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09/29/2021 05:37 PM 

lost in the forest - reply to ellis

The sound of his voice caused tears to form in Jude’s eyes.

It was the eerie tone in his ‘fi, fi, fo, fum’ and ‘come out, come out, wherever you are’ that did it for her - as if she and the woman were characters in some book running from the “villain”.

. . .that’s exactly what they were.

Only. . . this was real.

This was so very real and this man was trying to kill them.

Jude did her best to remain quiet as she sat with the woman behind the bushes.

Her breathing was so labored at this point, it was almost as if it had become the natural pace of her chest rising up and down, and up and down.

Her eyes widened more as her ‘partner in capture’ instructed her to run - to get the hell out of there. . . this woman. . .this person Jude didn’t know from Eve. . . she was planning on playing martyr?

No one had ever been willing to risk their own life for her before. Not that she regularly found herself in these types of situations, but . . . there were very few in her life who went to bat for her and even fewer (this one being the first) to stick their necks out on this type of scale.

Jude spent her entire life fending for herself.

A big, fat wet-hot tear fell from her eye. It burned her skin as it trickled down her cheek.

She didn’t want to leave the woman, but she didn’t want to stay either.

. . . but there was no time to argue her case.

Jude followed the woman quietly as she peered behind the tree branch. With her eyes closed, she listened to the sounds of the forest - she listened for any sign of his presence.

It was the snapping of the tree branch that sent chills down her spine and made her realize he was closer than they thought.

Did he know where they were?

Did he know this was their hiding spot?

Before Jude could process anything else, the heavy presence of the woman - who had somehow made her feel safer - disappeared and was replaced with the midnight air of the forest as it chilled her skin.

Jude opened her eyes.


She heeded the woman’s instructions.

With the flashlight in hand, Jude ran.

She ran faster than she ever had in her entire life.

Her breath was hitched at this point. There was a burning in her chest as her legs carried her through the thick trees to try and find any way out.

. . . but as she ran, as her feet carried her far away from the horrifying moment, all she could think about was the woman who sacrificed herself so that she could be saved.

All Jude could think about was how she’d never be able to forgive herself if the woman was killed all so she could be free.

She might as well have been dead herself, because she could never live with that sort of guilt.

It was this reality that stopped her feet in their tracks.

There went her damn moral compass again, steering her mind and her feet in the right direction.

With the flashlight clung tightly in her right hand, Jude made her way with haste - running as fast as her little legs would take her - back in the direction of the woman and man.

She made sure to remain unseen, watching as the woman fought him off.

She was strong.

She was a badass, Jude resolves (how cool would it be to be like her one day?). . . but his strength seemed to overpower her.

His strength seemed to be beyond anything like Jude had seen before.

That was probably why he succeeded in all the murders he committed. He used his strength to take the weaker down.

“My, my. Aren’t you pretty?”

Jude made her way through a heaping of shrub that kept her free from the eye of the man who was now hovering over the woman.

Her eyes were wide and her breathing still remained labored as she watched him tower over the other.

Boy. Am I going to have fun with you. . .

The predator inched closer to his prey.

His crooked and creepy smile spread wide so she could see his teeth.

He knew his smile (as it always did) would send even the bravest of women and men to their knees in fear.

This man was f’ucking creepy.

Jude had to help save her from him.

She looked around.

Think, Jude.’ Her mind thought of all the things she could possibly do as her eyes scanned the nearby area. . . and then it hit her like a ton of bricks to the head.

Jude didn’t claim to be a master of many things, but if there was one thing she learned from her childhood and continued to carry with her now that she was eighteen and felt like she was an ‘adult’ (lol). . . it was: the art of climbing a tree.

Growing up in the foster system meant not a lot of her life was her own. She was constantly bounced from place to place and never really had peace and quiet. Her life revolved around the lives of those whom she lived with, and the only time she often found solace during the many years of bouncing around, was when she spent time after school or all day during the summer, hiding (and reading and relaxing) in whatever tree she could climb.

