut. The blonde put an ointment that would help heal the cut. “Alright Rachel, you’re good as new. Stay off your right leg for about a week and a half. Rest and recover in your room. If you need anything; either one of us will get it for you. If you move your right leg the wrong way, you’ll have an open wound. Other than that, rest up Raven.” Dawn stated in an informative yet assuring manner telling the young teen about her healing and what she needs to do.

End Scene

09/06/2021 01:44 PM 

When Doves Cry [Drabble]

When Doves Cry

Dawn was bleeding from her mouth and her platinum locks were locked onto a man. Her brown eyes view to see Hank having a thin wire rope wrapped around his neck being choked to death.

D ick, Hank, Rachel, and herself were attacked at the rooftop of Hank and Dawn’s apartment by the Family.

“HANK!” The former ballerina yelled for her boyfriend then suddenly thrown backward with a powerful force. She was thrown backward by the “Father” feeling the impact of the Dove cage Hank built for her was now destroyed. From the corner of her eye, she sees all the doves flying away going over the roof with white wood ashes covering her going towards the ground with a harsh landing to the concrete pavement.

On the rooftop

The former Quarterback was struggling to breathe because due to being choked to death. He manages to get both of his hands around his throat in order for him to breathe easily minus being choked by two young teenagers also known as ‘Daughter and Son.’ Hank kept his brown eyes glued to his partner while he was struggling to breathe.

The brunette man sees his girlfriend crying out for him and seeing her being thrown off the rooftop with a heavy force. “NOOOOOOO!” Hank screams out in pain holding his arm out as if his partner could reach it. The horror in his eyes filled with his soul and fear in his heart. “DAWWWNNNNN!” He screamed for her name and then was hit in the back of his head knocking him out by the Son.

The whole ‘Family’ fixies their attire individually as they collected themselves together. They all walked together knowing where Rachel is going to one spot on the rooftop. The Husband and Wife stood on one side of the air vent while the daughter and Son stood on the other. The redheaded woman grinned with a smile as she bends down to see a distraught teenager, “There you are, dear.” She greeted the dark violet hair child then placing a hand over her mouth knocking her out.

The Father picks up Rachel in his arms with the family following him knowing that their task has been completed. Get the child to have their true leader, Trigon into this world.

Back with Dawn…

She laid there in pain. The blonde felt like she was really dying as she stayed still while choking on her blood trying to speak. The will for her to keep living for herself and Hank was nearly impossible. Dawn felt her eyes were slowly going down, but she fought to keep them away. She was in complete shock. Her body went into shock being thrown from the rooftop. Sounds around her felt like they were fading away.

Dawn’s world started to fade away all around her until hearing someone calling her name. The blonde tries to get some form of words from her mouth, but she was choking on her own blood while trying to talk then slips to unconsciousness.


Dawn opens her eyes and sitting up from a hospital bed, was dressed in her alter-ego Dove.

“I was wondering when you were going to wake up in here,” A male voice stated in a concerned voice.

The blonde looks around and taking off her eye mask and seeing Don, the former Dove and Hank’s little brother.

“Don?” She asked and couldn’t believe she was seeing him again.

“In the flesh or dream, I should say. I’m visiting you in spirit.” The African American man replied as he was dressed as Dove. “You put up one hell of a fight against the Family and you really do have the Dove spirit: strong and fierce. Now I see why Hank fell in love with you... when he’s not an a**shole.” Don admits the truth. “But he really means well.” He comments.

“He really does mean well and that’s why I love him because he’s strong and he cares for the people he loves.” The blonde added another statement.

“You have to wake up from your coma Dawn, you have to for him. If you don’t wake up from this… it’ll break his heart and break him.” The first Dove mentioned in a serious tone of voice.

“Trust me I know, but god I felt like my whole body was hit by a semi-truck and my head is killing me,” Dawn stated a face as she touched the back of her head.

“I know you can pull through this; I have faith in you,” Don assured her. “We have to heal as human beings of all the following; emotionally, mentally, and physically. Heal the proper way. I see a bright future as Dove. I can see you fighting with Hank, The Titans, or even when you want to go solo. You have the courage that some people wish they could have. I wouldn't wish anyone else to be Dove than you. I wish I could have been faster to save both your mom and me from the car crash from thirteen years ago.” The first Dove was being honest with his words.

The blonde woman started to have tears rim around her eyes to hear Don hear she has everything that it takes to be a hero and going further beyond a Team or going solo without Hank. She had a fighting spirit ever since she was a little girl when putting an end to abuse from her father of hurting her, her mother, and her sister. Dawn wipes tears from her eyes as Don also mentions how he could have been faster to save both her mother and himself from the crash.

“And—Let’s face facts—You look so much better in the outfit than I ever did,” Don commented with a smile on his face.

Dawn lightly laughs and shakes her head, “I know in my heart that Hank misses you so much and I will do whatever it takes to make you proud, Don. You have my word.” She promised him.

Dove (Don) puts a hand on her shoulder, “I know you will, and I’ll be watching. Whenever you’re in trouble, I’ll be here in spirit to guide you through any time. Rest up Dawn and keep the spirit up to wake up. See you soon.” He said then disappearing.

A bright light surrounding her as she goes through something else, another dream. Something else.


09/01/2021 01:47 PM 

Dove lands in Paris

Dove lands in Paris, France

The now-former hero is on a private jet to one of her family’s houses to the city of lights, Paris, France. She yawns waking up from her sleep knowing the plane ride is about eight hours. Dawn gets herself up grabbing her clothes that were laid out to her left and walking into the plane’s restroom. A few minutes later, the blonde is wearing a baby blue cardigan that covered a white t-shirt tucked into her dark wash skinny jeans and matching white ankle high heel boots. Dawn fixies herself up knowing someone from her family or a friend of the family will pick her up at the Paris Airport. The blonde woman packed her Dove uniform and took Hank’s suit, Hawk. She couldn’t just leave it to collect dust. Dawn kept her former fighting partner, teammate, and love of her life suit as a memory. Truth be told, she has no clue what to do for the suit keep it as a loving memory of Hank or a crazy idea of letting someone else take over the mantle. The former ballerina shakes her head at the idea of something insane.

The blonde woman is back at her seat trying to catch up on the last few moments of sleep knowing the time zone might take a toll on her; adjusting back to what she grew up with.

“Ms. Granger, we’re about to reach the airport in about forty-five minutes.” The announcement came from the male pilot reported through the intercom.

Dawn nodded her head as she lays back in her seat.

Forty-five minutes later…

The Wayne Jet lands in the Paris International Airport landing area. The pilot comes out of the cockpit to see Ms. Granger asleep on her seat. He walks over to her gentle tapping her shoulder for the passenger to wake up.

Dawn jolts from her sleep slightly and opening her eyes up to see the pilot, trying to wake up only to yawning. She clears her throat to look at the pilot, “I’m so sorry for waking up the way I did.” The blonde apologizes for her actions.

“It’s completely alright and looks like you have someone waiting for you, have a good rest of your day Ms. Granger.” The male pilot stated reassuring her with a smile before bowing his head then left.

The Former ballerina puts on her trench coat, a handbag, and getting up from her seat. She walks over to see the staircase on the ground. Dawn carefully grabs on the rail as she walks down doesn’t take her more than twenty seconds to stand on Paris grounds.

“Welcome back home Dawn, I’ve missed you so much!” A blonde young woman greeted her with a smile and walking towards her.

Her brown eyes light up with excitement and joy as she quickly walks over to the young blonde. It was her little sister, Holly Granger. She hasn’t seen her since her mother’s funeral.

The two Granger sisters were having a moment with Dawn broke down into tears and pulls away to face Holly.

“I’ve missed you so much Holls; you have no idea how much I needed to see you. Ever since Hank died, I couldn’t….” The older blonde said with sincerity and guilt mentioning the love of her life’s name.

Holly shakes her head and puts both of her hands onto each side of her older sister’s face, “No need to explain what happened. You’re here with me. We’re united as sisters and best friends. I’ll help you heal and recover.” The youngest Granger replied being honest and being here for her.

The pilot brings on Ms. Granger's rolled-up suitcase next to her and left-back to get on the plane.

Dawn nods her head with a smile and wipes her own tears away. She grabs a hold of her suitcase with one hand and holding her sister’s hand in the other.

“How about you sleep for the next 24 hours at one of our Aunt’s places and then I’ll take you out in this great city of Lights? We really need a sister, sister moment. What do you say?” Holly suggested an idea to care about her sister's well-being and having a day.

“I would like that a lot. I’ll tell you what happened while I was in Gotham,” The former ballerina nodded her head with Holly leading the way towards their car.

“Oh, trust me, I know about Gotham City. I don’t know how you manage to do that and thought you gave up on the fighting after your fall,” The younger Granger stated a fact as she looks at her sister.

Dawn shrugs her shoulders as she breathes out, “It’s a calling, and not sure if I want to give it up just yet. I just need time to recover, and I’ll be somewhat good as new. I promise.”

To be Continued or Not? Who knows.... only time will tell.

08/17/2021 11:16 PM 

Time. Wish I could have saved the Time. Wish I could have pressed rewind.

*** This contains spoilers from Titans season 3, episode 3 'Hank & Dove'***

Time. Wish I could have saved the Time. Wish I could have pressed rewind.

Wayne Manor

A funeral taking place outside at the cemetery where the Titans said goodbye to their friend, teammate, and Dawn’s crimefighting partner, Hank Hall. A priest was reading from the bible about how the young man’s life was taken too soon and how the Lord will welcome him with open arms into the gates of heaven.

The former Ballerina sat in a chair in front of her ex’s casket as she kept crying and hunching down trying to hold it together even though it was failing. Dawn still blamed herself for killing the love of her life. She didn’t get to say ‘goodbye’ or ‘I love you to him. The blonde blacked out all she remembers was blaming herself for what she did and with D*ck holding her realizing what Jason did tricking her with the trigger of the gun that killed the love of her life.