She’d become pretty skilled at climbing and hiding in them over the years.

What was so great about the tree directly beside where she hid in the shrubs? It had one hanging branch that was pretty low, and the creep who was after them was standing directly beneath it.

It was as if some divine intervention had taken place - as if the god in the sky had seen Jude and this woman struggling, and had decided to extend an olive branch.

Jude was going to take the extended branch by the mother f’ucking hand and help to work to get them out of this situation.

Very quiet and slow, she crawled through the dirt to make her way to the tree.

She moved to the other side so the man wouldn’t see her.

Jude took a peek a few times their way and saw that he now hung the shovel over his shoulder.

What to do with you. . .” Jude heard him practically sing. The sound of his voice sent chills down her spine and she knew she would be hearing that voice for the rest of her life in her dreams. “. . .I think I’ll start with destroying that pretty little face of yours.

Jude’s eyes widened again as she watched the man raise the shovel into the air.

She knew she had to act fast.

She left the flashlight on the ground by the trunk.

She stood to her feet, jumped up and grabbed onto the trunk of the tree. She was thankful she was wearing jeans because that sh*t would’ve hurt if she’d been wearing anything else.

Whilst straddling the trunk she shimmied her way up as fast as she could, and when she was at the level of the low branch, she reached out and crawled up onto it.

The leaves on the branch rustled and she closed her eyes, remaining still and hoping she was covered enough by the leaves so if he inspected the noise from up above he wouldn’t see her holding on for dear life.

She watched with wide eyes as the man’s head looked upward.

His eyes scanned the tree above.

Jude looked like a deer in headlights, she knew she did. . . but he clearly didn’t see her.

It was too dark and the leaves acted as good camouflage, apparently.

His attention turned back to the woman.

Any last words?

Jude took this as her opportunity to stand, and she did so slowly. . . making sure not even a leaf rustled when she did.

“Yeah!” she shouted as she jumped off the tree branch. “Eat sh*t and die, a**hole!”

Jude landed on the man’s back. It wasn’t graceful at all, and she just missed hitting her head with the shovel he carried.

The force of her jump caused him to stumble backward.

She fixed her grip on the man, wrapping her arms around his neck in hopes of squeezing the life out of him.

She wasn’t a murderer, but at this moment - whether he lived or died? Jude didn’t care.

He flailed and fumbled - but was obviously stronger than her - but Jude was determined not to be pulled off without a fight.

Every time he grabbed and clawed at her arms, she held on tighter.

She was now holding on as tight as she could.

The man stumbled around.

Jude was not backing down. If she was going down, he was going to go down with her.

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09/15/2021 01:20 PM 

matilda au - starter for lili

Jude ran as fast as her legs would take her to wherever the hell she was going.

She wouldn’t stop – no. she couldn’t stop. There was nowhere for her to go.

Life, as she knew it. . . was over.

It was over in an instant, and it was all her fault.

- - - - - - - isn’t it funny how in a moment everything you have can be taken from you. One split second and all you worked for – all the world gave you after what you’d been through (the gift of a guardian angel) was gone?

Isn’t it funny how cruel life could be sometimes to the little man? The one who needed assistance?

She couldn’t stop.

She wouldn’t stop.

Lili could never know what she had done.

What started out as fun at the end of year dance at school ended in tragedy when the boy who had been bullying her for a year just kept talking – but this time, he took his insults to the stage, stopping the band from playing and everything.

He humiliated Jude in front of the entire school – called her a dyke, the girl who ‘tried’ but failed. He said she was a loser, an outcast, a f r e a k that no one wanted around.

The anger inside of her grew and grew and grew and grew until all she saw was red and his words were stopped indefinitely.

. . . he was dead.

Jude killed him with her mind.

Her powers had been growing – with each day they became stronger.