Kori wrapped her around Dawn holding her knowing it was not only difficult for her but for everyone on the Team. The redheaded beauty couldn’t believe that Jason, someone they should have pay attention to him, to train him more, to care, would have killed their own teammate. A family member. She had tears running down her face while trying to be strong for her best friend.

Connor bowed his head down in shame as he blamed himself for not being fast enough to deactivate the bomb from Hank’s chest. The horror in his eyes, the heartbreak to see nothing but ashes and body parts with the room being completely destroying. Krypto bowed his head down to his owner as he laid down on all fours.

Garfield looked down at his hands shaking his head not wanting this to happen. The green-haired teenager couldn’t believe someone he used to call a friend was now a cold-blooded killer that killed Hank. He held a red rose in his hands.

D*ck sat beside Dawn with his right arm around her and felt Kori’s hand. He felt like he was reliving the nightmare of his parent’s death. The former Boy Wonder regrets of not going up to Hank to see how he was doing or not saying goodbye in person. He was mourning deeply just like his ex-girlfriend now closest best friend.

All three; The former Ballerina, Boy Wonder, and Princess were holding a single red rose in their hands.

Garfield and Connor were holding a single white rose in their hands.

They all have an objective now; either to put Jason up in prison for good or in Dawn’s case; revenge.

The Priest uses his hands to do a cross in the air than closing the bible in his hands.

First, Connor and Garfield respectively walked to their big brother figure’s casket with each other gently placed the roses onto the blacktop coffin. They grabbed a piece of dirt and sprinkled it onto the casket. Both boys walked to the back.

D*ck got up from his seat taking a few steps and placed the rose next to Connor and Garfield’s roses. He placed a hand onto the casket, “I’m sorry. Your death will not be in vain.” The former Boy Wonder said low under his breath vowing than walking back to his seat.

Then Kori pulled away from Dawn as she breathes out wiping her tears from her face and taking a few steps to her dear friend’s coffin. The redheaded placed the red rose where she spoke low in Tamaran about the lords guiding Hank to heaven, protecting Dawn, and a miracle to recovery from this tragedy. She takes her seat next to Dawn.

Lastly, the blonde sighed as she wiped her tears away while pulling herself together and getting up from her seat. Dawn wished it was her in that casket instead of Hank. She wished she wasn’t stupid and should have listened to D*ck instead of acting on impulse. The nightmare pattern will keep haunting her that she killed Hank. It was her fault. She puts the red rose with the others and puts her hand on the top cover, “I’m sorry Hank, I’m so sorry. I love you and I’m sorry that I never got to say that to you or be by your side.” Dawn apologizes as she felt tears rimming around her eyes again and felt very still.

The former Boy Wonder got up from his seat to walk up to his friend knowing she will never leave her spot. D*ck guided her back to her seat slowly and put on a brave face not only for Dawn but for everyone else on the Team as well. 

The road to recovery from a tragedy, the wounds will heal up; eventually.

08/13/2021 11:41 PM 

Dove Down

Dawn had another argument with Hank again about them not being together because he doesn’t want to put on the suit while she does. She storms out of the kitchen of Wayne Manor walking to somewhere else in the building. Her phone rings in her back pocket and grabbing it viewing it from an unknown number. The Platinum-blonde woman looked in both directions than answering it. The hair on the back of her head stood up straight, it was Jason Todd. The supposed to be dead second Robin of Batman and Titans. She hears him being scared and calming him down as she walks around the manor. Dawn follows the former Robin orders leaving Wayne Manor without telling anyone about it.

The Platinum-blonde woman got into the cab then getting a phone call from Jason. She tells the cab driver about two places to go and so she did. Dawn destroyed her main cellphone and getting a new phone from the former Robin. She went to the Old Gotham’s YMCA. The Platinum-blonde had the phone in her hand while going to the pool area. Jason instructed her to strip down and swim to the other side of the pool to prove she had no wire. Dawn sighed as she puts the phone to the ground then jumping into the pool swimming to the other side. She quickly swam a lap in the dirty pool water not knowing what in hell is it. The Platinum-blonde reaches to the other side then being completely caught off guard where a guy in a red hood helmet came up behind her and stabbing her in the chest.

Members of The Titans were in the Batcave as they investigated why Dawn did leave and where she was going. Everyone was worried and wondering, ‘Why would Dawn go anywhere without telling anyone?’ They’ve checked every security camera of the Manor including around Gotham City.

A few minutes later…

Dawn comes back to the manor with her right hand to the left side of her chest. She is in crucial pain because Jason placed a small bomb detonator in her breast. Blood was surrounding the metal object around her. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Dawn apologizes as she drops to her knees feeling a bit weak from her ordeal.

“Dawn, what did you do?” D*ck asked being concerned as he holds his teammate on her right side.

“Jason… Jason called me and thought he needed help but it wasn’t.” The Platinum-blonde explains as she looks at D*ck than everyone else. “It was a trap. I’m an idiot.” 

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