Jude didn’t tell Lili because she was afraid that even the one person in her life who she knew would always be there for her wouldn’t know how to handle her any longer.

It was as if the anger inside of her from the years of abandonment and fear of being forever alone festered.

Her worst nightmare – the darkness – it consumed her. She let it take hold – allowed those words he spoke to affect her, to bring that inner beast to life.

She became the monster she was afraid of.

So she ran. . . and ran. . .with the intent of never going back.

Jude couldn’t handle the thought of having to face Lili (the only person who ever cared) with the truth of what she had done.

09/14/2021 11:15 PM 

[matilda cs]


there once was a little girl named jude. . .

and her guardian angel: lili



and then, there was: the darkness
it was her worst nightmare.




"what have i done?"



"what have i become?"


"who am i?"

09/09/2021 01:05 PM 

never forget.

*please read before continuing: we never forget where we were on 9/11/01. It was such a traumatic and terrifying moment in the lives of everyone in America – you will never forget where you were. Me, the writer. . . I was just a kid in my third-grade classroom. Our teacher had the news turned on, and all our eyes stared and watched in horror, trying to wrap our eight/nine-year-old little heads around what the hell was happening. Jude wasn’t born yet, but I wanted to incorporate her learning about 9/11 through the eyes of someone who was there. I don’t usually give trigger warnings, but because this was something that affected us all on such a devastating scale, I just want to give a heads up that this is a memorial to all of those who lost their lives / helped during the 9/11 attacks. Reader discretion is advised.

*!!!!!!!!!!!!: If this is a post you do not agree with, please keep your thoughts to yourself and move on. I really do not want to hurt anyone in posting this. I just want to share a remembrance for those who lost their life that day. Do not give me your political views in comments - this is not about politics. It's meant to be special. Do not disrespect this. Please.

I hope I did this topic justice, and to ANYONE who was affected by this tragic event or knew anyone who has or who serves our country so that we can be safe, thank you for your service.

It was a beautiful, peaceful, and serene morning in New York City. It wasn’t hot any longer – the summer was turning into fall with each day that went by. The air wasn’t cold - -the temperature was just right.

The birds were chirping.

The sounds of the city were muffled in the background.

The sun was shining down from the heavens above.

But here at the fountains. . . where the Twin Towers once stood . . .it seemed like – in this moment, with how perfect everything was – the world stood still, and everything was right in the world.

Jude stared down at the fountain.

She hadn’t been alive during the attacks on 9/11, but every year around this time, people started talking – sharing their stories. Where they were, what they were doing. She’d heard a few stories over the years from those who had been there, and some from those who had lost people.

It wasn’t uncommon for those who lived in New York City to have family who were injured or died.

Many never recovered from that day – whether that was mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually… or all of the above.

The sound of the fountains flowing down into the ground where the towers once stood left Jude with the feeling of peace but also sadness.

It was such a beautiful yet sobering memorial.

She looked up, and high in the sky now towering over where the fountains lay was an even bigger skyrise – it was a building meant to withstand just about anything.

It was America’s way of saying, ‘you may have knocked us down, but we will not be defeated.’

The building and its height and its power gave Jude chills.

She knew America had its problems, but the sight of that building standing tall – despite all that happened that day – it gave her hope for a better future for the country.

To her?

It never mattered who you were – where you came from or what you looked like or what you believed.

All that mattered is that you were here. . . free.

You lived in America.

This was a place to be proud to live, and she knew that not everyone felt that way.

She knew that oppression here in America was very real.

She knew there were people in pain and people on the streets not heard and not listened to, and it made her sad that a place that was meant to be filled with freedom and fresh starts, still had its faults. . . but as she stared at that building – as she looked high in the sky - chills filled her entire being because – in this very moment – in this very place – where she was shown what was lost and what came from what happened - she was left with hope – hope for better.

Hope for her people (of all races and backgrounds, becuase that's what America was: a melting pot).

Hope for everyone to come together and love each other.

Was that too much to ask of this world?

Jude looked from the skyrise back to the memorial park.

Her eyes scanned the people there – there were some reading the names, others were looking up at the new building, there was a long line forming at the memorial museum, but what caught her eye out of everyone there was what appeared to be a homeless man sitting on one of the few park benches.

Jude tilted her head and studied the man for a moment. His eyes were glistening with tears as he appeared to be staring at one of the many names listed on the fountains edge.

She let out a sigh.

She was told never to approach strangers, but there was something about this man that drew her to him.

Jude had to know his story.

She just had to know.

Slowly… and with a hint of trepidation in her step, Jude made her way over to the park bench.

“Excuse me, sir?”

The man looked up at her with those tear-filled eyes. He looked worn and tired and . . .those eyes that filled with tears had no hope left in them.

A cough escaped his lungs (a cough Jude would later learn as she grew older was a symptom from his diagnosis of mesothelioma. People during 9/11 exposed to the dust started to develop asbestos-related conditions such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. . .but Jude didn’t know that. . . but that's what the man had and that's why he was coughing so bad)

His cough was awful. He took a moment to hack up what sounded like his entire lung.

Jude stood there.

She didn’t leave or give him any sort of dirty look.

She just stared at him and waited.

She wanted to ask him ‘why he was here?’ and ‘who he was visiting?’ and ‘what his 9/11 story was’ but she never had to ask. It was if he already knew her questions, and he was ready with the answer.

He tapped the open area of the bench next to him.

Jude took a seat.

She looked into those tear-filled eyes.

“It was a beautiful day that day – very much like today. The weather was perfect. The sun was shining. It truly was as if nothing could go wrong.”

“… but something did.” Jude didn’t even realize she spoke those words out loud.

“I was a firefighter in Boston at the time.” The man paused as tears filled his eyes and his lip began to quiver. “I was in New York City visiting my family. My brother worked here as a police officer. He was stationed near the towers and was part of the many first responders to answer the call.” The man paused again. His eyes moved from Jude to the name he’d been staring at moments before. Full tears were forming in his eyes now. “He went in, and I know my brother. He helped. He did what he could to get anyone out. He was the best man anyone could’ve ever known.” Another pause and a clear of his throat. Jude had a feeling he was trying not to cry in front of her. “I wasn’t too far from the towers at the time. I didn’t listen to the news about getting out of the city. I was a first responder back home, and I wasn’t going to just walk away. I helped get as many people off the streets as and after the final tower fell, but there wasn’t much we could do until after the dust began to clear.” Another cough escaped his lungs. “Boston Fire deployed several of us here anyway, so I stayed behind and helped clean up the rubble and look for bodies and people and ---” The man shook his head. He looked up toward the sky where the towers once resided, and where the Freedom tower now stood high over the city. Jude could see in his eyes – it was as if he was reliving that day, what he saw, all over again. “I never went back home. I’ve not seen my wife and kids since.”

A tear fell from Jude’s eye at this point.

“I couldn’t go home. I just. . .you don’t recover from something like that, you know?”

Jude blinked. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know because she wasn’t there, but she could see in his eyes that he meant everything he said.

“Thank you.”

Jude tilted her head.

“For listening.” He breathed in a breath and let it out. His eyes returned to the towers. “No one ever asks me my story. They look at me and think ‘homeless’, ‘scary’, ‘pedo’, 'creep' but they don’t know my story. . . they don’t know why I ended up this way.” Another cough escaped the man’s lungs. It took him a moment to recover, but he did finally speak up again. “You be a good kid, you hear? Be apart of the solution to all this hate in the world, okay?”

Jude nodded and very softly responded. “Okay.”

She stood to her feet and waved goodbye to the man. He waved back. His attention turned back toward the name on the memorial that Jude now knew was his brother.

She may have left the man sitting there, but she would never forget him, because he would forever hold a place in her heart, and she would do her best to keep her promise to be a good person and love everyone in hopes of helping something like the attacks on the world trade center from ever happening again.

09/08/2021 10:21 PM 



It was the sound of a chainsaw at work that woke Jude from her drug induced slumber with a gasp!

It was the smell of rotting corpses - not that she knew that’s what she was smelling at the time, but she would later learn - that made it hard to remain unconscious.

My head is heavy.
I don’t know what is happening.
I feel like I’m floating.
Everything’s foggy.

Her vision was blurry as her eyes opened.
Am I dreaming?
Is this real?
Why is the world spinning?
What the hell is that sound?!?!


She was trying to gage her surroundings, but she couldn’t see much past a door slightly ajar which revealed a figure up ahead - their back was turned, and they were standing over what appeared to be a slab.

There was a light shining above where the figure stood, but she couldn’t see what was on the table or what (or who) the person was cutting into.

What is that red liquid splattering all over the place?


The rotten smell was getting worse as she began to wake a little more.

Her eyes burned.

The putrid stench was beyond anything she smelled before.

The smell
I will never forget the smell
It makes me wanna throw up…

Her breathing grew heavy and tears sprang to her eyes.

Her mind was foggy.

She was afraid.

Jude was becoming more aware of her surroundings with each moment passing by.
I shouldn’t be here!


She knew she was in a bad situation, but she didn’t understand how the hell she got here or why she was here, or if any of it was really happening.


- - No one ever believes a situation like this is going to happen to them, so when it does? Processing it. . .it’s like your mind plays tricks and you start to wonder if what you’re going through is real or if it’s simply a nightmare. - -


The more she became aware of her surroundings, the more she realized her surroundings.

She wasn’t wearing shoes, and beneath her feet - as they grazed what she originally believed was the floor - felt like… a face.

It was like her feet were running over a nose, and then a mouth and then back up to the nose again and . . . were those eyebrows . . .

Jude’s eyes widened in fear.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood as goosebumps rose on her skin.



She forced herself not to scream.

In this moment she knew if she wanted to live - if she wanted to not end up like the person beneath her feet - - or what she now identified as a body being cut with a chainsaw in the next room over - she had to be quiet.


Her breathing grew heavier.

She tried to stand up from the chair.

That was when she realized her hands were tied behind her back and she was bound by whatever was wrapped around her wrists.

Jude shook the chair while doing her best to remain as silent as possible.

She wiggled her wrists, trying her best to break free, but it was no use.

She was trapped.

She couldn’t get free.


Her mind started to circulate with thoughts and possible ideas of getting the hell out of there - even if she brought the damn chair with her.

Where’s the exit?

Okay. Over there. Where the stairs are.

Can I stand?

She attempted to get up, but there was something attached to her chair from behind that was heavy and prevented her from moving.

Jude stifled a frustrated whine!
You’ve got to be kidding me!
Okay. Plan B- -

- Her thoughts were cut off by the sound of someone groaning.

It was coming from behind her. Her goosebumps rose once more.

There was someone behind her.


Every breath Jude breathed was filled with trepidation as she slowly turned her head to get a look at who - or what - was coming from behind her.

She wasn’t able to see much, but she realized in that moment when her eyes met with the back of someone else’s head that. . . the reason she couldn’t move her chair was because it was tied together with another.

There was someone else - hopefully alive! - in here with her.

She opened her mouth to speak, but stopped herself for a moment. Even though the sound of the chainsaw was loud, she was afraid that their captor would somehow hear her speak.

Come on, Jude.
Open your mouth.
Just whisper when you do.


Jude nodded her head as she listened to her thoughts.
She let out a very quiet breath before finally whispering. . .

“Hi. . .you okay back there? I’m Jude. We’ve gotta get out of here.”

Brum-brum-brum-brum-brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . .

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